Nursing Care Plan – Liver Cirrhosis

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  1. Shannon: doesn’t being on Vanco that long also mess up the GI system. What does he do to keep from getting C. diff? Does he take anything else. Thank you all for the great info and your personal experiences.

  2. Laura Zielke-Wamboldt and Mary Hayes, as an RN and mother of an 18 year old with PSC and Crohns, he went to Stanford for a trial on oral Vancomycin. He has been on it now for 3 years and all his hepatic functions are NORMAL. Since being diagnosed at age of 14, he has had a Crohns flare this year and put on steroids, better now. But the Vanco has been doing wonders.

  3. Mary Hayes says:

    Laura Zielke-Wamboldt….I had a liver transplant in 2005 for primary biliary cirrhosis and have had a great life since …had my hip replaced in Dec 2013 and going back to work as an anti coagulation Nurse full time next week ! …life is good and I pray for my donor and his family daily ! ..good luck x

  4. Mary Hayes says:

    Primary biliary cirrhosis

  5. I have/had a Liver disease called “Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis”, it is an Auto-immune disease, no history of anything like this in my family history. I also have Crohn’s disease and from what I understand, “PSC” can occur more often in those who suffer from Crohn’s. I’ve had the disease since approximately 1994, that’s when it was diagnosed. The disease gradually depleted my bones & muscles to the point I would fall easily. I was on the Transplant list for about 4 yrs. with my MELD score gradually rising. This score moves you up the Transplant list, a score of 24-25 is usually indicative of impending need for Transplant. I fell twice in 2012, once breaking my thumb, the second time breaking my right hip. I had a hip replacement and was in a rehab facility trying to regain mobility. Because my muscles were so weak it was very hard, I met with my Transplant physicians & apparently they were appalled at my physical state. I was called for a transplant 2-3 weeks later. Approximately 3 weeks later I had been discharged & was home for a weekend when I could no longer stand on my leg with the hip replacement. Back to the hospital & it was determined my hip was infected, probably due to the immunosuppressants I was on after the Liver Transplant. Hip redone, more antibiotic’s. Repeat scenario in late November. Long rehab finally successful. Coming up on 1 year of feeling wonderful, walking very well & new liver behaving!!! Transplants truly can be a miracle!!!!!!!!! I was an OB nurse for 35 years prior to these health challenges. Miss working but no longer able to be around sick people, you all know we nurses rarely stay home due to illness.

  6. Lots of cirrhosis these days due to poly pharmacy!

  7. Leo Josh says:

    Base on our reviewer the most common cause of liver cirrhosis in the phils is caloric malnutrition.

  8. in rare cases ,Pigment cirrhosis also develops causes are hemochromatosis, wilsons disease which causes excess copper deposits, budd-chiari sydrome.

  9. Interesting, very informative

  10. that was my topic of presentation..:-)

  11. Yhash Love says:

    that is our final exam last week in pathophysiology :)

  12. sara says:

    pleae i need NANDA

  13. Dondon says:

    plss help me..i need NCP for decubitus ulcer…Asap sana!!! plsss help me thnks

  14. tin says:

    can you pls send me a reviewer about cardiovascular system,hematology and respiratory system..tnx

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