1.    Explain procedure to patient and review safety precautions necessary when oxygen is in use. Place No Smoking sign in appropriate areas.
2.    Perform hand hygiene.
3.    Connect nasal cannula to oxygen setup with humidification, if one is in use. Adjust flow rate as ordered by physician. Check the oxygen is flowing out of                     prongs.
4.    Place the prongs in patient’s nostrils. Adjust according to type of equipment:
        a.    Over and behind each ear with adjuster comfortably under chin or
        b.    Around patient’s head.
5.    Use gauze pads at ear beneath tubing as necessary.
6.    Encourage patient to breathe through nose with mouth closed.
7.    Perform hand hygiene.
8.    Assess and chart patient’s response to therapy.
9.    Remove and clean cannula and assess nares at least every 8 hours or according to agency recommendations. Check nares for evidence of irrigation or bleeding.

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