Retinal Detachment

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  1. nylde siulab says:

    Hi=) I would like to know what is the cause of many spots or floaters in retinal detachment?

    What is the pathol



  2. yuki suzuki says:

    hi!! i would like to know why a client with retinal detachment postoperative, he needs to patch both his eyes??

    what it for??


    • lui says:

      yuki, eye patches are simply put to avoid patient's squeezing and rubbing of his eyes.

    • soda says:

      because frequent blnkin of eyes after surgery makes patient feel difficult and painful
      and also dust may enter in to eyes so to protect eyes patches r made

  1. November 19, 2009

    […] James is diagnosed with retinal detachment. Which intervention is the most important for this […]

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