Nursing Care Plan – Postpartum Hemorrhage

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  1. Veena BM says:

    Useful information. Thanks

  2. It actually happened exactly two weeks after I delivered.

  3. I went through this! Horrible experience. Thanx for sharing!

  4. Yah! PPH is one the of obstretric emergences,proper mx of third stage of labour may reduce risk for PPH.

  5. Pee Gee says:

    look for the causes of PPH …

  6. Joy Prz says:

    :-) ..verY proud to share that simple “nursing management” without researching on google or looking @ my notes (during those nursing college daYs) Each nurse should knw that simple management of “bleeding” BY HeaRt. ??? credits to all my instuctors Damiana Dionglay @ San Pablo Medical Center, SPC :;)

  7. Deepa Joshi says:

    Active management of third stage of labor .

  8. Latch the baby on to nurse or stimulate the nipples to cause uterine contractions.

  9. Joy Prz says:

    Applying cold compress on hypo gastric region.
    ..since ice/cold water is known as a “vasoconstictor” it will help lessen the bleeding :-)

  10. Rokiah Rani says:

    Remind me if working in labour room,very interesting and informative for nursing team.

  11. Sonya Jaynes says:

    Happened to me too post Caesarian, mass loss with uterine atony and a few weeks later with placenta fragments remaining. Thank god for the nurses! x

  12. Two times for me, one was only 1.5 litres but the other one was over 3.5 litres.

  13. Sheila Tom says:

    also read about Sheehan’s syndrome.. secondary to postpartum hypopituitarism/pp pituitary gland necrosis..

  14. Nice piece,tnx a bounch

  15. Yes, I experienced this when my uterus tore during labor.

  16. Consider also succinturiate placenta… An extra placenta! I’ve seen this on ultrasound and clinically. Happy nursing!

  17. Kenny Scott says:

    Massage that fundus!…

  18. Jean Warsap says:

    Happened with my 5th child quite scary.

  19. That’s interesting to read!

  20. Yeap i experience this twice too.. :(

  21. True from someone who has personally experienced this twice

  22. Elyn Oberes says:

    true.. . -from an ob nurse

  23. Ashok saini says:

    Its very helpful in exam

  24. lhemishes says:

    i need help about making ncp i really need it now plz help me!

  25. hulaanmo says:

    in planning and evaluation , there's lacking something, its better to be completed

  26. arjay cabz says:

    grabe dami nag-hahanap ng NVSD … same here help!!!

  27. marwa says:

    i need care nursing care plan for post operative hip reblacement


  28. midz says:

    uhmpp! amazing i learn a lot . . .

  29. novy ann says:

    wow!nice helped me a lot. more power!!!!

  30. sohani says:

    it's really very help full thanks

  31. rod says:

    nursing care plan for normal spontaneous delivery?
    drugs study for mefenamic acid?
    need lng po ngau pls….

  32. ponpon says:

    this is really a big help, for a novice like me.Ü

  33. princess says:

    nursing care plan for normal spontaneous vaginal delivery

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