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Nurse Anesthetists

Nurse Anesthetists at a Glance

Gone were the days when nurses used to rely on doctors’ orders alone, the nurses of today do not only perform simple tasks in clinical area, instead, their roles have...


Nursing Theorists and Their Work

We have often heard about them. We have spent hours and hours trying to memorize their concepts for exams. For numerous times, we have been grilled by Clinical Instructors on...

oncology nurse

Oncology Nurse

Future as an Oncology Nurse

As an oncology nurse, the settings of the work may be in a large hospital with a unit concentrated in oncology. Some opted for private practice or even travelling along with cancer patients. Some also may work on National Cancer Institute. The average pay for an oncology nurse may rise between $40,000 to $125,000 especially for those who have advanced knowledge about oncology.

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nurse educator

Breakthrough: Career Options for the Registered Nurse

Career Options for the Registered Nurse

It takes an open mind and a willing heart to know that beyond the bedside, the nursing profession actually has a lot more to offer. It is packed with numerous openings that are yet to be discovered. But above all, what matters is that you choose something that you love and consider it as a career because if you put your heart in it, not even the hardest trials are big enough to hinder you from achieving success.


Nurse Job Fair in New York

Guthrie Healthcare System will be hosting a job fair for experienced nurses this month of May. Calling all experienced nurse who wants to join the growth and expansion of Guthrie...


Philippines to Deploy Nurses in Germany

Last March 19, the Philippines and Germany signed an agreement that will facilitate the placement of Filipino health care professionals in Germany. Witnessed by German Minister for Labour and Social...