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Chelation Therapy 4

Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy

Nursing Implications

Obtain serum levels of heavy metals (e.g. lead, iron) before the initiation of therapy and again at the termination of the therapy.
Instruct the parents and child about the need to comply with the full course of medication regimen to achieve desired outcome and effectiveness.
For EDTA: Monitor serum calcium levels as EDTA removes calcium in the body.
For EDTA: Injections of EDTA must be given intramuscularly into a large muscle mass. The medication can be combined with 0.5 ml of PROCAINE as the injection of this drug is very painful.
Measure intake and output to ensure that the kidney is adequately functioning. (If kidney function is not adequate EDTA may lead to nephrotoxicity or kidney damage)
Assess the following:

Serum creatinine
Protein in urine