Nursing Care Plan – Placenta Previa

Daisy Jane Antipuesto RN MN

Currently a Nursing Local Board Examination Reviewer. Subjects handled are Pediatric, Obstetric and Psychiatric Nursing. Previous work experiences include: Clinical instructor/lecturer, clinical coordinator (Level II), caregiver instructor/lecturer, NC2 examination reviewer and staff/clinic nurse. Areas of specialization: Emergency room, Orthopedic Ward and Delivery Room. Also an IELTS passer.

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  1. steph says:

    please give a complete copy about NCP of placenta previa

  2. Lauren says:

    This diagnosis of impaired gas exchange at the "site of placental detachment" does not work since placenta previa is a LOW LYING placenta, not a detached placenta. This dx would be appropriate from Placenta Abruptio (premature separation of the placenta).

  3. porsh says:

    thanks for this site..

    it makes our life easier!!! lol

  4. Chester says:


  5. chloie mae says:

    please include the nursing intervention of all the possible diagnosis.

  6. nel says:

    please give a surgical management as well as surgical management,4 our case presentation..tnx and godbless

  7. ghenz says:

    please give a complete sample of nursing care plan for placenta previa

  8. don rosarito says:

    please give a complete sample of nursing care plan for placenta previa (adpie) thanks a lot :)

  1. July 25, 2009

    […]  Placenta previa is abnormally low implantation of the placenta so that it encroaches on or covers the cervical os. […]

  2. November 13, 2009

    […] Nursing Care Plan – Placenta Previa […]

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