Assessment – First Step in the Nursing Process

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  1. eskelli says:

    job well done!

  2. ify ozouwa says:

    tanx so is so educating

  3. chrishma says:

    congratulations for the good work… mentioning reference is very important, & more helpful for the readers.

  4. caudal bhaby rhose says:

    ang hirap mag reseach

  5. ley says:

    thanks po.. 1st quiz namin sa funda lec ngayon, hindi ko po talaga maintindihan ung handouts, pero mabilis kong nagets ung ineexplain ni sir nung d2 ko binasa.. thank you po talaga..

  6. paul says:

    thx po d2 it helps sa ass. q

  7. marielle says:

    ,hi. . plzZ bgyan nyo ko ng copy ng roles of nurses in health assessment by:weber.tnx

  8. ralph says:

    i really need a nursing care plan for gastric cancer type 3..can you pls post one??asap

  9. ely says:

    _thanks so much for this vital information…,.,._

  10. era says:

    hi pls send me gordon role-relationship pattern detail if u have.thanks much

  11. che says:

    hi.. could you please send me a copy of this article and even other articles related to nursing process through my emal add. Please… Thank you so much

  12. Ailleen says:

    thank u so much, this sight is very useful…

  13. kuting'01 says:

    thank you po dito ito kasi ang lesson namin sa laderrized nursing

  14. mishy says:

    .,hi.. pls send me a copy of foundamentals nursing practice test.. and do you have a copy of the june2008 board nsg. exm? thankyou..

  15. Jellie says:

    hey guys. ano yun norms and standards ng gordon’s 11 functional health patterns? I badly need help. paki email nalang po saken aah. Thanks. :D

  16. jopipay o_O says:

    hi… can i have this a copy pleas send to my email add.. pls! i need it now! thanks a lot

  17. PAWANTA says:

    why I can`t copy your matery ? so can you send to my email about patient`s Biographic Data, because I need, please help me

  18. cassandra says:

    pls help me,make a term paper for blood pressure…it’s really a big help…tnx a lot….

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