Nursing Care Plan – Ineffective Airway Clearance r/t secretions in the bronchi

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  1. Sally says:

    Hi, i need nursing daignosis for neonatal jaundice pls.thank u.

  2. Meryjie Balumaga says:

    thank you :)

  3. jan says:

    thanks.. very helpful esp with us nursing student..

  4. lei says:

    can you please do an ncp of ineffective airway clearance related to dyspnea as manifested by adventitious airway (wheeze),presence of cough and elevated blood pressure..plz…tnx!…

  5. Riachelle S. Sinangote says:

    make more NCP’s plzz..a very big help for us..

  6. bryan belvis says:


  7. sheene says:

    the time provided for the intervention to be carried out is not realistic, this is the airway and its an sop to keep it from obstruction so that the patient can breath more effectively. lacks more interventions, and long term goals. I suggest you guys provide more ncp for this kinds of condition. thats all..

  8. your website is really a big help to all nursing students. Keep it up.

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