1. Verify the order.
  2. Prepare the materials needed (asepto syringe, irrigating solution, kidney basin, stethoscope).
  3. Greet and identify the patient.
  4. Explain the procedure.
  5. Place disposable towel under the end of gastrointestinal tube.
  6. Turn off suction.
  7. Don gloves.
  8. Disconnect gastrointestinal tube for the connector.
  9. Determine that the tube is in the stomach.
  10. Irrigate the tube.
    • Draw up the ordered volume of irrigating solution in the asepto syringe; 30 ml of solution per instillation is usual, but up to 60 ml may be given per instillation if ordered.
    • Attach the asepto syringe to the nasogastric tube, and slowly inject the solution.
    • Gently aspirate the solution.
    • If you encounter difficulty in withdrawing the solution, inject 20 ml of air and aspirate again, and/or reposition the client or nasogastric tube. If aspirating difficulty continues, reattach the tube in intermittent low suction, and notify the nurse in-charge or physician.
    • Repeat the above steps until the ordered amount of solution is used.
  11. Reestablish suction.
    • Reconnect the nasogastric tube to suction.
    • Observe the system for several minutes to make sure it is functioning.
  12. Document all relevant information.

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