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Nursing: Not a Job Anybody can do

“Nurses are often specially trained, and need to keep up with new developments in their field. They work in difficult situations, and have to remain professional in the face of challenges”.

– Professor K Satkunanantham, Director of Medical Services in the Ministry of Health

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Nursing Reality

You just can’t contain the excitement, today, after years of struggle and sacrifices, is finally your first day of work as a Registered Nurse. You look at your reflection in...

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Perks of being a Nurse

Through the years, the number of nurses has significantly increased. Year after year, various nursing schools produce hundreds, even thousand of aspiring graduates each, hoping to find their place in...

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Nurse Burnout

Being part of the nursing profession, stress is inevitable. We are constantly faced with challenges and demands as we go through our pursuit in promoting health and caring for the...

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$1000 Writing Contest for Nurses

Degree Story is hosting an awesome writing contest for nurses. They are looking for stories from nurses with every level of experience, including nursing school. Simply answer the question: What’s...


Certified Nursing Assistants: Who are they?

How to become a CNA and what to expect

If you find this job appealing and that this is the job that you envision yourself to be part of in the next couple of years, then, what are you waiting for? Here are some pointers on how to become a CNA. First on the list is you need to enroll in a college, hospital, or Red Cross office offering a Certificate Program in Nursing Assistance. But before doing such, in some institutions it is required and needed that you take up the some prerequisites such as CPR, First Aid, Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology.

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Safety for Pediatric Patients

Pediatric nursing, which is also known as child health nursing is a nursing specialty focused on caring for babies, children and adolescents. Aside from achieving and maintaining a most favorable...