Nursing Care Plan (NCP)

A nursing care plan outlines the nursing care to be provided to a patient. It is a set of actions the nurse will implement to resolve nursing problems identified by assessment. The creation of the plan is an intermediate stage of the nursing process. It guides in the ongoing provision of nursing care and assists in the evaluation of that care. {wiki}

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Characteristics of a quality nursing care plan:

  • It focuses on actions which are designed to solve or minimize the existing problem.
  • It is a product of a deliberate systematic process.
  • It relates to the future.
  • It is based upon identifiable health and nursing problems.

Elements of the nursing care plan:

  • NANDA nursing diagnosis with related factors and diagnostic criteria
  • Nursing outcome classifications with specified outcomes to be achieved including deadlines
  • Nursing intervention classifications with specified interventions.

Sample Nursing Care Plans

The information contained herein is intended for educational purposes only. Learning on how to make your own Nursing Care Plan (NCP) is one of our primary goal. Read this post to have a better view on how to formulate a quality Nursing Care Plan (NCP).

Nursing Care Plan Books

Here is our list of Nursing Care Plans

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  18. Nursing diagnosis are what makes our profession an actual science. We are not just a profession of “cookie cutter” tasks. Each definition is patient focused, and measurable.

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    ncps cater to the problem not to the diagnosis hence NANDA

    try nyo ung book ni doenges, ok rin content nun

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    • ghe says:

      alteration in comfort related to pain
      action;assess pain mental status
      risk for dehydration related to nausea and vommiting
      action; take electrolyte values
      assess for signs of dehydration like sunken eyes , fatigue weakmess , fever , tachycardia

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    ?????? ??????? ???? ????? ?????? ?? ??????? ???????? ??? ???????

    Please help me I want to Diagnosis of Nursing Biliary stricture after the operation

    Please help me I want to do today is essential

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    Pwede nyo po ba akong i-send ng NCP for pressure ulcer and wound care plan? Thank you po in advance.

    • ghe says:

      risk for skin breakdown related to immobility
      action;assess skin condition for pr3esence of blister , redness , cracking if skin
      give zinc and vit.c
      cream to pressure sites

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    infection … newborn..thanks.

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    Can anybody give a Nursing Care Plan for a pot. infection … newborn..thanks.

    • lucylou says:


    • lucylou says:

      Risk for infection for r/t immature immulogic system. Positive exposure to material blood and body fluids HIV, Hep B); Possible immune suppression secondary to transplacental HIV infection

      Defining Characteristics: None, as this is a potential diagnosis.

      Goal: Infant will not experience neonatal infection by (date/time to evaluate).

      Outcome Criteria:
      Infant receives prophylaxis (specify: e.g. gamma globulin).
      Infant appears free of opportunies infection: temperature is stable between 36.5 and 37 (97.7 – 98.6 F), no respiratory distress, abdomen is soft and nondistended without hepatoplenomegaly.

      Risk control: Interventions and RATIONALES

      Use standard precautions (Universal precautions) when caring for all clients. Wear gloves, gowns, and eye shields as needed to prevent exposure to blood or body fluids. Dispose of potentially infectious items (diapers, wipes, etc) per agency policy (specify: hazardous wastes containers, red bags, etc). STANDARD PRECAUTIONS ARE IMPLEMENTED TO AVOID CAREGIVER EXPOSURE TO BLOOD-BORNE PATHOGENS SUCH AS HIV OR HEPATITIS B VIRUSES.

      Indentify mothers at risk as well as those with confirmed HIV or hepatitis B infection. Avoid invasive procedures during labor and birth (e.g. scalp electrode, IUPC, episiotomy, or operative delivery). RISK FACTORS MAY INCLUDE IV DRUG ABUSE, MULTIPLE SEXUAL PARTNERS, HX OF MULTIPLE STDS, OR BLOOD TRANSFUSION BEFORE 1985, INVASIVE PROCEDURES DURING LABOR MAY INFECT THE FETUS.

      Suction infact well at birth with bulb syringe or wall suction device. Do not use mouth suction devices. SUCTIONING REMOVES INFECTED MATERNAL SECRETIONS. MOUTH SUCTION DEVICES CREATE RISK OF EXPOSURE FOR CAREGIVER.


      Delay eye prophylaxis, injections or other invasive procedures until after first bath. DELAY HELPS AVOID TRANSMISSION OF THE VIRUS FROM THE INFANT’S SKIN INTO THE BODY.

      Bathe infant thoroughly as soon as possible after initial assessment. Return to warmer until temperature is stabilized, EARLY AND THROUGH BATHING REMOVES MATERNAL BLLOD AND BODY FLUIDS FROM INFANTS’S SKIN. INFANTS BATHED SOON AFTER BIRTH REGAIN TEMPERATURE STABILITY AS WELL AS THOSE BATHED LATER..

      Wash skin with soap and water before injection or heel sticks. ADDITIONAL WASHING HELPS PRVENT EXPOSURE FROM SKIN DURING INVASIVE PROCEDURES.

      Label all specimens and notify lab of infant’s HIV exposure per protocol. Monitor lab results. INTERVENTIONS HELP PREVENT EXPOSURE OF LABORATORY PERSONNEL TO POTENTIALLY INFECTED SPECIMENS.

      Monitor infant for signs of opportunistic infections; temperature instability, respiratory distress, abdominal distension, hepatosplenomegaly, enlarged lymph glands, activity, seizures, jaundice, petechiae, skin lesions, candidadis (thrush), or chorioretinitis. MONITORING PROVIDES INFORMATION ABOUT EARLY SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTION.

      Isolate infant if indicated by presence of infection (specify; e.g. CMV, enteric infection, etc). ISOLATION PREVENTS TRANSMISSION OF INFECTION TO OTHER INFANTS IN THE NURSERY.

      Administer prophylactic medications as ordered ( specify: e.g. immune globulin for infants of hepatitis B infected mothers) (SPECIFY ACTION OF PROPHYLACTIC MEDICATION).

      Teach mother to wash her hands before caring for infant and to avoid exposing the infant to visitors with infections. WASHING HANDS HELP PREVENT TRNSMISSION OF THE VIRUS FROM THE MOTHER TO THE INFANT. THE INFANT MAY ALREADY BE HIV INFECTED AND IMMUNE SUPPRESSED AT BIRTH.


      Instruct family in Standard Precautions to use when caring for infant (specify:e.g. wash hands before and after care, avoid contact with wet diaper, etc). Verify understanding. STANDARD PRECAUTIONS HELP PREVENT TRANSMISSION OF THE VIRUS FROM THE INFANT TO FAMILY MEMBERS. ROUTINE INFANT CARE USING STANDARD PRECAUTIONS IS UNLIKELY TO CAUSE INFECTION.

      Make appointments for follow-up care before discharge. Instruct family to monitor for signs of infection and to call the caregiver. Proviede phone numbers. MAKING APPOINTMENTS ENSURES FOLLOW-UP CARE. THE INFANT WILL NEED TO BE SEEN MORE FREQUENTLY. INFORMATION AND PHONE NUMBERS HELP THE FAMILY TO PROVIDE CARE FOR THE INFANT.

      Luxner, K. L. (2005). Delmar’s maternal-infant nursing care plans (2nd ed). NY, USA:
      Thomson Delmar Leaning/

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    Oh god!!! almost everyone leaves a comment and only ask for what they need. Give some credit to those people who help you guyz, a simple thank you would be great for them fags!!!

    Don’t ask anything about “hi! can you give me bla bla bla!!!, they give you guyz references try to use that!!!!

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    Can anybody give a Nursing Care Plan for a schizophrenic patient?

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    Hi..CaN u PlS hElP mE dOiNg My NCP aBouT lAbOr…tNx..

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    can any body help me do nursing care plan for scizophrenia undefferentiated? pls? i need it now… pls.. can anybody help me.. i need to pass it now..

    • bullshit says:

      try to ask a MD major in psych, some parts are hard to explain…

    • lucylou says:

      A. Nursing Diagnosis Disturbed Thought Processes
      -Disruption in cognitive operations and activities
      Assessment Data
      § Non-reality-based thinking, Disorientation, Labile affect, Short attention span, Impaired judgment, Distractibility
      Expected Outcomes
      § Be free from injury
      § Demonstrate decreased anxiety level
      § Respond to reality-based interactions initiated by others
      § Verbalize recognition of delusional thoughts if they persist
      § Be free from delusions or demonstrate the ability to function without responding to persistent delusional thoughts

      Be sincere and honest when communicating with the client. Avoid vague or evasive remarks. Delusional clients are extremely sensitive about others and can recognize insincerity. Evasive comments or hesitation reinforces mistrust or delusions.
      Be consistent in setting expectations, enforcing rules, and so forth. Clear, consistent limits provide a secure structure for the client.
      Do not make promises that you cannot keep. Broken promises reinforce the client’s mistrust of others.
      Encourage the client to talk with you, but do not pry for information. Probing increases the client’s suspicion and interferes with the therapeutic relationship.
      Explain procedures, and try to be sure the client understands the procedures before carrying them out. When the client has full knowledge of procedures, he or she is less likely to feel tricked by the staff.
      Give positive feedback for the client’s successes.
      Positive feedback for genuine success enhances the client’s sense of well-being and helps make non-delusional reality a more positive situation for the client.
      Recognize the client’s delusions as the client’s perception of the environment.
      Recognizing the client’s perceptions can help you understand the feelings he or she is experiencing.
      Initially, do not argue with the client or try to convince the client that the delusions are false or unreal. Logical argument does not dispel delusional ideas and can interfere with the development of trust.
      Interact with the client on the basis of real things; do not dwell on the delusional material. Interacting about reality is healthy for the client.
      Engage the client in one-to-one activities at first, then activities in small groups, and gradually activities in larger groups A distrustful client can best deal with one person initially. Gradual introduction of others when the client can tolerates is less threatening.
      Recognize and support the client’s accomplishments (projects completed, responsibilities fulfilled, or interactions initiated). Recognizing the client’s accomplishments can lessen anxiety and the need for delusions as a source of self-esteem.
      Show empathy regarding the client’s feelings; reassure the client of your presence and acceptance. The client’s delusions can be distressing. Empathy conveys your caring, interest and acceptance of the client.
      Never convey to the client that you accept the delusions as reality. Indicating belief in the delusion reinforces the delusion (and the client’ illness).
      Ask the client if he or she can see that the delusions interfere with or cause problems in his or her life. Discussion of the problems caused by the delusions is a focus on the present and is reality based.
      B. Nursing Diagnosis: Disturbed Sensory Perception (Specify: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Gustatory, Tactile, Olfactory
      -Change in the amount or patterning of incoming stimuli accompanied by a diminished, exaggerated, distorted, or impaired response to such stimuli
      • Hallucinations (auditory, visual, tactile, gustatory, kinesthetic, or olfactory)
      • Listening intently to no apparent stimuli
      • Talking out loud when no one is present
      • Rambling, incoherent, or unintelligible speech
      • Inability to discriminate between real and unreal perceptions
      • Attention deficits
      • Inability to make decisions
      • Feelings of insecurity
      • Confusion
      Expected Outcomes
      • Demonstrate decreased hallucinations
      • Interact with others in the external environment
      • Verbalize knowledge of hallucinations or illness and safe use of medications
      • Participate in the real environment
      • Make sound decisions based on reality
      • Participate in community activities or programs
      Be aware of all surrounding stimuli, including sounds from other rooms (such as television or stereo in adjacent areas). Many seemingly normal stimuli will trigger or intensify hallucinations. The client can be overwhelmed by stimuli.
      Try to decrease stimuli or move the client to another area. Decreased stimuli decreases chances of misperception. The client has a diminished ability to deal with stimuli.
      Avoid conveying to the client the belief that hallucinations are real. Do not converse with the “voices” or otherwise reinforce the client’s belief in the hallucinations as reality. You must be honest with the client, letting him or her know the hallucinations are not real.

      Explore the content of the client’s hallucinations during the initial assessment to determine what kind of stimuli the client is receiving, but do not reinforce the hallucinations as real. You might say, “I don’t hear any voices-what are you hearing?” It is important to determine if auditory hallucinations are “command” hallucinations that direct the client to hurt himself or herself or others. Safety is always a priority.

      Use concrete, specific verbal communication with the client. Avoid gestures, abstract ideas The client’s ability to deal in abstractions is diminished. The client may misinterpret your gestures
      Avoid asking the client to make choices. Don’t ask “Would you like to talk or be alone?” Rather, suggest that the client talk with you. The client’s ability to make decisions is impaired, and the client may choose to be alone (and hallucinate) rather than deal with reality (talking to you).
      Respond verbally and reinforce the client’s conversation when he or she refers to reality. Positive reinforcement increases the likelihood of desired behaviors.
      Encourage the client to tell staff members about hallucinations. The client has the chance to seek others (in reality) and to cope with problems caused by hallucinations.
      If the client appears to be hallucinating, attempt to engage the client’s in conversation or a concrete activity. It is more difficult for the client to respond to hallucinations when he or she is engaged in real activities and interactions.
      Maintain simple topics of conversation to provide a base in reality. The client is better able to talk about basic things; complexity is more difficult.
      Provide simple activities that the client can realistically accomplish (such as uncomplicated craft projects). Long or complicated tasks may be frustrating for the client. He or she may be unable to complete them.

      Encourage the client to express any feelings of remorse or embarrassment once he or she is aware of psychotic behavior; be supportive. It may help the client to express such feelings, particularly if you are a supportive, accepting listener.
      Show acceptance of the client’s behavior and of the client as a person; do not joke about or judge the client’s behavior.
      The client may need help to see that hallucinations were a part of the illness, not under the client’s control. Joking or being judgmental about the client’s behavior is not appropriate and can be damaging to the client.
      C. Nursing Diagnosis: Disturbed Personal Identity
      -Inability to distinguish between self and nonself
      Assessment data
      • Bizarre behavior, Regressive behavior, Loss of ego boundaries (inability to differentiate self from the external environment), Disorientation, Disorganized, illogical thinking, Flat or inappropriate affect, Feelings of anxiety, fear, or agitation, Aggressive behavior toward others or property
      Expected Outcomes
      • Be free from injury
      • Not harm others or destroy property
      • Establish contact with reality
      • Demonstrate or verbalize decreased psychotic symptoms and feelings of anxiety, agitation, and so forth
      • Participate in the therapeutic milieu
      • Express feelings in an acceptable manner
      • Reach or maintain his or her optimal level of functioning
      • Cope effectively with the illness
      • Continue compliance with prescribed regimen, such as medications and follow-up appointments
      Reassure the client that the environment is safe by briefly and simply explaining routines, procedures, and so forth. The client is less likely to feel threatened if the surroundings are known.

      Protect the client from harming himself or herself or others Client safety is a priority. Self-destructive ideas may come from hallucinations or delusions.
      Remove the client from the group if his or her behavior becomes too bizarre, disturbing, or dangerous to others. The benefit of involving the client with the group is outweighed by the group’s need for safety and protection.
      Decrease excessive stimuli in the environment. The client may not respond favorably to competitive activities, or large groups if he or she is still actively psychotic. The client is unable to deal with excess stimuli. The environment should not be threatening to the client.

      *Be aware of SOS medications and the client’s varying need for them. Medication can help the client gain control over his or her own behavior.
      Reorient the client to person, place, and time as indicated (call the client by name, tell the client where he or she is, and so forth). Repeated presentation of reality is concrete reinforcement for the client.

      Spend time with the client even when he or she is unable to respond coherently. Convey your interest and caring. Your physical presence is reality. Nonverbal caring can be conveyed to the client even when verbal caring is not understood.
      Make only promises that you can realistically keep. Breaking your promise can result in increasing the client’s mistrust.
      Help the client establish what is real and unreal. Validate the client’s real perceptions, and correct the client’s misperceptions in a matter-of-fact manner. Do not argue with the client, but do not give support for misperceptions. The unreality of psychosis must not be reinforced; reality must be reinforced. Reinforced ideas and behavior will recur more frequently.
      Stay with the client when he or she is frightened. Touching the client can sometimes be therapeutic. Evaluate the effectiveness of the use of touch with the client before using it consistently. Your presence and touch can provide reassurance from the real world. However, touch may not be effective if the client feels that his or her boundaries are being invaded.
      Be simple, direct, and concise when speaking to the client. The client is unable to process complex ideas effectively.
      Talk with the client about simple, concrete things; avoid ideologic or theoretical discussions. The client’s ability to deal with abstractions is impaired.
      Direct activities toward helping the client accept and remain in contact with reality. Increased reality contact decreases the client’s retreat into unreality.
      Initially, assign the same staff members to work with the client. Consistency can reassure the client.
      Begin with one-to-one interactions, and then progress to small groups as tolerated (introduce slowly). Initially, the client will better tolerate and deal with limited contact.
      Set realistic goals. Set daily goals and expectations. Unrealistic goals will frustrate the client. Daily goals are short term and easier for the client to accomplish.
      At first, do not offer choices to the client (“Would you like to go to activities?” “What would you like to eat?”). Instead, approach the client in a directive manner (“It is time to eat. Please pick up your fork.”). The client’s ability to make decisions is impaired. Asking the client to make decisions at this time may be very frustrating.
      Gradually, as the client can tolerate it, provide opportunities for him or her to accept responsibility and make personal decisions. The client needs to gain independence as soon as he or she is able. Gradual addition of responsibilities and decisions gives the client a greater opportunity for success.
      D. Nursing Diagnosis: Impaired Social Interaction
      “Aloneness experienced by the individual and perceived as imposed by others and as a negative or threatening state.”
      Assessment data
      • Inappropriate or inadequate emotional responses, Poor interpersonal relationships, Feeling threatened in social situations, Difficulty with verbal communication, Exaggerated responses to stimuli, Difficulty trusting others, Difficulties in relationships with significant others, Poor social skills
      Expected Outcomes
      • Report increased feelings of self-worth
      • Identify strengths and assets
      • Engage in social interaction
      • Participate in the trust relationship
      • Demonstrate ability to interact with staff and other clients within the therapeutic milieu
      • Assume increasing responsibility within the context of the therapeutic relationship
      • Use community support system successfully
      • Participate in follow-up or outpatient therapy as indicated
      * denotes collaborative interventions RATIONALE
      Provide attention in a sincere, interested manner. Flattery can be interpreted as belittling by the client.
      Support any successes or responsibilities fulfilled, projects, interactions with staff members and other clients, and so forth. Sincere and genuine praise that the client has earned can improve self-esteem.
      Avoid trying to convince the client verbally of his or her own worth. The client will respond to genuine recognition of a concrete behavior rather than to unfounded praise or flattery.
      Teach the client social skills. Describe and demonstrate specific skills, such as eye contact, attentive listening, and so forth. Discuss the type of topics that are appropriate for casual social conversation, such as the weather, local events, and so forth. The client may have little or no knowledge of social interaction skills. Modeling provides a concrete example of the desired skills.
      Help the client improve his or her grooming; assist when necessary in bathing, doing laundry, and so forth. Good physical grooming can enhance confidence in social situations.
      E. Nursing Diagnosis: Noncompliance
      Assessment data
      • Objective tests indicating noncompliance, such as low neuroleptic blood levels
      • Statements from the client or significant others describing noncompliant behavior
      • Exacerbation of symptoms
      • Appearance of side effects or complications
      • Failure to keep appointments
      • Failure to follow through with referrals
      Outcome Identification
      • Identify barriers to compliance
      • Recognize the relationship between noncompliance and undesirable consequences (i.e., increased symptoms, hospitalization
      • Verbalize acceptance of illness
      • Identify risks of noncompliance
      • Adhere to therapeutic recommendations independently
      • Inform care provider of need for changes in therapeutic recommendations

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      Hi unys, we will be launching an NCP E-book which contains all the NCPs posted in this site plus drug study. It will be out probably before June 7, 2009. Keep checking for updates.

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    i dont know what will be the subjective data of this case. please help me for the ncp of this case.. tnx

    • Admin says:

      Hi suzanne, it’ easy to determine the subjective data, it is:
      * also referred to as Symptom/Covert data
      * information from the client’s point of view or are described by the person experiencing it.
      * information supplied by family members, significant others, other health professionals are considered subjective data.
      Example: pain, dizziness, ringing of ears/Tinnitus as verbalized by the patient or family member(s)

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  327. charrizanne says:

    hello! sobrang thankful ako sa nag create ng website na ito, nakakatulong sa lahat ng S.N !! haha. sana may maipost na case study, NCPs at drug study about ORTHOPEDIC patients, mag oortho nako next week sa Phil. Ortho. Center kasi.. hahah! thanks!!!

  328. gian says:

    nice website!! dhl gumwa kau nka2lung p kau. hope more ncp will be posted! god bless

  329. nagham says:

    ncp constipation

  330. ann marie says:

    can someone give me NCP’s about PITUITARY adenoma?? plz.. tnx so much..

  331. rhaine says:

    hi.. can u make a nursing care plan for biliary atresia..

  332. annamae says:

    please send me now a ncp bout cerebral palsy i need it now..tnx in advance

  333. bj says:

    panu pg copy paste nyang NCP???gus2 q lng sanang esave sa hard drive kaso d q me please

  334. annamae says:

    please send me a nursing care plan in cerebral palsy for 2 examples…tnx for advance i need it now…tnx i’ll wait 4 it…

  335. jocelyn perALTA says:

    Good day:

    hello po,i would like to have copy of your care plans kasi dito sa amin sa nursing home ay laging my care plan and mostly urti,falls,confusionat dementia so please tell me where i can get it .

    thanks in a million.its a great help for me

  336. vukasin says:

    this ig great, its help us in serbia a lot.tnx for that. Have u any more plans ??

  337. ian ysmael says:

    aus na yan pede dagdagan pa po mga ncp???

  338. ailene says:

    can we ask a nursing care plan about patient with Acute coronary syndrome

  339. leslie says:

    please help me. . . can u make me an NCP for ortho. patients. . . anything. i nid it asap,ASAP. . . thnx. . .

  340. leslie says:

    can u PLS. make me an NCP for complete spinal injury. . . i nid it asap! Thanx. . .

  341. gab says:

    Can someone give me NCP’s about DHF on pregnant women! Thankyou in advance!

  342. kairen says:

    can you pls send me nursing care plan about hemorrhoid

  343. kairen says:

    can you send me nursing care plan hemorrhoid pls i need it on sat. pls

  344. kairen says:

    pls pls pls help me to nursing care plan hemorrhoids thank u in advace

  345. hi there! can u help me to make a pathophsiology of myoma?? tnx says:

    hi there! can u help me to make a pathophysiology of myoma??

  346. littlenurse says:

    can provide me a ncp for risk for infection. diabetes mellitus patient with abdominal surgery…pls pls

  347. dopey02 says:

    aside from impaired physical mobility and risk for injury, what can i do for an ncp for those with Spinal cord injury?…

  348. PLease3x! can you make a care study or NCP of acute gastroenteritis… i really need your help… thankz alot!

  349. cutie says:

    can u make a pathophysiology of pancreatitis in a paradigm?. tnx poh

  350. cutie says:

    can u make a nursing care plan for pancreatitis. tnx a lot

  351. swit_summer says:

    may you please post an NCP for Measles. Thank you,

  352. Julie Ann Sambrano says:

    thank you for the sample ncp it could really help me.. Tnx again.

  353. angel says:

    hi there, can you help me find a sample ncp for bone fracture? thanks.

  354. Ginger says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could make me an example care plan for parkinsons and acute bronchitis?

  355. jonathan says:

    pede penge ng mga objective cues for myoma

  356. gerald says:

    can u make a ncp about rectal cancer

  357. chRis bLack says:


  358. jo says:

    tnx for making a sample ncp for renal was a big help. hope you could do lots of ncp that would help me in my studies..tnx again.

  359. elrad says:

    can you pls send me a nursing care plan bwt AGN??tnx

  360. Marc says:

    by the way.. how can i post my NCP for cholelithiasis??
    i just thinking that it might help other nursing students like me..

  361. Marc says:

    this site helps a lot.. ^_^

  362. khim says:

    can you please make the ncp for anorexia

  363. DALVA says:

    por favor 10 pcn para sindrome Pre – menstrual.

  364. claurence says:


  365. Febby'nurse says:

    I am sorry I forget one, please may I have one for decubitus also. ncp for decubitus and urosepsis

  366. Febby's nurse says:

    Can you please make a ncp on urosepsis…… thanks

  367. plss…help me!!
    can you give me nursing care plan about tentative pneumonia.please…

  368. pls. send me a ncp for our case presentation about our patient having abortion for 5th weks of gestation.

  369. nurseginger says:

    I am new to the site and, I was wondering are these all the care plans available on this site? -I am look for an example of a certain disorder.. ????


  370. remz says:

    can u pls make a care plan for sickle cell anemia

  371. pinkfairy says:

    please help me to have an ncp for chest pain.. pls..urgent! thanks a lot…

  372. edrian says:

    can you please make an n.c.p for acute gastroenteritis…?? please 3x

  373. pinkfairy says:

    can u pls make an ncp for costochondritis…pls…thanks!

  374. juliard says:

    patulong nga po????plzzzzz n.c.p po ng beurgers disease???tnx po need ko po bkas xana po meron…

  375. mau says:

    Im badly in need of 3 ncp of Potts disease. Hope you could really help me.Many thanks.

  376. icee says:

    hi..this sit is a very big help..
    can u please make ncp of acute gastroenteritis??
    much tnx..c:

  377. gladys says:

    can you give me the ncp for herniated nucleus pulposus…thanks

  378. leaf says:

    Please,can you post the ncp for multiple sclerosis…thanks

  379. ichan says:

    help po i need a ncp for acute bronchits..can you make one??? tnx….

  380. Joe says:

    Excellent resource! Thank you so much! Very big help.

  381. angel says:

    Please make 5 ncp for aplastic anemia tnx. God bless!!!

  382. mhavic says:

    hi can you make 1NCP of ARF and PTB. i just nid it.. tnxxxxx….

  383. Kieth says:

    pa help nman po sa NCP ko about sa pleural infussion po

  384. jo says:

    can you make a 3 nursing care plans about acute renal failure..i just really need it..tnx..

  385. xphin says:

    thnxs 4 good info. thnxs a lot god bless mabuhay!

  386. tin says:

    can u make imbalanced nutrition ncp pls. thanku :D

  387. kaye says:

    u have ncp for goiter? pls make one. thanku :D

  388. aileen says:

    pls. give an example of an hypothetical ncp for newborn…tnx…i need it now

  389. needingNCPsobad says:

    scribd won’t allow me to download these files. i need NCPs for illnesses so bad. hope you can send me some. Über thanks. i really really need them. :|

  390. anna says:

    please help me nmn po..i need ncp of hydramnios,,and also pathophysiology tnx a lot..much love and appreciation..mwah!

  391. laude says:

    hai can i ask a pathophysiology of benign prostatic hypertrophy..for our case presentation..thnx poh..asap if it is ok…

  392. laude says:

    hai..can u post a NCP for acute glomerulonephritis..f it is ok..tnx pooh..

  393. ailema says:

    may i request ncp for gingivitis if it is possible i need it tomorrow. thanks…..

  394. krisha says:

    help pls… :( i need pathophysiology of rheumatoid arthritis.. thanks in advance. our case pres will be this week. hope u could help me.. im a 2nd yr college. God bless…

  395. mj says:

    help namn po i need ncp of necatoriasis pls???help!reply a.s.a.p!!!thanks a lot

  396. i badly need two nursinchristian says:

    i badly need two different nursing care plans on mobility. thanks in advance.

  397. jldavid says:

    hi! good day po to all, ncp po about gastritis related to anemia, i really need it thanks po, Godbless

  398. kring says:

    can you please help me NCP for cervical CA?

  399. KLOK B!!! says:


  400. jenny says:

    can u pls give me a NCP for PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome).. thanks..!!c:

  401. mille says:

    hei…who has ncp for diabetic nephropathy…tnx in advance

  402. khimmy says:

    i need your help i need ncp for fractured closed or partial hip arthroplasty!! plsss tnx

  403. enaj says:

    how to make a ncp for a healthy person??im really confused??help!!!

  404. ritchee says:

    Paano gumawa ng conceptual mapping? can u give samples

  405. slyfog says:

    ncp naman po for chronic constipation… thank you so much…it will help me a lot….

  406. purple.. says:

    dont be hypocrite,,, di ba its A big help naman for those who dont know how to make ncp? it serves as a guide na din……

  407. Jhun says:

    need NCP for parkinson’s disease…. just for reference thank you…

  408. chechay says:

    thanks for the big help esp for beginners like me…

  409. chechay says:

    thanks for the big help esp for staters like me…

  410. karen says:

    what about ncp ng convulsion?

  411. l.a says:

    this is really helpful
    thanks a lot.

  412. phiem says:

    add an NCP with 14weeks of pregnancy.. plz.. tnx! urgent

  413. aLipores says:

    hey ^-^ can u post an NCP for Threatened Abortion 14 weeks of pregnancy! with a chief complaint of Vaginal Spotting .. and the doctors order Complete Bed Rest w/o Bathroom Privelleges., tnx.. asap!

  414. angel says:

    kindly post NCP for pain (appendix) and skin integrity……just need it to our case presentation…pls…post it immediately!! thank you!

  415. aLipores says:

    hey! can u post a Ncp for THREATENED ABORTiON or VAGiNAL BLEEDiNG!! huhuhu!! asap! tnx! urgent.. huhuhu

  416. em says:

    Can you please make an NCP about Wellness and Pain.. tnx also post an Pathophysiology..

  417. kaye says:

    hi. this is really helpful especially with a last minute plans. at the same time u learn new things and grasp idea about the same patient you handle. i do not to copy all of it :D i dont want to practice playgarism. thanku :D

  418. jan2x says:

    tnx a lot…. this site is very useful :D

  419. boom says:

    i need help, can you make a nursing care plan for Chronic kidney disease. thank you.. :)

  420. lilanjel_17 says:

    yeah i agree…please learn how to make ur own NCP…

  421. psychotic says:

    pls post nmn kau ng pathopysiology na mga articles naman it might be so helpfull to us tnx .. ill wait for it okay…

  422. ricajenn says:

    tnx a lot

  423. ricajenn says:

    please post ncp of gender identity disorder

  424. frin06 says:

    ncp for cleft palate and choanal atresia..tnx.

  425. bukay says: nyo po sample ng ncp of guillain- barre syndrome…ty

  426. olgz says:

    i need advice..pls help in deciding wat school of nursing is appropriate wth me… im single mom, working as dentist.. i want to took up nursing which shool is best recommended.. im frm sta.rosa ,laguna.. pls help.. ythis site is very useful

  427. aLipores says:

    sana meron din sample ng NCP para sa SEiZURE!! huhuhu.. nid ko kc weh

  428. rjhay says:

    halo!!! morning!! kindly post ncp for community acquired pneumonia thanks a lot!!

  429. miaka says:

    can u please post a NCP for a pt wid vehicular accident from a motor .. please .. tnx

  430. the_ninja09 says:

    ang ganda po naman ng may idea nito.. naka22long tlga sa mga students

  431. allue says:

    hello,kindly post a ncp for acute appendicitis,

  432. nin says:

    can you help me make a nursing care plan for thrombocytopenia? thank you.. thank you… :)

  433. janosky says:

    plz post a lot of ncp;s for the students nursing career

  434. kurtey says:

    can u make me nursing care plan for patient who are schizophrenia..thanks a lot

  435. zine says:

    tnx sa site na ganito, pero dba much better if ggwa kau own NCP nyo pra matuto kya at d aasa sa iba?!

  436. 12345 says:

    please add a ncp of pulmonary tuberculosis..
    im looking forward to it..
    thanks a lot!!..

  437. BHERTZ says:

    Please Help me do an NCP for Upper GI Bleeding (Melena)
    and Acute/Chronic Pain r/t GastroEnteritis… Thanks.

  438. Eugenio says:

    Thanks for the help.. hope you keep up on posting more NCP’s and Case Study..More Power!

  439. NOD says:


  440. rich says:

    can u make me a ncp for pretem birth, tnx.

  441. jayson says:

    can i ask about the nursing care plan of hydrocepalus.,.thnx

  442. ciara joy cabrera says:


  443. rhyan_20 says:

    pls. post NCP of Nephrotic syndrome

  444. eivoj says:

    pls post ncp for chicken pox…

  445. joan says:

    thanks for the ncp for dengue fever…pls post some nursing diagnosis for dengue case….and more ncp…thanks….

  446. lei says:

    pls post ncp and pathophysiology of prostate cancer.
    thank you for making this website, its a big help for us nursing student specially to those who are not that smart like me. i have difficulties in making and understanding phatophysiology. thankyou very much and more power to you

  447. Mark jayson says:

    mrn b keong NCP ng Breast cancer

  448. kulaz says:

    The disadvantage is that its makes also lot of nursing students dependent on this site.

    • Admin says:

      hello kulaz.

      NCP’s that are posted here are just for reference and educational purposes. It’s up to the student on how to use it for their own goods.

  449. kulaz says:

    thank you guys…you really help lot of nursing students with this site…

  450. cristina says:

    pwede gawa nyo ko now ng ncp for vomitingand watery stool and the irritable and iyak ng iyak… i know it is so easy but di ko pa alam yung mismo!! please!!! can you do it now?please!!

  451. tjl says:

    can i ask for a hepatitis b nursing care plan? plss and thank you.

  452. japoi says:

    shoking educational website……….….i am a die hard reader of this site…
    thank you very much…ive leaned, many….

  453. cathleen says:

    can u send me an NCP of pneumonia

  454. arnold says:

    please post the ncp for coronary artery disease
    thanks a lot

  455. shy says:

    may i have a nursing care plan of wernicke’s korsakoff syndrome..tnx,Godbless

  456. nica says:

    can you make me an NCP for fracture and burns…plzz…..thank u

  457. elyk says:

    hi. i’m searching for the NCP for pregnant women suffering from dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). If you have a copy, could you please send it to my email? I need it for my case pres… thanks a lot…

  458. neomar says:

    hello sir/madam can you help me regarding whooping cough w/c is pertussis and rubella do you hav ncp of this kind of infectious disease.???thnx nrsing crib…

  459. mheriey says:

    nursing dx po ng pregnant woman with sustance abuse… tnx poh

  460. AbbEy says:

    this site is a big help to student nurses but can you please add more illnesses in the plan acute gastroenteritis..thanks ciao

  461. linang says:

    hi can you tell me if “excessive family size” a family nursing problem?
    please anyone tell me?

  462. T i N E says:

    thanks for opening tis site.
    a good reference for making such output. labb’et.

  463. ghrayzce says:

    =hi,may i request NCP of epidural bleeding..
    tnk u…

  464. jeng_enye says:

    could you give me an ncp about risk for neonatal thermoregulation and anything which are more about risk for neonatal for ncp’s..tnx!..kylangan ko lang po kse eh!!

  465. crisianne says:

    meron ba kau NCP for HIP REPLACEMENT??? thnx po….

  466. jox says:

    helow approved na ba yung requirements ng PRC sa OR-DR

  467. rissan says:

    thanks a lot!i found the NCP about dengue’s our topis for case pres!keep up d good work!

  468. Kaeru says:

    Hi! Thanks for sooo much help in doin’ mai NCP.^^ But I’m looking for (Chronic) Hepatitis B NCP. Please, I need somebody’s help. Thanks bewy much i advance^^ God bless and more power to you all ph’s nurses~^^v

  469. revica nieves says:

    pls. help me what are nsg. diagnosis of anemia….about ncp making

  470. colleth says:

    can you give me a nursing care plan about acute gastricenteritis? tnx!

  471. arlaine says:

    nursing care plan about thyrotoxicon. thank you

  472. arlaine says:

    can you make more nursing care plan in different ilness……….thank you

  473. anngurl_06 says:

    hi.. thank u so much.. your site help a lot.. god bless.. more power to nurses and good luck,..

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