New Hospital in Manila to Open Soon

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  1. edward says:

    Wow, really, BACKer ang labanan ngayun,.. sana backer ko un philippine president para wala talga sila laban sakin haha, amp mga yan unfair

  2. anonymous says:

    ah kawawa walang backer asa ka pa…..PERISH THE WEAK!!!!iyak ka na lang

    • jc says:

      NOTE TO EVERYONE: This email address above are not true, that he doesn't have yahoo account.. please wag ka mag popost ng di naman totoo wag kang manloloko…

  3. deserving says:

    if youre planning to apply in sta ana dont hope high. there are a lot of scheme and manipulations happening on the hiring process. we are victims of these lies deceit and political tricks. we passed the exam and interview in city hall. got raanks that landed us on top 200 of the 1200 plus applicants. but most of us didnt get hired. they prioritize people with backer. or their friends and relatives eve if they didnt passed the exam interview and the requirements. even the hospital director has his own scheme. he wants nurses with previous hospital work experience. not newbies. he didnt respect the fact that we had our volunteer training and took the exam just to be considered as applicant in sta ana. they are so unfair.

    same story with binondo hospital

  4. Aya Chong says:

    Hello Admin,

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