G6PD Deficiency

Daisy Jane Antipuesto RN MN

Currently a Nursing Local Board Examination Reviewer. Subjects handled are Pediatric, Obstetric and Psychiatric Nursing. Previous work experiences include: Clinical instructor/lecturer, clinical coordinator (Level II), caregiver instructor/lecturer, NC2 examination reviewer and staff/clinic nurse. Areas of specialization: Emergency room, Orthopedic Ward and Delivery Room. Also an IELTS passer.

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  1. mawi says:

    hello..somebody can help me…my boy have g6pd…can i d=give him Elken Kington (100% deep sea water) ?

  2. jhouie says:

    my son is g6pd defecient and he has a cough now. What could be the best medecine that he could take!

    hope i can get a reply!

  3. bridget says:

    Are u people not listening to what u r hearing. 20 years ago this didn't exist. Ur kids r fine. We just found out that my newborn grandson has this and we r the 1's that gave it to him. Well I don't remember anyone tellin me that my kids had this and they grew up fine.
    This shouldn't be takin to any high level of alert unless ur kid is severely ill or low on iron which is checked out by ur dr. Anyways. My daughter has this I guess cause after reading articles onn it she has shown signs. But I ain't gonna run to a special dr cause her own dr can handle it.
    By the way. Don't let ur kid drink to much water for they will turn jandise from it and dr. And emergency rooms don't believe teenagers can get jandise. But it did happen and it was from drinking to much water. 6 glasses a day is way to much without mixing it with kool-aid or juice

  4. jennifer matarundo says:

    pwede po bng kumain ang ina ng mga pagkain bawal sa merong g6pd kapag dumidede ang merong g6pd sa ina

  5. amor says:

    yun po bang mga candy na mentol bawal din sa mga bata? Hindi po ba nawawala yang dficiency na yan sa pagtanda nila?

  6. jers says:

    carica papasya enzyme po ang ipiniinom ko sa ank ko n mpyt at wlng gnng kumain, ngyon po magana n sya at mataba..lumkas p ang immune system against cough and common colds… itry nyo po …sa mga malls my stall po ang mga carica

  7. I want to know what other milk or formula to be taken in g6pd baby dificieny.He is 2 months old now,I'm so worried about it coz mostly of milk had a soya lecitin in which harmful to him.

  8. gen says:

    hi .. my daughter also had g6pd .. can you give me some tips on how to care for a g6pd baby? shes now 6months old baby ..

  9. gracy says:

    i hav s daughter 2yrs old.meron din xa g6pd since birth xa mhina n tlga xa kumain at dumede.hanggang paiba iba n binibgy q n vit ayw p rin 2mba tpos mdling mgswa s pgkain.ano b bgy n vitamins ang ib2gy pra s g6pd pra gumana kumain..

  10. leah belleza says:

    hi,i had a g6pd daughter she is a breast milk but we want to mix her with bottles we would ask the list of milk for my baby 6mo.old..

  11. hannah says:

    This is based on http://www.webmd.com

    “A chemical found in bitter melon seeds is related to chemicals in fava beans. If you have G6PD deficiency, avoid bitter melon.”

    I beleived we should only avoid eating the ampalaya seeds which we dont usually eat…

  12. hannah says:

    i dont understand why of all the vegies… AMPALAYA is prohibited! i dont agree with with that, unless confirmed by pedia endoctrinologist… did anyone consulted your endoctrinologist? where is that statement/release that says ampalaya is not good for g6pd? we should need that latest update so we can warn all mothers and even PGH-NIH… if any.

    • azyl says:

      the flyers provided by PGH-NIH shows that bitter melon is one of the foods to be avoided by those who have g6pd deficiency.

      my 5month old baby is g6pd deficient but she hasnt started eating yet.. her milk is similac (it does have soy content.. i think all milk have soya but the content is not too much as to harm the baby)…

      we just need to be careful esp when the kids are starting to grow, they have to be aware of their condition & so does everyone around them (friends, relatives, teachers etc).

  13. joy nesperos says:

    My daughter is also G6PD deficient. She was prescribed to take izoniazid after registering 10mm in her PPD test. Though the drug was not in the list of medicines to be avoided, she still manifested allergic reaction such as rash in the foot. Her liver test showed that her liver was slightlu affected, but still not in the level of hepatitis.

  14. sunshine says:

    …tnx 4 d info…

  15. joy balbastro-rea says:

    my daughter is diagnosed as GDD or Global Developmental Delay. She is now four years old but still could not walk nor talk. She is a G6PD defficient baby. I just want to know if it has something to do with her delayed motor and mental development?

    Your respond would really be a big help to me and my husband in understanding our daughter’s present condition.

    • tess says:

      my son is also diagnosed with G6PD deficiency. He is now two and a half years old and very healthy. I think being a G6PD deficient has nothing to do with the delayed developmental capabilities of your daughter. Its better to consult a pediatrician.

    • Admin says:

      Hi joy, a baby with G6PD deficiency appears and remains healthy until he is exposed to a large amount of oxidative substances. When this happens, his red blood cells are destroyed, a process known as hemolysis. The developmental delay of your daughter has nothing to do with G6PD Deficiency. There must be some other factors, try to consult a pediatrician to be definite about your daughter’s condition.

    • brenda says:

      hello! my 2 sons have G6PD and when they had their check-up last week, their pediatrician said that they should also avoid ampalaya. According to her, it’s the latest update about G6PD. I felt sad coz they really like to eat ampalaya.

  16. joy balbastro-rea says:

    your article would really aid parent like me with G6PD daughter. Hope you would post updated articles every now and then. would surely help a lot .

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