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Arthrography allows radiographic examination of a joint after injection of a radioopaque dye, air, or both (double-contrast arthrogram) to outline soft tissue structures and the contour of the joint. The...

colonoscopy procedure

Colonoscopy Procedure

Colonoscopy uses a flexible fiber-optic video endoscope to permit visual examination of the lining of the large intestine. It’s indicated for patients with history of constipation or diarrhea, persistent rectal bleeding, and lower abdominal pain when the results of proctosigmoidoscopy and a barium enema test are negative or inconclusive.


-To detect or evaluate inflammatory and ulcerative bowel disease.
-To locate the origin of lower gastro intestinal bleeding.
-To aid in the diagnosis of colonic strictures and benign or malignant lesions.
– To evaluate the colon postoperatively for recurrence of polyps and malignant lesions.

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