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  1. 8811 says:


  2. Tyara Harris says:

    Thanks Im gonna get an a on my project

  3. dalson says:

    i dont give any chapsticks!!!

  4. aynah says:

    thanks a lot…]

  5. citlalli says:

    but still…this website really helped! thank ya!

  6. Citlalli says:

    wat the heck?! ur in high school and im barely in 6th grade and i gotta make a whole book about this! this is wack! i barely give a chapstick about these diseases so y should i do them?!?!?1 i thought this was a free world!!!!!!!!11

  7. Nenna<3;0 says:

    this is a good website ….things are accurate :)…iHOPE o.0

  8. jessica says:

    do u think u can tell me the MAJOR skin problems

  9. BrIaNnA says:

    thanks~ this has been a great help! :)

  10. brenda says:

    hmm i thought piercinqs made skin cancer hmmm>>>>>/???>….

  11. jerwin says:

    can you tell me what's the treatment of the diff. skin diseases?

  12. diane says:

    tnx a lot for this information…….
    it helps me a lot…..
    thank u so much….
    hope i can find other information that i need in my studies……….
    god bless all……

  13. reanna says:

    i asked for diseases so can you tell me some other than skin


  14. jhie anne says:

    Thanks for pickin' these up.!!wew.. im a sophomore student in h.s and i think these site was the perfret match for all of the researchers like me…. thank u.. hope that many people would visit this website.:)godbless

  15. annedrely says:

    hey thanks 4 sharing this information to us these are very helpful for us researchers..bcoz some sites are incomplete..tnx again

  16. jake says:

    Very helpful information. Freshman doing a project 4 bilogy havent found a site so helpful yet. Thanks for all the time and dedication you put into this website

  17. ashley says:

    i agree, but im a sophomore in high school and im doing a biology project on the integumentary system (skin) and this website is sooo helpful!!! Keep up the good work!

  18. Mamad says:

    maybe it will be more better if you put the causes, symtoms and prevention of each disease…

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