Nursing Care Plan – Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)

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  1. salamath po for the great help po…….

  2. Jude Mary says:

    Tnks for the knowledge

  3. Mimi Mimi says:

    It can lead to hemaparesis, hemiplegia, quadriplagia etc.

  4. Cordelia Lee says:


  5. Safety safety safety

  6. Predisposing factors,:arteriovenous malformation,aneurysms ruptures,HTN’S,TRAUMA,SUBARACHNOID or intercerebral hemrrhage,cardiovascular disease

  7. Jack Trencio says:

    how about the cardiovascular accident, what are the abnormalities?

  8. Isn’t this now called CVE cerebrovascular event?

  9. “brain attack” is our layman’s term here..

  10. nics says:

    wag na kayo mag nurse kung reklamo lng kayo ng reklamo.. hahaha :DD

  11. jane says:

    hirap dami sak8 sa ulo'

  12. lui says:


    What is the best research-based technique to use for pain assessment among COMATOSE patients? Is it sternal rub, pricking of sharp object, or pressing of thumb? I'm just curious.

  13. carmi says:

    tama pa din ung subjective nya.. nde lahat nmn ng CVA patient is nde nakakapagsalita.. meron slurred speech.. ang tanong ko lang.. topic pa dito is ung priority problem??? based kc sa assesement.. RR 30 supposed to be airway ang priority d ba??? hhhmmm… nagttanong lang po.. thanks…

  14. vinz says:

    cardiovascular accident & cerebrovascular accident the same lng b??


  15. mosby says:

    i think u for got the meaning of subjective data…

  16. JCfromPH says:

    DEPENDE YAN SA ASSESSMENT nyo. . posible pa naman makapagsalita un patient na may CVA eh. . kaya nga may assessment eh diba? maliban na lang kung di kayo nag assess talgang gagawa ka ng istorya nyu para sa subjective data!

  17. esme says:

    with the interventions, i think it is the duty of the nurse to ensure the relatives of the patient understands the state of the patient so that they can also use simple sentences when addressing the patient. but what happens if the patient although understands his relatives and nurses but cannot express himself due to loss of speech

  18. kevin says:

    wala bang ibang diagnosis dyan..yung tungkol sa impaired physical mobility..

  19. Karl Maneja says:

    i think mali ung subjective…. nahirapan mgsalita? pero puede rin kc malay mo, severe yung brain damage, nadamay yung broca's…. opinion lng. ^^

  20. anonymous says:

    bakit ang subjective… nahihirapan ako magsalita?? as verbalized by the patient??

    • nahihirapang magsalita as verbalized by the patient?

      kapag sinabi mong impaired verbal communication sa cva, ibig sabihi hindi mo maiintindihan ang sinasabi niya.. tsaka magmo-moan moan lang yung patient.. how come nakapagsabi pa siya ng ganyan sa subjective mo?

      • Dillanggalen says:

        Do you think ba na kapag may CVA na ang isang tao hindi na makaka recall sa mga natutunan niyang knowledge? and what do you think to your self? lahat tayo may kanya kanyang abnormality na pag dating sa psychology but mayron tayong lahat ng abnormality related sa psychology but then we are capable to maintain it so sa isang patient na may CVA hindi naman sinabing ACUTE or SEVERE diba so nakakapagsalita payan shunga

    • ogerP says:

      yes.uhhm.baka nagkamali lang,it supposed to be "as verbalized by the patients' relative…

  21. star says:

    thanks it help me to much

  22. shaette says:

    Thanks! It helps me alot, but needed a little more information

  23. crispy kreme says:

    do u have some pneumonics reg cva..thanx

  24. iko says:

    it helps me a lot to make an effective ncp .. thanx

  25. benjie says:

    where I can the nursing care guide about CVA?

  26. Red says:

    Goodday to all of you who created this website. I am a nursing student myself & it’s a HUGE help for me for having a site like “”. I got some ideas how to make ncp’s for other diseases’ as well. Last week, my report was about CVA & i got it here. Your website is really awesome & very helpful not just for me, but for all nursing students as well….a great way to pass it on! Kudos to you “Administrator” of this website for the job well done. Thank you very much! More power!!!

  27. michelle says:

    it gives me an idea on how to make a good and effective NCP…

  28. queen says:

    I was amazed to see this website.I just need help about ncp about hemiplegia.The patient said “pabigat nako sa aking pamilya”.How will i going to make a nursing care plan for this??please i need it immediately.ASAP!..pls txt me in my mobile to inform me that you have already NCP for that case.>>>09289569571

  29. Clarice says:

    I am going to post your web address on my facebook page for all student nurses to see. This is such a helpful way to study!!!! Thank you!

  30. paulo says:

    i had just recently viewed this website… i had just my ward class last february about CVA. anyway, my subject for my MS care study is all about CVA… this will be helpful part on me… yah, i was curious about the PRIORITY nursing diagnosis for CVA as well as other diagnoses r/t to CVA…

  31. jovanie-EC-SN-III-A3 says:

    the sample nursing care plan is good but the interventions are insufficient to meet the stated objective. more so, the objective is not SMART (it is attainable, realistic, time-bound, but not specific and measurable). evaluation is not well evaluated. it does not have enhancing factors (if fully met). overall, the ncp is satisfactory.

    i have a question… is impaired verbal communication the top priority problem of patients who had CVA?

  32. Thank you so much, I really learned a lot.

  33. belLe_01 says:

    wow tenks a lot. . . . .
    8s rily a big help 4 me/us. . . .
    continue 2 b a blessing 2 everiwAn!!

  34. lyza says:

    really ineresting.. im a pn student of st. augustine and its really a big help thanks!

  35. chamisrielkat says:

    hi.. pls.. help me make an NCP for CVA bleed… my patient is unconscious?? what wud be my actual and potential diagnosis??? tnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnx

  36. shugar says:

    wow….thx so much…..

    God Bless and take care

  37. catherine joy says:

    pls email this to me,tnx

  38. jeannie SN AU'10 says:

    i have a ward report this mon(07/07/08) about this topic. My CI ask me to research about it and make a NCP.. This site was a huge help.!!, I’m lookimg forward to a great partnership between us until I graduate and I pass board exam… Thanks guy GOD bless

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    thanks a lot for a nice healpfull topic

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    That will help a lot cha. Thank you so much :)

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    This is a great help for all nursing students out there. Great job everyone! I would be happy to refer your website to my friends.

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