Dengue Fever Case Study


M – edication

Intake of appropriate vitamin supplement and diuretics to increase protection mechanism of the immune system and decreases renal vascular resistance and may increase renal blood flow, respectively.

E – conomic

The use of nonpharmacotherapy such as drinking plenty of water will promote increase plasma in blood to increase immunity and proper hygiene and promotion of cleanliness at home and work area.

T – reatment

Management of such condition would be through hydration and doing control measures to eliminate vector by promoting cleanliness in the environment through proper disposal of rubber tires, changing of water of lower vases once a week, destruction of breeding places of mosquito and residual spraying with insecticides.

H – ygiene

Advise to follow proper body hygiene and to maintain cleanliness on surroundings. This would prevent additional cases of DHF.

O – ut Patient/ Follow-up

Any odd signs such as fever, petechiae, recurrence of fever,etc. must be immediately reported to the physician.

D – iet

Instruct to eat foods that are low fat, low fiber, non-irritating and non-carbonated.



The patient in this study had undergone supportive and symptomatic management. She was admitted last September 20, and was transferred from Ward 1 to the Female Medical Ward last September 23.

Proper nursing care such as water therapy and administration of prescribed drugs were done to promote comfort and repression of symptoms. Hygiene was also strictly implemented to avoid risk for further infection. Nursing assistance was also given to help him in his activities of daily living.

Health teaching is a very important role on the part of the nurses. This is of great significance to the knowledge deficit of patients regarding health and illness.


Strict compliance to the medical treatment, health teachings and medical check-up is advised. With proper nutrition and conformity to the medications & therapy, recovery would be easier and faster.

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