Bag Technique

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  1. Lenor says:

    In my experience the paper placed under the nursing bag should be disposable after each visit to reduce risk of contamination from one home to another. It is not enough to just put the bag on the clean side of the paper when the "dirty" side will be folded up to take to another home. I use a clean newspaper and throw it away after each home visit.

  2. suganthra says:

    pls send me about arrangement of CHN bag and about the steps of temperature taking,urine analysis, AN examination and underfive examination procedure in area.

  3. suganthra says:

    it will be more iteresting and useful if asummary of each topic have been given

  4. Sheilma Dreamy Manata says:

    please send me the proper arrangement of the contents of the CHN bag. Thanks.

  5. jenz says:

    good evening,pde poh psend ng bag technique s e-mail q?. thank you.

  6. kulit says:

    please send me the complete procedure in the use of benedict’ss solution and acetic acid. thanks.

  7. sheila says:

    panu puh ung proper arrangement ng items s OB bag..???

    ..wajejejjeje… tnx..naka2long nman w/ the rationale…

  8. Admin says:

    Please use the “e-mail this post” feature found at the bottom left hand of the post. :)

  9. jane says:

    pls,paki send naman po un definition ng bag technique and procedure,,,,tnx

  10. vanessa gallema says:

    please pkisend po ung bag technique skin..tnx

  11. joy says:

    pls pakisend naman skin yong bag technique at basic infant care please.

  12. bench says:

    Good day folks,thanks God i had come upwith this site.Please helpme bout this Bag technique can i have a copy of this?

  13. albert says:

    please submit a copy of bag technique for me…thank you very much!

  14. kayemarisse says:

    please send me a copy for this topic..ü thank you

  15. Melanie Baker says:

    Please email me the bag technique. Thanks

  16. marilou says:

    pakisend naman po pls.thanx

  17. synthesis says:

    Guys, thanks for the info. it is really helped me on my health care class. I hope I can get an artcle about bag technique.

  18. jaysiLLe says:

    please send me the article… i need this for the prelims and i can’t find the DOH book in the library… please i need it asap… thanks nursingcrib!!

  19. jessica says:

    plzz send me the article about bag technique

  20. jhaycee says:

    please send me the Bag technique article… tnx

  21. maye says:

    please send me the BAG TECHNIQUE article. please response.

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