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Nursing Reality

You just can’t contain the excitement, today, after years of struggle and sacrifices, is finally your first day of work as a Registered Nurse. You look at your reflection in...

clinical instructors

A Day in the Life of a Clinical Instructor

A Day in the Life of a Clinical Instructor

One of the most important roles of the clinical instructor role is providing instruction to students, which is based on a course syllabus. With nursing concepts and theories being taught in nursing school, it is important that student nurses also know how to apply them in the clinical setting. That is where clinical instructors enter the scenario. Their job is to connect what students learn in school and aid them in real life application. Textbooks and other written materials may be used, but the teaching strategy of CIs mostly rely on laboratory simulations and on-site rotations.

dermatology nursing

Exploring New Options: Dermatology Nursing

Dermatology Nursing

Dermatology nurses receive an estimate of $85,000 on average every year, which is $15,000 above the salary of generalist nurses. They may even receive a sign-in bonus for applicants and for those already working as one, retention bonus may complete the annual income. This bonus that we are talking about, ranges from $517 to $7,861.

Being a dermatology nurse can be exciting. Nurses may feel thrilled and love this specialized area of nursing and with this comes the best benefit of them all. They say when you love your work, you never go to work at all. That applies to this job as well, as long as nurses love what they are doing and consider it as their passion, they will never bored and get tired of it and that no matter what hardships may be encountered along the way, they will always emerge and remain standing as a proud dermatology nurse.

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Perks of being a Nurse

Through the years, the number of nurses has significantly increased. Year after year, various nursing schools produce hundreds, even thousand of aspiring graduates each, hoping to find their place in...

Perianesthesia Nursing

Getting to Know Perianesthesia Nursing

When one thinks about nursing, he always visualizes people in white with a cap on their head, catering sick patients in wards, making nurses rounds, administering medications and so much...


Code Blue: Defibrillation

Code blue: Defibrillation

Defibrillation is defined as the process wherein an electric shock is sent to the heart to stop an arrhythmia with the use of an electrical device called a defibrillator, resulting in the return of a productive heart rhythm.

Defibrillation is often used in emergency cases for the purpose of correcting life-threatening arrhythmias such as countering the onset of ventricular fibrillation or pulseless ventricular tachycardia, which is a common cause of/ and cardiac arrest.


How to measure CVP (Central Venous Pressure)

How to measure CVP (Central Venous Pressure)

It can be measured using an indwelling central venous catheter and either manually using a pressure manometer or electronically using a transducer. Usually, the manometer is used especially in wards. But in both ways, it must be ‘zeroed’ at the level of the right atrium. You may do this by taking it at level of the 4th intercostal space in the mid-axillary line while the patient is lying supine, each time at the same zero position.