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Serum Albumin

Serum Albumin

Serum Albumin Along with total protein, its primary function is the maintenance of the colloidal osmotic pressure in the vascular and extravascular spaces. It is a source of nutrition and...


Triglycerides Testing

Serum triglyceride testing provides quantitative analysis of triglycerides, the main storage form of lipids, which constitute about 95% of fatty tissue. Although not in itself diagnostic, serum triglyceride analysis permits...


Throat Culture Procedure

A throat culture requires swabbing the throat, streaking a culture plate, and allowing the organisms to grow for isolation and identification of pathogens. A Gram-stained smear may provide preliminary identification, which may guide clinical management and determine the need for further tests. Culture reactions must be interpreted in light of clinical status, recent antimicrobial therapy, and the amount of normal flora.

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