Nursing Practice Test III – Set A

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  1. Olala says:

    Naguluhan po ako ang nakalagay na correct answer ay peaget disease then ung nasa explanatin po ay degenerative joint disease po?

  2. Rj Cedeño says:


    hahaha nadale ng milwuakee traction :D

  3. Alex Cabera says:

    yabang mo rovie einstein k?

  4. guest? says:

    hala nga un ko lang nalaman ang site na to kung kelang tapos na ang dec nle.. yano.. sayang dami ko pa dpat natutunan

  5. vertigo says:

    48/50 need practice

  6. hector mp says:

    You have completed NursingPractice III – Set A.
    You scored 40 out of 50.
    Your performance have been rated as 'Very Good'

  7. kent says:

    35/50 "Good"

  8. tian621 says:

    33 out of 50.

    Your performance have been rated as 'Competent'

    dami pa dapat matutunan.. sana makapag take na ko sa july huhuhu..

  9. Grace R. Tovera says:

    may i know how can i open the protected pratice tests??

  10. rap says:

    hehe 40/50

  11. humilidad says:

    define "menthor".

  12. rovie david says:

    hahahaha…nice one i got 49/50..bakit d ko xa naperfect?huhuhuhu..thanks to my menthor..Doc DACO..galing mo sir sau ko po to exam i will make 50/50 na hahaha..yabang..kaya pa kahit 2years n ako d nagbabasa,,long term memory tlga tinanim ng mga prof ko sa utak ko..hahahah..miss you ol of my prof..

  13. chang says:

    how can i down load the practice test.. pls help

  14. my performance rated as “GOOD” i got 36/50

  15. Abulianscry says:

    Hey how can i ans those drills? Page is not loading..pls help

  16. leny says:

    galing u amn poh ..sna mkpasa dn aq

  17. claire says:

    hehe.. better imprvement in answering.. nice 30/50

  18. rovirain says:

    31/50 <–really Im a genius

  19. lhynn says:

    aww:) 38 over 50.. good enough..
    goodbless board takers!:) read james 1:5-8
    we will surely pass in jesus name:)

    • iris says:

      God helps! when you pray believe that youll received it and it shall be given to you! Good luck to us future nurses!

  20. kaitlin says:

    got 20 out of 50. my performance has been rated as ‘just passed’ and i don’t even review. haha. (:

  21. zhengtotx says:

    hayyyy, 9 days nalang pero 25 lang nakuha q out of 50 items… :(

  22. Serge says:

    Got 25 out of 50. I’ll study harder. Promise.
    I’ve been wanting to have the e-reviewer but Smart said they do not have your account name in their computer. Tried G-cash through my friend’s phone but to no avail. Is there an easy way?

  23. apple says:

    nice site, i really enjoy taking the online exem. gud lock and more power.

  24. zuan says:

    Im from davao city, nagbebenta ba kayo ng Nursing Board Exam Reviewer sa davao city? Please reply… God speed

  25. Jason says:

    ang galing ko namn,45 out of 50 “excellent”im ready for the local board exam

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