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  1. Tama na ayaw ko na!!!…lol
    Wagna ADOPIE…adopay manen trabahaho…hehe
    Good morning!

  2. How about lax dementia assessment

  3. jah says:

    how about the rationale?

  4. kay says:

    What are the pertinent discharge plan for a patine with pneumonia?

  5. gheen says:

    is there any ncp for pid?

  6. irving says:

    eto kasi report ko sa graduate school pwede humingi ng tips how will i discuss the nursing process. thanks

  7. ezra says:

    pano po ba gumawa ng NCP for pneumonia

  8. lhenie says:

    hi..po.. ask lng .. first year plng po ako.. how to apply nursing process to nursing care?

    • firewind says:

      the nursing prosses will be your guide to make a nursing care plan

      especially the assesment phase

      nursing process contains the





      and lastly the evaluation

      while the n.c.p

      assesment with the subjected and objected data

      dianosis which contains the your nursing dx and your analysis

      planning and intervention goes hand and hand,it has dependent,independent and collaborative plan and the rationale bihind also caontain the long term goal and the short term goal where in base from that you will make your evaluation with your short and long term goal….hope it helps you


  9. eloisa kay says:

    what are the fundamental abilities needed by nurse to use nursing process?

  10. gap says:

    hi,alam nyo po ba kng panu gumawa ng ncp for acute confusion????d ko po kc alam sana ma2lungan nyo po ako…tnx

  11. suzanne says:

    eow po, gud eve.. i need your help.. i have a case.. my case is this.
    sean malloy, 3 years old, admitted to the emergency department with a fracture humerus and dislocated shoulder. he is accompanied by his mother, sean, is very quit, crying almost silent, he cringes when he approach but does not protest when you touch him. he has multiple bruises in various stages of healing on his torso and his buttocks. his mother says that he fell out of his bed and he is always getting into trouble.
    i dont know what will be the subjective data of this case. please help me for the ncp of this case.. tnx. i need to pass this tom morning

    • Admin says:

      Hi suzanne, it’ easy to determine the subjective data, it is:
      * also referred to as Symptom/Covert data
      * information from the client’s point of view or are described by the person experiencing it.
      * information supplied by family members, significant others, other health professionals are considered subjective data.
      Example: pain, dizziness, ringing of ears/Tinnitus as verbalized by the patient or family member(s)

  12. Nhor says:

    Hey! Do u hav ncp for peptic ulcer?

  13. glaucilene says:

    hum me ajudou bastante!!! parabéns

  14. ruby says:

    can you email to me the complete nursing process.. i like the post can be valuable to my students to learn how to make an effective care plan.

  15. urmil Bhardwaj says:

    U know we need to know the process in detail for example what we are doing when the casuality patient is coming for treatment and we are proceeding according to safe the life of Patient.We know the process in theory but practical what we are doing at the time of emergency.

  16. vanna marie s. tan says:

    i would just like to ask what theory can i use that the GOSH is included? because im planning to use ADPIE to measure competency and effectiveness.. il wait for your reply. tnx!

  17. Admin says:

    Hi Roxanne!

    There is an “e-mail this post” feature on the article that you may want to use. :)

  18. roxanne says:

    `this article canhelp me a lot.
    can you please e-mail this to me?

  19. omai says:

    can you email this to me?
    the complete nursing process?

    thank you.

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  2. March 10, 2010

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