School Name: Cebu Doctors College
Address: Osmena Blvd., Cebu City
Phone Number: (32) 253-8001
Second Courser Program: YES
School Name: Cebu Normal University
Address: Osmena Blvd., Cebu City
Phone Number: (32) 253-9611
Second Courser Program: YES
School Name: Iloilo Doctors College
Address: West Ave., Molo, Iloilo City
Phone Number: (33) 338-2830 / 337-0034
Second Courser Program: YES
School Name: Riverside College
Address: Dr. Pablo O. Torre Sr. St., Bacolod City
Phone Number: (32) 433-7331
Second Courser Program: YES
School Name: Silliman University
Address: Hibbard Ave., Dumaguete City
Phone Number: +635 422 6002
Second Courser Program: NONE
School Name: Southwestern University
Address: Villa Aznar, Cebu City 6000
Phone Number: +63 32 611 44
Second Courser Program: YES
School Name: University of Cebu
Address: Cebu City, Philippines
Phone Number:  
Second Courser Program: NONE
School Name: University of Iloilo
Address: Rizal Street, Iloilo City
Phone Number: 338-10-71 to 77
Second Courser Program: YES
School Name: University of San Agustin
Address: Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City, Philippines
Phone Number: (33) 337-4841
Second Courser Program: NONE
School Name: University of San Carlos
Address: P. del Rosario St., Cebu City, Philippines
Phone Number: 63 (32) 253 1000 | Fax: +63 (32) 255 4341
Second Courser Program: YES
School Name: University of St. La Salle
Address: Bacolod City. Philippines
Phone Number:  
Second Courser Program: YES
School Name: West Negros College
Address: Burgos St., Bacolod City
Phone Number: (34) 434-4561
Second Courser Program: YES
School Name: West Visayas State University
Address: Luna St., La Paz, Iloilo City 5000 Philippines
Phone Number: +63-33-3200870 to 79
Second Courser Program: NONE

112 Responses

  1. jap says:

    Please include University of the Visayas! Proud to be from UV!

  2. dale john says:

    Not that proud enough to shout into the world that I graduated from USPF-CN.But I can say that I did my very best & passed my NLE on my first try. In some aspects its about the school on the other side also its about the student. When you take your NLE its all YOU!

  3. jerome tubaga says:

    mas sikat ang scul sa taga dumaguete..thiumbs up !

  4. Lhoyd says:

    Can you include our school in the list??? the name is VISAYAS STATE UNIVERSITY, located at VisCa, Baybay, Leyte.. Thanks!!!

  5. fbcians says:

    could you pls include Fellowship Baptist College? it's found at kabankalan city, negros occidental..they have the site!

  6. UEP-CN says:

    Can you include University of Eastern Philippines College of Nursing on list? The UEP College of Nursing is the top performing nursing school in Northern Samar. Thank you.

  7. Cebu Doctors' University (commonly abbreviated as CDU) is a private university located in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. It was founded in 1975 at Cebu City, as Cebu Doctors' College, with the opening of its College of Nursing, one of the first nursing colleges in Cebu. CDU was granted university status by 2005 and moved to its present campus in Mandaue City by 2007. It presently has 8 colleges and a graduate school. It is the only school in the Philippines declared as a university without having basic education (pre-school – high school) curriculum and catering mainly to courses related to the health services field.

    The College of Nursing is one of the older colleges of nursing in Cebu. The College of Nursing enjoys the distinction of being the 1st College of Nursing in Cebu, 2nd in Region VII, to have earned level III status granted by the Philippine Accredited Association of Schools, Colleges and Universitites (PAASCU).

    Committed to the vision, mission and goals of the University, the College has regular activities geared toward the wholistic development of our students to become caring professional nurses, who are cognizant of thier accountabilities to God and the people they serve in pursuit of health.

    CDUCN believes that, "Nursing Is Where People Are".

  8. ilovearkie says:

    May mga nursing schools po dito sa TACLOBAN CITY. Huwag niyo po sanang kalimutan

  9. Jerico says:

    btw,NONESCOST just had our FIRST graduates take the board last DECEMBER…

    and we're already NUMBER 3 in NEGROS!!! hehe Thank God

  10. Jerico says:

    Hi co-nurses!!

    Just wanted to expand the list…

    I'd like to include OUR school…NONESCOST.

    Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology – School of Nursing..

    Our campus is in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental.


  11. rozj07 says:

    hi every1..i just want to add a new nursing school here in negros's located in kabankalan city, the name of the school is Fellowship Baptist College..the website of the school is you would add it..thanks!

  12. Mr. RN says:

    hi 2 all! i would like 2 add new nursing skul in iloilo City. the skul named St. Therese-MTC Colleges(La fiesta Site)located @ M.H del Pilar st., Iloilo City. The skul is growing strong 4 5 years, same with its training hospital.thnks!

  13. Ken says:

    Kindly include Central Philippine University and St. Paul University Iloilo.

  14. shaun,MAN says:

    Can i include my school??

  15. joke lng na raiza,,,,,idol ka namin,,,

  16. The newest popular School of Nursing is located in Alegria, Murcia, Neg.Occ

    Central Philippine Adventist College (CPAC)

  17. prince says:

    WeEeWw CDU or cebu doctors' univErsity? weLL thats the first medical University In the Philippines…KunG wala Mi Nag Tukod uG nursInG schOol drI sa cebu im xuRe tanang sKUl dri cebu wala nursIng coz CdU ang pInaka una NaG tukoD uG NuRsinG skUl dri sa cebu…CDU, students are exposed to a multi-cultural experience by interacting with students from different countries. This experience will greatly help in molding their mind and soul as they deal with every challenges in their student life. …

    • Manny says:

      The listing is obsolete. So many nursing schools not on the list. It is not updated!

    • mikaella says:

      very well said…. i guess, its not important on who or what school was first introduced in the field of nursing practice…. as long as some other school in cebu do their share on promoting compassionate nursing graduates…

    • Tipanie says:

      Iloilo Mission Hospital of Nursing (Iloilo City, 1906) now Central Philippine University College of Nursing…

      The FIRST Nursing School in the Philippines!!!

      -It was run by the Baptist Foreign Mission Society of America.

      -Miss Rose Nicolet was the first superintendent for nurses.

      -In 1929, it moved to its present location.

      -Miss Flora Ernst, took charge of the school in 1942.

      -In March 1944, 22 nurses graduated.

      -In April 1944, graduate nurses took the first Nurses Board Examination

      at the said institution.

      >>>> I belong!!!!

    • Sureoi! says:

      sure oi. di man CDU ang first nursing school Cebu ayaw gud pataka. tama jud nga taga CDU ka! lol

    • jerome says:

      no its not

    • merchant says:

      better check your history. please update and include Cebu Technological University – Cebu City Medical Center College of Nursing. god bless.

  18. JN,RN says:

    Bahalag dili mi ma.apil aning lista diri basta ma.apil lang mi pirmi sa PRC's list of top performing schools.

    Hinuon taga Cebu City Medical Center College of Nursing in consortium with Cebu Technological University aka CCMC-CN-CTU (taas no?) ra man ko….

    Maghilom na lang mi hehehehe…

  19. soulja16 says:


    bisag ggb sa skul active social lyf gihapon!!!hahaha

    let’s learn how to balance everything para wlay conflicts sa skedz..

    8s still gud to learn wyL having fun!haha BRO BLESS US ALL!c:

  20. zap says:

    pls. add new nursing school in iloilo city. ST. Therese-MTC Colleges college of Nursing. Address is in Molo, Iloilo City.Thanks!

  21. cherry says:

    2nd year students may gani nice au inyo curriculum kron. . .
    hehehehe. . .

    paspas jud inyo aging process anah. . . goodluck ninyo

  22. pinkblossom says:

    halah!!! na uso na jud ang GGB nga word sa??

    its not uc lang ang kahibaw ana nga word,i think all nursing schools na ang mka relate ana!! ehehehe…especially me who’s not a uc student!!! and ang among school ang naka una sa word…

    wala lang…just dr0pping by!!!

  23. pinkblossom says:

    ngeeeeeee…..y man wla amng school diri??

  24. chichiboo says:

    ay grabe talaga… masyado kaming na stress nung sinabihan kaming after the exam return demonstration of the 4 procedures which is surgical bedmaking, surgical scrub, perineal care and perineal shaving,,

    ndi tuloy kami nakapag-aral para sa exam sa taranta naming lahat! TAPOS duty na kami 1st week of august..,take note 2nd year palang kami..weEew!!!

    • kharyang says:

      GGB, ehehehehehe.(common expression ng student nurses of UC-Banilad)

      can you imagine making an NCP without:
      -a very detailed discussion about it
      -NANDA for the nsg. diagnosis
      -book about NCP

      nakakaloka! as in

      kapwa 2nd yr frm uc-banilad, good luck to us!



    • rasta says:

      1st year nga sa amin duty na… ano ka ba…

  25. kharyang says:

    oh by the way, i wud like to comment on this common trend.

    “discrimination in nursing schools”

    diba dapat pantay2x lahat?
    pareho lang yan nursing school.
    nagkatalo lang sa quality of education siguro,
    but that’s not really the parameter in doing such thing.

    i know this is not common to all.
    bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magalit:)

    i wud like to hear your comment about this.

  26. kharyang says:

    CMO 14!(correct me if i’m wrong)
    the heck!
    2nd yr palang diretso agad sa DR!
    buti 3 cases lang requirement, di masyadong mahirap:)

    who’s under with this curriculum?
    good luck to us:)


  27. Neil says:

    GGB na talaga ang buhay ko sa nursing (Gulo-gulong buhay)..hahaizt..sakit sa ulo ang nursing care plan..2nd yer pa lang kami at duty na kami sa DR at d po kami excited dun. .maghahanap pa kami nang buntis pra sa ret dem. .by the way, salamat at nasali ang UC did2 2 b specific,, UC-BANILAD po yan..ty

  28. kharyang says:

    hey! kulang yung list. there are lots of nursing schools in cebu. pero k lang atleast kasali yung school ko:) UC-banilad:)

  29. Jays says:

    Some schools missing thougH naA akong Cebu Normal diri. Paki.lagay yung ibAng schools pa. Pero skip na yung mga iba na may low sc0res sa passing kasi pahamak sa mga studynte pg.dun cla. Hehe

  30. bijo says:

    St. Scholastica’s College of Health Sciences-Tacloban City and Samar State University should be in the list.! hmmppp!

  31. 00kidman00 says:

    hey! Hus fr0m uc-banilad here? Hehe

  32. kent says:

    and where is central philippine university college of nursing here? go back to ur fundamentals of nursing and find if what is the 1st nursing school in the philippines way back 1906? its iloilo mission hospital. CPU college of nursing now!!!!!

  33. JustTellingTheTruth says:

    omg..i have a brdmate from USJR passed Hhealth care .ncm501200 sa midterms..will be a 3rd year student ds june 2009,yet: doesn’t know how to perform bag technique..doesn’t know the name of the forceps, the scissors, the solutions inside a PHN bag..doesn’t even know the purpose of skin testing, doesn’t know open gloving, close gloving, gowning, opening sterile packs, NGT Feeding, tracheostomy care, colostomy care, administering oral medication(& other routes), he only knows oral.. im sure he will pass ncm, grade nya sa mterm ds summer is 2.3 e.. na-o-op sya twing nag uusap kami ng iba ka brdmate namin..kami nlang nag tuturo sa kanya..sayang lang daw bnabayad nya…kaya lang ayaw nyang magtransfer, he’s afraid na ma-fail, ayaw nya ma-LATE pag graduate..ka batch kasi kami..

    • psssssst says:

      really?maybe she/he was not doing her/his best as a student,.. we have plenty of competent clinical instructors,..nasa STUDENT lng yan,.if he /she is workong hard for her/his studies,..

  34. Dotalsta says:

    Felacio, Susyante Enuf….. (wrong spelling poh….)

    haha…. i dont love nursing… but i dont hate it either…

    St.sco rulz…!

  35. aleix says:

    excuse me?? HOLY NAME UNIVERSITY must be included here :(( the best school here in Bohol

  36. gabbie says:

    so funny talaga ang mga comments. we are nurses, we should help each other, not compete… haaaaayyy…..

  37. Paulinian Nurse says:

    CENTRAL PHILIPPINE UNIVERSITY and ST. PAUL UNIVERSITY – ILOILO should be in the list. No one can beat those schools when it comes to QUALITY and HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE.

  38. Chris says:

    I have a SUGGESTION in this site. I think you should search all the colleges and university who offer BSN or all nursing colleges in the Philippines.

  39. joy to the world! says:

    yeah right! d ka dpat ana joy, coz im sure niagi sd kag pgka bogo! who hasn’t??!
    and are you stupid or something?! abeg nkakita kag 1 student nga bogo, ngpasabot ba nag bogo nang tnan nag.skwela anang school??? haleeerrr!!! nurse nka dba!?! staff pa jd sa PSH?! please todlue ang mga estudyante kn mag.binogo cla, ky kn nkalimot ka, it is your duty to teach this students because affiliated cla sa hospital, naa na sa Philippine Nursing Law or RA 9173 Article V Section 28 letter D. Don’t be mean, otherwise we would think that you are insecure with them.. peace yoh!

  40. DRL says:

    ayaw mo pgaway oi! same ra bya review center sa UC-BAN and USJR. bskn aha pana nga skul depende rna sa student. samok cge pnghambog sa mga skul. dapat dta mgingana. if d khbwo msuction ngano mn di todloan nlng. ako UC grad ko ug bago ra pass sa NLE. mtngala jd ko anang uban tao nga mgcge ug compare2 sa skul ug mnaway f d khbwo. same ra bya ta tnan niagi bya ta ana. mao btaw practice makes perfect. mura mn mo d prof ana cge compare2 sa skul oi. it doesnt matter anymore. wer filipinos we should support each othr. if dghan pass ana nga skul d happy ta ana. dkay mointriga pa jd nga gamay ra nga student ang ntake. wakoy gdapigan i jst want u all to have a realization. somehow, somewhere we will be a collegue so lets support each other.

  41. joy says:

    bitaw pain..hambog na kau cla na 100% cla..hahah d cla kadawa na 28 students ra ila g.allow pag take sa NLE..unlike UC-Ban, can send 400 students, and take note 95% board passer..Bleeh ninyo mga josenians..mga bogo..maka prove ko ana kai staff nurse q sa perpetual succour, waaaaah, d kamao mo suction..OMG!!mamatay q ug sau..g,samok2x lang sa E.R.

  42. joy says:

    yeah right..kapoi cge panghambog sa mga schools oi..cant you face the reality na nag dasok na ang nurses sa phils??puyo mo oi..

  43. freakishly_silly says:

    san ang University of the visayas? lagay nyo…ganda din reocord ng Uv noh!

  44. piggy-chan~ says:

    i like velez most, then velez again, velez again….

    im from cit, but i thought my life was be better if i enrolled at velez..
    anyone busybodying why i didnt study at velez is a…. gossiper.. :D


    btw, u gotta update the list of schools, dami yatang nagrereklamo at nagyayabang.. ^^

    anyways, i hope a lot from cit and velez will pass.. kouun ^^

  45. centralian nurse says:

    why is it that the first nursing school here in the phil is not included listed on visayas..where the florence of nightangale came from, mrs. loreto tupaz.. our very own Central Philippine Univeristy…

  46. almyalm says:

    yeah, you should include University of Southern Philippines..^^

  47. rvaughn says:

    please update your list of nursing schools.
    it’s quite a shame that your list is not complete..

  48. xindi says:

    I agree with u firefox. St. Paul’s University isn’t here too. Its one of the best here in Iloilo that excels in training a nursing student. Im not from St. Pauls but I rather suggests to put them on the list.

  49. nik says:

    bakit wala ang velez dito sa directory? ngek!

  50. Lorena,RN,MAN,EdD says:

    hi im a cebu doctor’s university graduate batch 99..i am now the asst. dean in College of technological Sciences-cebu pls include this skul in ur list thanx!

  51. ladyinlamp says:

    mmmm…….. dont forget the university of the visayas gullas medical center….. best school too. I love it….. university with a heart!!!!

  52. loyn says:

    Cebu Normal University is one of the best schools if not in Cebu, in the whole Philippines. 98% with 200+ examinees….Center for excellence….

  53. mystery says:

    hi guys…
    we should not judge ourselves..or any other,,,we know our limitations and our extent of having the knowledge,,we’ve got special fields of our own, but actually i can say that nurses of cebu are skillful..hmmmm….

  54. mr. trubbing alcohol says:

    i think WEST NEgRos UniVersitY had got a highest percentage of board passers in Bacolod City last december 2005 and also they have produced lot of board topnotchers…

  55. please include the latest cebu gem in it’s list of top calliber nursing schools: it’s our very own University of San Jose-Recoletos..

    with it’s 1st batch nursing grads taking the Nursing Licensure Exams last June 2008 with 100% passing percentage, this alma mater of mine will no doubt produce outstanding nurses that will surely make mark to this profession.


  56. randomrants says:

    over populated nurses only few hospitals in the country. Lets face the reality. Others succeed but some don’t. It’s like survival to the fittest. Nurses nurses nurses… a lot of new nurses. Next year another new batch. NaaaaHHHhh… Good Luck to them. ^_^

  57. kevin says:

    yah!!!!! know what?! J,RN was partly right and partly wrong…
    i gez your reffering to our school with 200 graduates but and only 46 examinees took the exam. J,RN was partly right indeed of telling these schools to stop boasting out theirselves. The pioneers were indeed not the measure of a best school because what they have shown is a piece what their school can be, what about the remaining part of the whole?! di ba?

    No offense mr. RN but i can say your judging our school with the basis of what you see and feel.
    Our graduates also took the preboard exam to determine who among the 200 are ready to take the board but it doesnt mean that only 40 passed the preboard who took up the board. A great number of our graduates passed the preboard but only the 40 showed confidence in taking up the NLE. I just want to clarify that they were not hand picked by the faculty just for a show. They were our bravest the boldest among the perboard passers. NO offense but you should “read the CONTENTS first before judging the book of what you see”.

  58. kevin says:

    josenians gpadako ta sa c.i og
    sa mga pare with christian values, ok? dont argue with the other schools!haha bitaw! be patient…im a josenian now sa CON but a former technologian back when i was in highschool. And CIT indeed deserve recognition…its not being bias! time will soon come that people will know of what josenian nurses are really made of! Just sit down, relax and enjoy our ride towards success.

  59. shwenzuy says:

    oi..USJR is the best we are 100% board passer last june..eventhough we are new nursing skol but we are the best..ADELANTE!

  60. bert says:


  61. undesigned17 says:

    d heck are this comments here!!!….duh…kinsay diay 2nd nationwide na school from cebu???ahahaha

  62. mj says:

    please add Felowship Baptist College,Kabankalan City..thanx!
    God bless to all!

  63. marj 15.. says:

    hmmmmmmmmm….mas train ang tga uc oi..cge mo lalis da

  64. MANUEL says:

    Plz include my alma matter CIT…CIT TOPS AGAIN!!..THANKS :)

  65. beth says:

    hehehe..nOel, same ta! ngita pud kog CIT na name. hay BSN2 pud kO! N1.. ala ko kaila nimo! hehehe yeah CIT RULES! TOPS AGAIN Ni du! ü

  66. noel says:

    sori wrong type pala…their and not!… CIT College of Nursing Even if its still an INSITUTE It still rocks!!!!! BSN2-N2 CIT. :)

  67. noel says:

    bORds!!!… for ur information usjr got a 100% passing mark because te students who took the last board examination is below 90, it’s nto a a big deal to be bragged about. Piece of shit….Moron!!!!

  68. crimson_rn says:

    plz do include the university where i earned my BSN degree…..UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES FOUNDATION

  69. jaytee says:


    Based on the list released by Santiago, the 20 best-performing nursing schools and the percent of their graduates passing the licensure tests were: The University of the Philippines-Manila, 99 percent; St. Paul College Iloilo and Silliman University, 98 percent; University of Santo Tomas, 97 percent; West Visayas State University, 96 percent; St. Louis University-Baguio and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Manila, 95 percent; Southern Luzon Polytechnic College, 91 percent; Trinity College of QC and Cebu Doctors College, 89 percent; Mountain View College, 88 percent; Remedios Romualdez Memorial School-Manila and UE-Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, 87 percent; St. Paul University-Tuguegarao, 84 percent; Velez College-Cebu, San Pedro College-Davao and Cebu State College, 82 percent; De La Salle University-Dasmari?as and University of La Salette-Santiago, 81 percent; and Romualdez Medical Foundation, 80 percent.

  70. LuAu says:

    no COLEGIO SAN AGUSTIN-BACOLOD? why? that’s way too impossible not to recognize this school… this school is the ONLY nursing school in bacolod which is PAASCU accredited… we are the ONLY school in bacolod which is affiliated to National Center for Mental Health (NCMH)… please add this school! thanks!

  71. gamz says:

    UP- Manila, School of Health Sciences should also be include here. It is located in palo, Leyte and had been evolving for 32 years already. This is where health workers are trained to stay and serve.
    the school produces graduates who are well committed to serve the country and this is to fight the brain drain and the maldistribution of health workers inthe philippines. It actually had just received an award, The lingkod bayan award. pls add UPM- SHS.

  72. great pretender says:

    plz include our skul mater dei college tubigon, bohol

  73. bords says:

    where’s Southwestern University in the list. i thnk dis skul shud also be recognized. its also a gud skul. hehehe

  74. bords says:

    i think its not CIT because this school had 90 above who passed and had a passing rate of 93%, not 100%. USJR got 100% but only had 40+ examinees.

  75. capiznon says:

    plez add our school…
    College of St. John-Roxas (De La Salle Supervised)
    Gov. Atila Balgos, Banica, Roxas City Capiz

  76. sheshurica says:

    pain, are u referring CIT?

  77. pain says:

    i wud like to correct my previous post… its not a “COLLEGE” its an “INSTITUTE”

  78. pain says:

    i agree to J RN MAN…

    many skools here in cebu hu just had their pioneering graduates already boasted of a 100% passing rate…

    take a look at a certain “COLLEGE” here in cebu hu had a top notcher….

    my oh my… they already boasted of being the best skool, but behind what they claim, they only sent 28 students to take the NLE…


    they’re just making fool of themselves…

    by the way, im from UC-banilad… 95% passing rate!!

  79. lai says:

    J RN MAN was right… not all graduating students took the NLE exam at that moment.. people already judged the school right away knowing not even half of the students took the exam.. well, what matters is not the percentage or passing rate that the school wanted to claim.. but the efforts and the strategy of the students to pass the exam that matters… it should be the student itself that must be given a recognition not that damn passing rate that most people quarrel about… whatever school you may be in..its the student who does the work ..pass or get failed..

    thanks to this really helped a lot…^^,

  80. libraR.N. says:

    hi there, pls try to include our school, ASIAN COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY-COLLEGE OF NURSING in the Visayas List, im proud to be an ASIANISTA… and we strive to be one of the Best…thanks

  81. jeboy ;D says:

    I totally agree on J RN MAN. I think many schools hav the same strategy. again dont forget to add our school central phil. univ.

  82. MIMICRY says:

    please also include UNIVERSITY OF BOHOL and HOLY NAME UNIVERSITY also from BOHOL

  83. rachel says:

    hi pls also include our scol.USPF LAHUG..

  84. ralph jason says:

    Address: North Drive, Bacolod City

  85. ralph jason says:

    please include COLEGIO SAN AGUSTIN- BACOLOD………..
    one of the great school on bacolod city

  86. J, RN, MAN says:

    I’ve been a registered nurse for quite a bit of time, I’ve even had the opportunity to complete my Masters degree in Cebu. The problem that really wrankles me is the way Colleges of Nursing proudly project their 100% passing percentage even when the truth is far from the veneer of reality. These schools achieve this almost indomitable feat through a little trickery and subterfuge of their own. Picking out the best and brightest of the class to take the board is not a total representation of the over-all picture of the school. This move is merely seeking to mislead people into thinking that their school is better even if only 46 out of around 200 graduates took the NLE. That is not even half of the total number of the graduates. Is it fair to those who were not qualified?Being truthful of the teaching ability of the schools means that evryone who wants to take the NLE should be given a chance. Otherwise our proud proclamations of 100%passing is nothing but hollow glory borne on by the best and brightest and not the regular student who is supposed to be the person that should heve changed.

  87. keij says:

    please include central philippine university. tnx ^_^

  88. almyalm says:

    please do include University of Southern Philippines.. tanx ^_^

  89. mark says:

    please include our school. to complete your listings.
    this is an old school of nursing,

  90. gnoe vee says:

    pLease do incLude University of San Jose-Recoletos.. nOt to mention its 100% passing pErcentage for the PionEering batch., :)

  91. lester says:

    hey, asan ung skul namin? holy name university

  92. please include Cebu Institute of Technology. We are new yet we Think we deserve to be in the list of Nursing School here in Visayas specially one of the June 2008 board exam passer who is on the Top 4 is from CIT. Thank you and God bless

  93. josenian nurse says:

    pls include universit y of san jose-recoletos…
    we are new yet i think we deserve to be in the list especially that we are one of the top performing schools nationwide last june 2008 pnle. thank you.

  94. michael naid says:

    please include our schhol southwestern university

  95. paulinian_nurse says:

    please include our shool, st paul university iloilo

  96. JC says:

    the West Visayas State University – College of Nursing is the best in the Visayas and one of the best in the country! It is a Top-Performing Nursing School in the NLE!

  97. firefox says:

    hi there u forgot to include our school in the list of nursing schools in iloilo city, kindly add CENTRAL PHILIPPINE UNIVERSITY, lopez jaena street, jaro iloilo city

    actually CPU college of nursing is one of the Oldest nursing school here in Iloilo city. thanks!!!

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