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Aortic Dissection

Aortic dissection involves a tear in the medical layer of the aortic wall, causing blood to extravasate into the media and thus compromising blood flow to the brain, heart, and other organs. Usually the causative factor is an underlying disease of the media. Dissection can be classified by the sites involved:

1. DeBakey type I – ascending aorta beyond arch.
2. DeBakey type II – ascending aorta.
3. DeBakey type III – descending aorta.

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Cardiac Tamponade

Cardiac tamponade is the accumulation of excess fluid within the pericardial space, resulting in impaired cardiac filling, reduction in stroke volume, and epicardial coronary artery compression with resultant myocardial ischemia. Clinical sings of cardiac tamponade depends on the rapidity of the fluid accumulation and on the fluid volume.

Risk factors include recent cardiac trauma such as open trauma to the thorax (gunshot wounds and stabs), closed trauma to the thorax (impact of the chest on a steering wheel during a motor vehicle accident), cardiac surgery, and iatrogenic causes (cardiac catheterization or pacemaker electrode perforation).

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