Pathophysiology of Myocardial Infarction

Liane Clores, RN

Currently an Intensive Care Unit nurse, pursuing a degree in Master of Arts in Nursing Major in Nursing Service Administration. Has been a contributor of Student Nurses Quarterly, Vox Populi, The Hillside Echo and the Voice of Nightingale publications. Other experience include: Medical-Surgical, Pediatric, Obstetric, Emergency and Recovery Room Nursing.

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  1. Pat Law says:

    love this stuff! soo interesting!

  2. This is a good overview but doesn’t include all possible causes

  3. Girl, this is a good study guide place

  4. This is great, thanks for posting this:)

  5. Julie Boyle says:

    Thanks. Will watch out for that

  6. easy for students reports no more sleepless nights & big ,dark eye bags…

  7. Beth Jackson says:

    Yes this is the winemaker for sure!!

  8. Tracy Lyn says:

    LAD occlusion is the widow maker.

  9. The widow maker, always has been