Pathophysiology of Hypertension

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  1. Nelly says:

    where did u find this diagram? will u post your sources please. Thanks!!

  2. azure says:

    plz. post a pathophysiology of hypertension in a narrative form.
    for me to understand it well.. heheh,tnx!

  3. Felator dije says:

    I need a clear explanation of the pathophysiology of hypertension

  4. mandona says:

    thanks a lot you are really helping

  5. baby yang says:

    ang tindi nito…hindi kakayanin ng powerz koh….

  6. G. says:

    can anyone please tell me who is responsible for thie web site ???

  7. GON says:


  8. buknoy says:

    please help us on our report

    complications on cardiovascular….with case study and 2 ncp

    post it asap..

  9. Lar says:

    salamat talaga! laking tulong..",)

  10. csar says:

    thanks a lot! ^_^

  11. rhanz says:

    tnx a lot… sobrang laking tulong ang nagagawa nyo…. god bless

  12. michael john says:

    pathophysio naman po ng pregnancy induced hypertension

  13. noel says:

    THNX…u r a BIG help…

  14. belle says:

    i think it would be better if the references would be cited..

  15. haryani says:


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