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Nursing Care Plan – Angina

Angina is a temporary chest pain that results from inadequate oxygen flow to the myocardium. It’s usually described as burning, squeezing, or a tight feeling in the substernal or precordial...

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Nursing: Not a Job Anybody can do

“Nurses are often specially trained, and need to keep up with new developments in their field. They work in difficult situations, and have to remain professional in the face of challenges”.

– Professor K Satkunanantham, Director of Medical Services in the Ministry of Health

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Sentiments of a Ward Nurse

Things every ward nurse wants you to know

1. When you buzz and I do not come right away, it’s either I am attending to a patient at bedside, or I am assisting a doctor during his rounds. Do not storm into the station like you are my only client.
2. We are humans, too.
3. Yes, it is okay for your relatives to ask us to take their blood pressures, but also remember that we have other patients, too.
4. Trust me, I’m a nurse.
5. We are not doctor’s assistants

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