Nursing Care Plan – Leptospirosis

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  1. tintin says:

    wew! ang galing! advantage talaga sa mga nursing students. .

    it can help a lot!

    but don't rely on this site,especially in doing ur ncp's.

    baka icopy paste nio lng.:)

  2. shyshy says:

    galing galing nitong website na to !!!it helped me a lot

  3. Eliane says:

    gostaria de saber sobre modelos experimentais de patologias

  4. FinMrPrz says:

    The beat site for Student Nurses and RNs

  5. joy says:

    this website is truly great..hey nursing students, this website can help you a lot, especially those who are going to take the nursing board exam. I’m sure you’ll enjoy surfing this website..

  6. amaranthRN says:

    this site is great! i hope nursing students wont cheat on this. be serious on ur studies bka dito kayo kumu-copya nga NCP ha.. joke!

    • amaranthNu09 says:

      I agree with amaranthRN. Nursing students should not just rely and copy NCPs posted here. Mas magaling pa tayo gumawa ng NCP dyan. HAHAHA. Joke

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