Nursing Board Review: Community Health Nursing Practice Test

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  1. ann says:

    bakit yung no. 8 mali yung sagot ko na secondary prevention ang operation timbang eh diba it detects early dx? primary daw dapat sagot? hmmm..

  2. Mark the TOP ONE says:

    25 out of 25

    Children Please!!

  3. elmer says:

    17/25 NOT BAD. need to review more!!!

  4. alalang says:

    weeeeeew 20/25 tsk tsk tsk malabo 2 kulng n kulng pa dmi ko pa dpat malaman…what i know e d ito yung type ng question n ibibigay s NLE s mga quiz d2 medyo nhirapan ako paano p kaya sa mga totoong questions sa NLE

  5. bayonetta says:

    hahaha! parang short quiz lang toh.

  6. adrian sazon says:

    the actual board exam is even harder and longer ang mga questions.mas malalim na analysis ang kailangan kaya time management is very crucial otherwise ubos oras mo.stress level during the exam is is up to the roof.panick and confusion can be a problem.try at least 100 questions a day to prepare your mind to dec.2011 nle "mind game".good luck people!

  7. jayr says:

    22 out of 25

    Your performance have been rated as ‘Very Good’

  8. Jessa Frances says:

    Number 11 should be checked.

  9. star says:

    You scored 21 out of 25.
    Your performance have been rated as 'Very Good'

    hai naku,,,,kulang pa,,,

  10. Von Sagusay says:

    hello gud pm. I like the test kaya lang po parang may inconsisency.. paki-check nyo po.. tnx.

    11. In the conduct of a census, the method of population assignment based on the usual place of residence of the people is termed:

    a. De jure

    b. De facto (given answer)

    c. De locus

    d. De novo

    The other method of population assignment is De facto which is based on the actual physical location of the people.

    the answer should be de jure.. the usual residence… TY.. :)

  11. Von Sagusay says:

    hello po.. I have a concern regarding number 6.. di ba ang primary level is all about prevention (immunization) and secondary level is about early diagnosis and early treatment (like TB DOTS).. Operation timbang is di ba hindi naman siya way of prevention. It's as a mass diagnostic test to identify children with nutritional problems to know the treatment for them if may problems.. thanks po..

    • aswas says:

      nope.. mali pag analyze mo.. rememeber na primary is health promotion and disease prevention… analyze the situation.. wala nmng sinabi diyan na MALNOURISHED patient.. its a general situation … unless sinabi na operation timbang on a specific area with high cases of malnourished kids.. yan pwed mong sabihing secondary….

      • puyoy says:

        tama si Von. paano mo masasabi na may malnourished kung d ka pa nag aassess? weighing is an early detection activity.

  12. rk says:

    You have completed CHN.

    You scored 14 out of 25.

    Your performance have been rated as 'Satisfactory'

    STUDY STUDY STUDY a lot lot MORE…..

  13. akuhxitala says:

    You have completed CHN.

    You scored 23 out of 25.

    Your performance have been rated as 'Excellent'

    lols…nid to read more

    preboard is on weekends :(

    God Bless us future RNs

  14. Tertcy says:

    You have completed CHN.

    You scored 25 out of 25.

    Your performance have been rated as 'Unbeatable'

  15. lui says:

    You have completed CHN.

    You scored 20 out of 25.

    Your performance have been rated as 'Very Good'

  16. prince says:

    whew! got 23/25 not bad ;)

  17. kris says:

    2nd try: 24/25 "excellent"

  18. kris says:

    12/25 just passed:)

  19. ghen says:

    may god!! 13/25

    hirap talaga ng CHN..

  20. julie says:

    17/25…not totally bad result…but still need to ans.more quetions…

  21. Jasper says:

    You have completed CHN.

    You scored 19 out of 25.

    Your performance have been rated as 'Good'… May God Bless Us Guys!

  22. Elmer says:

    12/25 huhuhu

  23. bonsai22 says:


  24. xela says:

    13/25… shocks..!!!!

    focus focus pa….

  25. che says:

    23 out of 25..


  26. ahmblo says:


    dapat talagang mahalin ang CHN

    14 lang out of 25.

    need more stock knowledge!

  27. Mirabella says:

    You have completed CHN.

    You scored 16 out of 25.

    Your performance have been rated as 'Competent'… NOT BAD!!!

  28. 18/25…. review pa… dapat 20/25 or 25/25.. hay…

  29. shark bait says:


  30. j.mccartney says:

    17 out of 25 “competent”
    for a first taker.. hehe..

  31. romel jay says:


    need more study

    aim high

  32. rodz says:

    i try again 14/25 satisfactory need ko pa mag review =)

  33. rodz says:

    huhuuhu study hard

  34. Mhars says:

    19/25.. pasado! yes! haha!

    I think the answer in question # 11 is wrong. De jure is the correct answer.

  35. sweethaze says:

    de facto po ang tama,regardless of usual place of residence. the de jure it regardless were they are at the time of the census.

  36. go RN ! says:

    pray n mababa lan anng highest sa batch nten .. :))

  37. Alyssa says:

    please paki-ayos naman yung answer key at ratio. we're aiming for perfection.

  38. Rhayyan Teo says:

    ahmm, sa actual scoring, sa highest score nila binebase ang score natin.. ung mga mean, mode and median ang mga ginagamit nilang formula. ganyan nman lhat in any board exam.. Example.., let say ang highest ngaun ay 80/100, bale un ang magiging 100% sa atin then ang 50% ay 40/100 and 75% is 55/100, kaya mgpray na lng tau na sana ay mababa lng ang highest sa batch na i2. Tnx

  39. .................. says:

    hi boiz nd gurlz can anyone explain to me how'z d grading system in our NLE cuz im i lil'bit confuze….can anyone help me with this?!?!?!…cuz im thinking in order 2 pass is 2 get 75% of all da exam which exam u must get a 75/100…OMG..wht d "F"!plz help

    • richardjames says:


      aq din nlilito dati, ganito ang computation nila if i'm not mistaken,

      halmbawa ang raw score mo is 60 out of 100 dba? iddvide iun sa 100 tapos multiply by 60 then add 40 to get an average of 75 pero 76 un.

      exmple: 60/100 x 60 + 40 = 76

      tpos ung sa OPT or operation timbang, it's always pirmary level xa

      hope nkatulong aq… gudluck sa atin

  40. angeh says:

    amf i only got 16.. yeah, DE JURE din ang alam ko.. and operation timbang turo din samen secondary,. and health care delivery system iung sagot.. haix, AMBIVALENCE. ~.~

  41. Ren says:

    hello. I think operation timbang is secondary prevention because we want to know those who are malnourished or obese. it used as a screening tool which aims to detect nutritional problem. its similar to operation BP taking. tska census uses de jure not de facto. no offense btw

  42. teenee says:

    yeah 11 is incorrect it should be de jure not de facto………and i thought secondary and operation timbang according s mga naglectures sa amin s review……..when i answered primary before namali ako…kaya tinandaan ko..ngayn nmn i answered secondary mali n nmn ako primary nmn….. ano ba yan………nakakaloka h…..

  43. ann says:

    17/25… hay i thought operation timbang is a secondary level of prevention,…

  44. jelame says:

    mali yung number 11. kakadiscuss lang neto samin. baliktad siya….

  45. yao says:

    21/25 not bad

  46. renj says:

    kya nga po..db, 2ndary kpg screening? pwd po pi-explain…salamat :D

  47. Xhim2 says:


  48. joe22 says:

    14 ahahaha …. i h8 community tlga… yan ang nagpababa ng score ko sa board tsk tsk haha… pero ayos lang… pasa naman hehehe

  49. maryjoyrance says:


  50. yvonne says:

    no its primary

  51. Caloi, BSN says:

    uy teka secondary ang operation timbang diba?

    • jaivi says:

      yup..ang alm secondary un weh.. hhmmm?

    • ann says:

      i also answered secondary but the correct answer is primary.. primary means prevention or delay of the actual occurance of a dse. ex: diet maintenance & normal body wt.(operation timbang helps us identify if the person's weight is within normal level) so it's primary…

      • Ciel says:

        But when we tend to identify if person's weight is w/n normal isn't we performing a screening there?

        i think Operation timbang is secondary

        • richardjames says:

          how come it's secondary eh asa COMMUNITY settings tau, and in fact community is primary level,,,

          ung secndary n cnsb nyo n screening, un ung mammography ganon sa mga hosptal, un ang screening

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