Foundation of Nursing – Comprehensive Test Part 3

Daisy Jane Antipuesto RN MN

Currently a Nursing Local Board Examination Reviewer. Subjects handled are Pediatric, Obstetric and Psychiatric Nursing. Previous work experiences include: Clinical instructor/lecturer, clinical coordinator (Level II), caregiver instructor/lecturer, NC2 examination reviewer and staff/clinic nurse. Areas of specialization: Emergency room, Orthopedic Ward and Delivery Room. Also an IELTS passer.

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  1. Honey May says:

    pls. post also the answer and rationale. Thank you

  2. negative says:

    Where is the answer key?????? bakit di lumalabas. papost naman ng mga sagot and rationale. salamat !!!

  3. Monosodium Glutamate says:

    I got 39/50 for the difficult part. I don't know if this is OK since I am preparing for the Qualifying Exam on one hospital here in QC. Hope I can pass it tomorrow. :)

  4. LAN says:

    di ba p0h normal WBC count is 5,000 to 10,000 / mm3 lang??

    kz po s rationale no. 16, nkalagay po 5,000 to 100,000 /mm3..

    • lerah says:

      hi..cguro mali yong pag ka type…or maybe xa reference ng book..pero parang mali noh 5,000 to 10,ooo yong tama ryt……but in actual pag may binigay na normal values ranges2 na lng moh kc iba2 kc reference book natin but we should know the correct normal values…..heheheeh

    • rose ann says:

      regarding dun sa #16, mukhang typographical error lng yun, just back to the question nandun nman yung normal range eh which is 10,000..

  5. carol says:

    bakit ayw masend netong test 3

  6. arlene says:

    # The two blood vessels most commonly used for TPN infusion are the:

    1. Subclavian and jugular veins

    2. Brachial and subclavian veins

    3. Femoral and subclavian veins

    4. Brachial and femoral veins

    ang labo ng question n to! sb sa rationale… contraindicated and brachial at femoral.. tas un ang answer?? ang gara!

  7. clyde says:

    sorry just mislead. thank you

  8. clyde says:

    about compre part3 at #41, may i have the rationale bcoz i know it is assessment yet you are assessing the effectiveness of your intervention, don’t you think its already under evaluation? just asking, thank you very much for considering

  9. glesie linsangan says:

    Please submit to my email all the answers and rationale in compre part 3 exam. Thank you and more power. God bless.

  10. jopipay o_O says:

    ate shine thank you so much!

  11. jopipay o_O says:

    hi admin can i get a copy of this questionaire part3 only with answer key and its rationale… thanks a lot

  12. SHINE says:

    Godbless pala and Goodluck!! mwaaaaaaahhhh’

  13. SHINE says:

    gudluck 2 all november board takers.. kaya nio yan.. enjoy nio lng ang review nio, wag maxado matoxic..basta dont forget 2 pray… para 1 take lang.. and guide Nya kau.. Aralin nio dn ung mga specialty ng BON like sa renal, cardio.. ska ung prof ad at management,, madami din lumalabas.. sa psyche kasama dun ortho.. wag maxado kabahan and focus sa araw ng board..kumain pag break.. think positive!! HOpe 2 work with you soon my future colleagues..

  14. spice says:

    hi admin! i got the compre test 1 & 2 but i can’t find wer’s the part 3 question? so that i can copy n paste… pls rply. i went to google already.

  15. irish says:

    can i get the copy of this questionnaire from part 1-3 and the answer key? please…

  16. jason says:

    -jake kaw b yan?jericho f. adolfo?

  17. jake says:

    how can i get a copy of ths questionnaire? pls reply….
    i cant copy and paste the page T_T

  18. myra says:

    where is the answers?pls i need it….

  19. ashly says:

    Please send me the anwers and rationale in this question above.. thanks…

  20. bae says:

    please i need the answer keys to all the comprehensive tests that you have sent….thank you very will be a great help for me…

  21. june says:

    This is great but it would be helpfull for us if the questions has answers with rationales in order for us to understand fully……..this will really help me in the upcoming november NLE….. thank you and hoping for more board questions published WITH ANSWER KEYS AND RATIONALE….MORE POWER

  22. catherine joy says:

    thanks for posting this!!! can i get the copy of the answers and the rationales..thnx,GODBLESS

  23. reynan sumalabe says:

    please forward to me this queationaire as well as the answers for review purposes. thank you so much.

  24. cram says:

    sana may answers and corresponding rationales…

  25. riza lopez says:

    its helpful to us but w/o the answer its useless…..please send to me the answer! tnx

  26. Tin says:

    where I can find the answers in the abive questions?? pls send it to me.. pls..
    ie is very helpful.. but i need the answer key to evaluate my knowledge and capacity..pls…
    thank u so much..

    God bless..

  27. Admin says:

    Answers will be published within the week. To get a copy of more free nursing articles, subscribe to us to be included in our mailing list.

  28. mex says:

    this is very helpful BUT w/o answer keys it’s useless..pleaasssse send them?

  29. mex says:

    this is very helpful but without answer keys, it’s useless..i beg you to post them pleasssssssssssse?

  30. mex says:

    this is vey helpful but are there no answer keys??

  31. jay says:

    please send the answers on all foundation of nursing tests so it would help us all…thanks!

  32. jhanz says:

    please send me the answers of tyhe questions above.. thanks

  33. khay says:

    pls send me the answer sheets.. pls.. thanks.

  34. mj says:

    kindly send me the answers of this exam including the first two… thank you so much and God bless

  35. mj says:

    kindly send me the answers to this exam, including the two previous exams… thank you so much and God bless

  36. doren says:

    wer i cud find the answers to dz questionnaire? pls mail me…tnx!

  37. doren says:

    where i cud find the answers of this questionnaire?

  38. Glen says:

    Pls give me the answer key for the above questions… Thanks so much for being generous. Keep and up and God bless

  39. Rossana says:

    Pls send me the answer keys for this post and the first two foundation of nsg-compre tests… thank you so much.

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