Nursing Care Plan – Seizure

Byron Webb Romero, RN, MSN

Finished BSN at Lyceum of the Philippines University, and Master of Science in Nursing Major in Adult Health Nursing at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center. Currently working at Manila Doctors College of Nursing as a Team Leader for Level I and II, Lecturer for Professional Nursing Subjects, and also a Clinical Instructor.

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  1. NO! Oxygen…
    Increased oxygen saturation, displaces carbon dioxide, lowering the Seizure Threshold, causing increased and prolonged seizure activity.

  2. side lying= “Lateral Recumbant” (Left/Right).
    {8•) – FYI…

  3. CAN YOU:
    List and Describe, “ALL”, Types of Seizures???

  4. sidelying, not supine. to prevent aspiration.

  5. Side lying position, not supine. Prevents choking/aspirations if put vomits

  6. Liz Clarke says:

    Patient on side with high flow O2 and head support ..if in ED then Iv lorazepam

  7. Grace Pena says:

    Make sure pt. is on back with pulling jaw thrust back to have open air way. Nose to ceiling. Try to keep arms and legs from flailing so they won’t bang on something and get hurt.

  8. Deep Gill says:

    What if ur home alone and u have a seizure?

  9. Have pt lay on side with head protection (pillow, etc,) do not put anything in the mouth! People with seizures tend to produce a lot of secretions, keep them on their side so they don’t choke on them.

  10. The patient should be on their side as to maintain airways, supine position might make the patient choke on their tongue

  11. during seizzure…observe d client…prioritize safety precaution..nevr use padded tongue during seizzure.

  12. Kent Ruboi says:

    Tongue depressor can be put before the seizures attack but during attack do not put anything in the mouth because it can cause harm. Most importantly, protect the head to avoid injury.

  13. Actually its better to not put anything in the mouth at all. And if you did use a tongue depressor there’s a change that they could swallow pieces of it and choke after biting it repeatedly (on top of their seizure.) Don’t take your chances. A bit up tongue is better than someone losing their finger or choking on chunks of wood

  14. Trayce RN says:

    They haven’t used anything in the mouth (depressor or bite block for 20 years ….)

  15. Trayce RN says:

    Christina I love this site ! See if u like it. Have a great week :)

  16. When seizures occur the patient must be in a supine position remove all objects that could harm.the side rails must be up and padded and must have a tongue depressor in order to avoid biting the tongue

  17. khadija says:

    can i have NCP 4 risk for injury:D

  18. please how can i have a copy of this care plan since it cannot be copied

  19. mahrs says:

    hello po please post po ng new ncp for bipolar 1 po,,,please

  20. jana mendoza says:

    will u pls post for a ncp for bipolar disorder!!!!!!!!!!!!pls i nid it asap!!!!!!!!tnx!!!

  21. april says:

    hellow po pathophysiology po ng seizure disorder?

  22. ellen says:

    gudeve. po ..pano po ba ung ncp ng my seizure disorder tnx po

  23. please send me a copy of nursing care plan of bipolar disorder episode 2… psychiatric nursing

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