Roles & Responsibilities of a Nurse

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  1. lenny says:

    its great

  2. odion says:

    nurses are great

  3. Laila says:

    hi please iwant to write for me the role and resbonsibilites for pediatric nurses and any trend changes in pediatric nurses ?? thanks a lots

  4. Laila says:

    hi ,please i want to ask if you have idea about situaional analysis for professional nursing ?? this question about polices in nursing thanks a lot

  5. gagandeeep kaur says:

    role of a nurse -a nurse meets the client's holistic health care needs to promote health and healing process .Nurse provide treatment for specific disease and apply measures to re-store the clients health .

  6. snappa55 says:

    Yes, Alot of responsibility! Alot of pressure, ALot alot alot of alot of things! Sometimes little respect, little time and little pay! …BUT it is a fantastic career! The problem I see are the nurses with all the intials after their names, I congratulate them on the accomplishment but serioulsy, I think the sorker bees get PRETTY fed up with the adminstrationspeak! What nursing needs is a strong leadership, one willing to speak up fpor nurses and patients! Is it really about manning tables, budgets, costs? OR is it about patient safety, quality care, and a working force that happy to follow the leader?

  7. Shaketange A.P says:

    Most of registerd nurses are so heartless.Heartfull are very very few.

    • Sean says:

      Are you kidding? I've been an RN for five years now and work with many great nurses. The ones that are disconnected from caring for others are few… and eventually find their way out the door to paperwork positions.

  8. Sandy says:

    Acccording to the nurse practice act can LPN's take telephole orders

    • K.B. says:

      Yes LPNs can, but verify with Board of Nursing for your state because each state may be different. I have worked in four different states and in all of them the LPN can take T.O.s

  9. rose says:

    what is the specials requirement of a nurse

  10. petra says:

    what is the responsabilities of a nurse and what would a typical day look like?

  11. kuol says:

    the role of nurse is to take care for the pts .administration of drugs and give good care to the pts .give the right medicine to the Doctor when there is emergency .

  12. Hain says:

    what is the essential roles of a nurse in mental ill patients?? for my phsychia coarse
    need answer please

    • adis says:

      the very essential role of nurses in mental health (psych) is to brought back the patient into the real world..into the reality the place were we are now

  13. Fikadu says:

    Nursing is a profession doing for the best of individual, family and community at large. Now a days men are joining the profession and are playing a considerable professional roles. I would like to say it is not the profession restricted only to females. Therefore scholars, researchers and others should be take care of what they are writing.

  14. Nursing is am angelic profession

  15. oweena jane says:

    hello gud morning i would like to know what is role and responsibilty of trained nurse?this is 4 my case study

  16. mot says:

    can u pls explain to me nurse as a director? i badly nid it ;[

    • Nesta Mcdonald says:

      The nurse as a director makes final decisions of managers and supervisors in a health care facilities. Coordinate activities of the departmental nurses and direct the functions

    • tizita.bahiru says:

      u just need to be happy

  17. clarish says:

    pwede po malaman ung 7

  18. Michael says:

    only seven roles?not nine?

  19. Azma says:

    Hai…i would like to ask regarding profesional roles and responsibilities in nursing…

  20. Swastika says:


    I am a first year nursing student at Fiji School Of Nursing and I have had wonderful experiences here with the lectures and tutorials.

    I ask my experienced sisters on this website to pliz forward some tips on how to improve on communication with the clients.



  21. marian crisostomo says:

    hi…i would like to ask a video of “how to do a proper bed making, bed bathing and physial assesment” pls send me one. thanks! more power!

  22. michelle valiente says:

    hi good morning. thank you so much for this information. i would like also to ask if their are articles, referrences discussing about nursing informatics. thank you so much. it will really help me in my preparation for the upcoming nle.

  23. beatrice says:

    hi admin, i need your favour. please i need more information on roles and responsibilities for degree nurses vs diploma nurses. Thank you very much

  24. jopipay o_O says:

    hi! admin.. pls send me this copy now.. i need it! cgue na po.. please!
    grabe malaki naiitutulong nyo sa amin lalo na po sa mga magtatake ng board this november! please it to me… please po…
    thank you sobra
    God Bless

  25. Please I need more information on Nursing,(Roles and Function) and also some latest information about Nursing as a whole.

  26. mitch says:

    Hello Barbara! Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it specially coming from an NP practitioner like you. It helped the site a lot.

  27. Thanks for the definitions. However, I’d like to make some clarifications if I may.

    Nurse Practitioners are indeed nurses with advanced degrees, usually a masters, but more and more we will all be seeing NPs with doctorates. We treat all sorts of minor and not-so-minor illnesses and injuries in almost every setting known to health care. I for one, have my own office and do not require physician oversight. Most of my patients have illnesses such as diabetes and a variety of cardiovascular disease.

    Nurse Entrepreneurs is any nurse who becomes an entrepreneurs. Many RNs are entrepreneurs as well as NPs. An advanced degree is not a requirement to be an entrepreneur.

    Hope this helps.

    Barbara C. Phillips, NP

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