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Reduction Mammoplasty

Reduction Mammoplasty Procedure Overview

1. The incisions are marked, usually circumscribing the areola, which is usually left attached to underlying tissue as a pedicle graft, or removed when indicated.
2. Flaps are developed that excise a wedge of excessive skin and adipose tissue inferiorly.
3. A Freeman areolar marker may be used.
4. The breast is reconstructed by approximating the medial and lateral breast tissue with skin flaps inferior to the nipple site, and transversely in the inframammary fold, which creates an inverted T.
5. A bulky dressing is applied and a surgical bra may be used.

perioperative medictions

Preoperative Medications

Overview One of the important events during the preoperative phase of the surgical experience is the administration of preoperative medications. Not only are anesthetics administered during this time, but so...

rehab team

The Rehabilitation Team

The rehabilitation of clients requires trained and specialized personnel working closely with them to speed up the recovery and provide certain skills and strategies to encourage one’s independence. It is...

postoperative phase

Postoperative Phase

Goals during the Postoperative Period

During the postoperative period, reestablishing the patient’s physiologic balance, pain management and prevention of complications should be the focus of the nursing care. To do these it is crucial that the nurse perform careful assessment and immediate intervention in assisting the patient to optimal function quickly, safely and comfortably as possible.

1. Maintaining adequate body system functions.
2. Restoring body homeostasis.
3. Pain and discomfort alleviation.
4. Preventing postoperative complications.
5. Promoting adequate discharge planning and health teaching.

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Intraoperative Phase

Intraoperative Phase

Definition The intraoperative phase extends from the time the client is admitted to the operating room, to the time of anesthesia administration, performance of the surgical procedure and until the...

Preoperative Nursing Management

Preoperative Nursing Management

Overview Perioperative nursing describes the wide variety of nursing functions associated with the patient’s surgical management. It has three phases of the surgical experience namely: Preoperative phase. This phase begins...

Operating Room Committee

Operating Room Committee

Definition The Operating Room Committee is an interdisciplinary committee charged to coordinate and standardize the care of patients undergoing surgical or other invasive procedures. It is a committee of the...


Internal Fixation of the Hip

Definition Stabilization of an intracapsular fracture of the femoral neck or an extracapsular fracture of the intertrochanteric region. Discussion The procedure is indicated for the patient when early postoperative mobilization...