Nursing Care Plan – Dengue Fever

Byron Webb Romero, RN, MSN

Finished BSN at Lyceum of the Philippines University, and Master of Science in Nursing Major in Adult Health Nursing at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center. Currently working at Manila Doctors College of Nursing as a Team Leader for Level I and II, Lecturer for Professional Nursing Subjects, and also a Clinical Instructor.

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  1. jovelyn t. pangalina says:

    when will be the start of filing application on NLE for December,2011.

  2. jovelyn t. pangalina says:

    can you send me an update on dengue hemorrhagic fever..tnx po

  3. angel says:

    wala bang ncp dito??

  4. mee says:

    Natural course of Dengue:

    1 Febrile phase – high fever normal CBC lab test

    2.Leakage/shock phase – No fever on day 3-5

    – Plasma leakage 24 -48 hrs.

    – Hematrocrit rising> 10-20% WBC<5,000,

    Platelet <100,000

    – Replacement fluid in during phase

    Monitoring – Vital signs, Hct, Signs and symptoms, Urine output

    – Adjust rate IV transfusion

    – Observation signs bleeding and shock

    3.Convalescent phase – 3-7 days

    There are 4 severity:

    Grade 1 – TT+

    Grade 2 – TT+ with bleeding show: epistaxis bleeding per gum

    Grade 3 – BP Norrow < 20 mm Hg, Rapid pulses

    Grade 4 – Not mearsure BP,and weak pulse

  5. Lah says:

    kelangan q poh ng nsg. dx for typhoid or malaria now na. .huhu

    • jeanilyn says:

      kelangan mong mag google, at i-type mo Nursing Diagnosis Fever/ Malarial ahmm kung ano ang Risk Factors ng Malaria

      at kelangan mo ring makihiram ng Nursing Dx, pero ako pa sayo bumili ka ng sarili mong Nursing Diagnosis.. thanks payo lang to my dear…

  6. fherny says:

    psssstttttttt,,,ncp aman po jan sa dengue fever stage 2 oh,,plllzzzzzzzz

  7. elimelech says:

    tama!!!!!! wag t u umasa sa mga savi2x lng we must stand on our own…
    mas mgiging effective ang rendered care ntn sa patient if we use our own understanding regarding handling the kife of our patient…..

  8. catherine says:

    plz post sample board exam that are related to dengue fever

  9. nostalgickid says:

    parang may problema sa ncp na ito. kasi verbalized na nung mother na dumudugo na yung ilong ng anak nya tapos ang nursing dx ay “risk for hemorrhage”? di ba present na yung bleeding sa nose eh malamang internal ang origin non..un lang po

  10. janice says:

    hindi po b pwedng madownload ung ncp ng dengue?

  11. AU-SN says:

    admin pde po bang pkibago ung planning ng NCP nyo about dengue mali po kse eh..pansin q lng po prehas po ng evaluation nyo,ok n sna po kaso gnun nkita q, ggwn q po kseng reference yan thank you po

  12. pipo kho says:

    ok ung ncp pero napansin ko lng, ung planning chaka evaluation, pareho.. nakalimutan cguro..
    very well done though… thanks…

  13. aullikxanthien says:

    wow.. nice^__^ at least may idea ako kung pano yung flow.. i really have a hard time making rationale for the intervention though..

  14. Paulo says:

    oops i take that back. my internet connection sucks. di nag flash yung streaming document.

  15. Paulo says:

    I’m not a nurse or nursing student but this sucks bigtime. It just tells the symptoms of the disease, no care plan whatsoever.

    • jhn says:

      this is a nursing care plan as you can see.. if you dont appreciate then dont read.. try google and include what you are really searching for..

    • dan says:

      virus kc ang cause ng dengue fever kya hindi directly matreat, ang main concern ay ma-treat ang symptoms, nursing care plan kc to, prublema na ng doktor ang treatment sa dengue fever

  16. gl,RN says:

    very good NCP . thanks :)

  17. wowowiwaw says:

    aw napansin ko lng sa iba nagiging leech na buti ako pa help lng ng isang factor then ako na gumawa ng iba salamat po sa mga nag help

  18. chris says:

    every comment is like a replay ^^

    admin thanks, more power and GodBless ^^

  19. veronica says:

    hey Looser…

    I think you’re independent..

    that’s why you have that kind of attitude…

  20. veronica says:

    yeah.. to some nursing student, it will makes them lazy, but still it depends on the nursing students themselves.
    Its such a great help for nursing students, but still we should not rely on this website.. we should know our limitations..

    its for you Looser!!

  21. naiben says:

    zzz dami naman nagpapasend ng ncp..

  22. baby phanget says:

    nice web. two tumbs up

  23. kaloy says:

    pls will you send me about the pathophysiology of DHF, i need it for our case presentation this thursday (Feb 11 2009).. Hope for your immediate responce

  24. Looser says:

    Huh you think this site is great. it is only great because it makes nursing students become more lazy.. in just one click… case study voila!!! what the hell is that.
    This site is just a reference and not a “stupid nurse” butt saver!!!
    An lalakas nyong umasa!!!

  25. kristoffer says:

    great site… could you please send me the pathophysiology of dengue hemorrhagic fever and the nursing care plans too… thanks alot….+_+

  26. josh says:

    nice web…..its really for the nursing prefession,,.,.,.,keep it up! do include nursing case studies about common health problem in the community,.,.,.thanks!!

  27. kyle says:

    Please send me a copy of NCP for dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and the pathophysiology also of DHF. send it to me ASAP. thanks a lot.

  28. ganda says:

    can u pls. send me a ncp for dengue fever.. asap po..

  29. frances says:

    hello! pls. send me a copy of your nephrotic syndrome and pneumonia case study including the pathophysiology of acute bronchitis


  30. chan2 says:

    could you guys send me a copy of NCP for DHF??

  31. aidan says:

    hello! pls. send me a copy of your acute bronchitis case study including the pathophysiology of acute bronchitis

  32. Admin says:

    please use the “e-mail this post feature” at the bottom left of the article.

  33. carol says:

    can you please send to me a copy of nursing care plan for dengue fever? thank you and more power!

  34. christine chua says:

    is the dengue fever a fever wherein all parts of your body is under fever?

  35. buddy says:

    Can you please send me a copy of your ncp for dehydration… more power to your website nursing crib… youre such a big help to all your nursing web user

  36. paul says:

    pls submit to me the ncp of dengue, DM 1 & 2 tnx alot plsss. i indeadly need it thanks a lot nursing cribs…

  37. jeng says:

    halo plz send me a copy of your dengue fever casee study.. its really great //// tnx

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