30% Passed the December 2013 Nurse Licensure Exam

Daisy Jane Antipuesto RN MN

Currently a Nursing Local Board Examination Reviewer. Subjects handled are Pediatric, Obstetric and Psychiatric Nursing. Previous work experiences include: Clinical instructor/lecturer, clinical coordinator (Level II), caregiver instructor/lecturer, NC2 examination reviewer and staff/clinic nurse. Areas of specialization: Emergency room, Orthopedic Ward and Delivery Room. Also an IELTS passer.

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  1. Huwag ninyong sabihin yan ang swerti ninyo or plano ng dios para sa inyo..ang exam indi pa swertihan yan kundi kayo mismo ang gagawa ng paraan para sa swerti ninyo..ngbasa nga kayo ng maraming libro at hand outs pero indi nyo naman naintindihan or indi nyo inintindi ng husto ang binasa nyo d wala din mangyari dyan…ang iba ng aaral nga pero my time pasa fb,gala,at boyfriend,girlfriend eh d wala din useless ang review nyo kulang kayo sa concentrasyon sa pag review huwag sisihin ang review center nasasa inyo ang dskarti sa pag review..tip ko sa inyo bumili kayo ng mga libro sa lahat ng review center dahil every review cnter ay myrong review books and hand outs strategy na wala sa review center mo

  2. Sa mga bigo sa pag ibig esti bigo sa board licensure na ito better luck nxt tym ah pag my buhay my pag asa weather weather lang yan mga friends

  3. Patunay lang yan na wala talagang likids dyan sa board nayan 2013 dec…oh ayan oh tgnan nyo 30 percent lang pumasa congrats sa nakapasa first taker,repeaters or even conditional man kayo u deserve it dahil ng sacrifice kayo ng todo sa pag aaral lalo nasa review ninyo pag may hirap my sarap

  4. 30%–I wonder first of all- is there any sort of standard required to get INTO nursing school- are the schools taking everyone and anyone who signs up? Perhaps just for the money the school collects? Secondly, what is the quality of the program and instructors? Third- what is the standard for passing students – what performance measures are in place, is there a way to evaluate the success of the students, the programs and the instructors? How are they evaluating students in an ongoing manner? Many questions . Definitely would not go over well in the USA. School would be shut down….

  5. 30% is not a high figure but that should not take anything away from those that passed congratulations to u all xx

  6. 30% passing rate? That is pathetic! Are the nursing schools even preparing their students to critically think? I am just wondering because here in the US, you don’t graduate unless you pass the HESI which is almost like the nursing board exam. Makes me cringe at those who actually pass… Are they really equipped to be nurses??

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  8. To all new RN’S congrats guys…

  9. Chris Jordan says:

    Lidia 33k out of 90 k pass rate is not a good number no matter how you talk around it. The test is a valid test. If it isnt then they shouldnt be giving it and the results are also accurate and valid. 30 percent is a poor number and the schools need to be revamped to better prepare the nurses for the certification exam. It covers basic nursing practice and critical thinking.

  10. Chris Jordan says:

    30 percent that is it… Sad!!

  11. Congratulations to all new nurses you deserved it for passing the RN exams coz you’re not a successful Nurse if you will not pass this very tiring exams. Hurray, God bless.

  12. School is the #1 problem why we have incompetent nurses . There must be an elimination every sem…and private school must set standard grades, if a students can’t attain that grade they must be kicked- out!!!

  13. Wow 30% of people only passed!! In North America 80-90% of RNs pass every year! What the hell kind of nursing are they teaching over there!!??

  14. Dana Ionescu says:

    30% pass rate??? That is insanely low. Better increase education. Basically, 7 out of 10 nurses FAIL. Ridiculous. Pass rate should be above 80% not 30%. Yeah, it’s hard passing because obviously….you aren’t learning enough! Its not the students fault, it’s a reflection of the program/instructors all together. Yup, nursing school is hard. No doubt. It’s not med school, but it’s still challenging. But 30%?? To me, it’s scary!!!

  15. For those who gave negative comments try taking the same set of exam then see for yourself what we’ve been through to get the much deserved license… then you can tell us how easy it is “if you pass”… we strived with blood, sweat and tears from the very first day we decided to take the exam… 30% of us passed and it was because we worked hard for it…

  16. Lidia Marie says:

    Christine Corpuz Kowal-hi there! Im talking about the entire exam.. before the exam gets released,it underwent several testing strategies just to check how reliable and valid it is. In addition to that, in the Phils it follows a certain testing norms to pass the standards of other countries like the us.. 45% is already questionable. In my time,33k+were able to pass out of 90k+examinees. Just saying! Thanks!

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