The Crib’s Learning Network

Ever feel like you’re just a robot, going through mechanical tasks in order to survive the shift and escape the ward with spirit, brain, and body *hopefully* intact? Even those in management can feel that way too…only the ones demanding their attention are the staff below AND the administration above. Wish you could feel more effective and less frustrated with the daily nursing grind?

Sure, you answer, but what sort of superhuman device will you utilize to grant this type of wish?

Well, you don’t need a superhuman device as NursingCrib has brought you the most comprehensive Learning Network and Community in the world!

Some of the benefits to NursingCrib’s members include:

  • Unlimited access to over 215 hours of approved Nursing CE
  • Access to your own Lifelong Learning Profile, a central repository of all individual learning activities and professional history
  • Printable certificates of completion for self-reporting
  • Ability to share updates about your learning goals and progress with peers and mentors
  • Ability to rate courses and post your learning activities to social media
  • Comment Board for informal knowledge exchange and access to other like-minded peers
  • Staying informed on current events and issues as it relates to nursing and healthcare

The Nurses Network, a group of highly qualified nurses from around the globe who came together to develop clinically relevant nurses CEU, have developed these courses with critical thinking in mind. Made By Nurses For Nurses, each course integrates evidence-based practices with real-world case scenarios through the experience of the authors and subject matter experts.

Sign up below for online nursing CEU and conversation at NursingCrib on Coursepark, where YOU own the learning experience. Registration is always FREE!

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