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  1. Good i'v learnt sam knew things as a nurse

  2. A magnificent article made to enhance the knowledge of every nursing student. yet, there are still undesirable doings.. hnnnnmmm….

  3. geruel says:

    katatamad na mga nursing student… siguradong may mararating…makakarating ng kapitbahay..

  4. Daud T. says:

    Very , very usefull knowldge. keep it up!

  5. enz_mhe says:

    grabe,,,copy paste parin

  6. john says:

    bakit di pwede copy paste pag sa email naman 15mins pa bago maka kuha ng article ulit.. dapat may copy paste nlng

  7. mars says:

    hahaha…….daghan au mi nursing s2dent gusto mucopy paste

  8. ming says:


  9. julius says:

    hahah..copy paste ko pa rin

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