1. Gather equipment and bring to patient’s bedside. Check medication order against physician’s order. Check a drug resource to clarify if medication needs to be diluted before administration.
  2. Explain procedure to patient.
  3. Perform hand hygiene. Don clean gloves.
  4. Identify patient by checking the band on the patient’s wrist and asking patient his or her name.
  5. Assess IV site for presence of inflammation or infiltration.
  6. Select the injection port on tubing closet to the venipuncture site. Clean port with alcohol swab.
  7. Uncap syringe needleless device or needle into the center of port.
  8. Move your nondominant hand to the section of IV tubing just beyond the injection port. Fold the tubing between your fingers to temporarily stop the flow of IV solution.
  9. Pull back slightly on plunger just until blood appears in tubing. If no blood appears, medication may site for signs of infiltration.
  10. Inject medication at the recommended rate.
  11. Remove needle. Do not cap it. Release tubing and allow IV fluid to flow at the proper rate.
  12. Dispose of syringe in proper receptacle.
  13. Remove gloves and perform hand hygiene.
  14. Chart administration of medication. This may be done on the CMAR.
  15. Evaluate patient’s response to medication within appropriate time frame

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