June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Result

Daisy Jane Antipuesto RN MN

Currently a Nursing Local Board Examination Reviewer. Subjects handled are Pediatric, Obstetric and Psychiatric Nursing. Previous work experiences include: Clinical instructor/lecturer, clinical coordinator (Level II), caregiver instructor/lecturer, NC2 examination reviewer and staff/clinic nurse. Areas of specialization: Emergency room, Orthopedic Ward and Delivery Room. Also an IELTS passer.

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  1. joseph says:

    when will be the registration date for surnames starting with letler “R”?..

  2. Marc Pasia says:

    To the NLE June 2009 passers, please let us pray for our soon to be colleague and co-passer, Micael Santos, Far Eastern University, who just passed away this week. He is also about to attend the oath-taking this August 18 but was been shot by still-wanted suspects in Tarlac.

    Tagalog nalang: Nadamay lang siya ng ang isang kapitan ay in-ambush. He’s just eating in a restaurant and was seated beside the brgy. captain.

    He’s always been a responsible president for our class. Please, pray for him.

    Thank you.

  3. randolph says:

    im so happy that i made it… first take lang… thank you lord for giving me this gift with very little time to review still i manage to pass the board exam….

  4. ms L says:

    To those who fail like me. We know that we did our best that we can & may this words guide us & give us hope. Lets move on.
    James1:12″ Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial,bcoz when he has stood the test, he will recieve the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him”. Genesis28:15 “I will not leave you until I have finished giving you EVERYTHING I PROMISE you” .
    Congratz to those who passed.

  5. langga says:

    i’ve been to PRC kanina kac gus2 q makuha ung grades ko but wala pa daw clang hard copy. Gus2 q lang kasi makita agad ung grades ko kung bakit at saan ako failed=(. I’ts my 3rd take but still hindi parin aq nakapasa. Bakit ganun? I’ve been working hard for this exam. I went to review for many months. I’ve gone to manage my time in studying a lot. I prayed too. During the exam, I knew my answers & im confident that i will make it. But why I’m still failed=( . Is there any discripancy on my records? or errors? I want to know! I cant bare this shame anymore. I’m still coping for this pain. Hopefully my doubts will be answered. I still believe that God has a purpose for me. Hopefully, next time I will make it to the Top.Is that possible?hope=) Congrats to my friends who passed the exam.

  6. Jenn says:


  7. Jenn says:

    MERGE babies!!! we rock!!!

  8. bandagescissor01 says:

    Congrats saten mga june 2009 board passsers!!!!
    sayang! 1 lng nag nksama sa Our lady of Fatima Universty
    sa mga frends en pipol n sumabet dis june, dont lose hope.,..
    TAKE ULI this nov! tatapat din yan!!!
    congrats uli!

    • Jenn says:

      d naman lahat ng panahon sa inyo na lahat..depende nman sa student un,kht magbayad pa skol nio sa PRC kung hngang dun lng nakaya ng student.

  9. nhel says:

    congrat’z to all board Passers..
    and let us pray to all co-students who donnot pass the PRC.
    better luck next tymm
    tnx god to all passers…we love u…

  10. MiLie says:

    Ei,panO b?anO b nex step sa buhay natn?.my mga lalakarn pb sa prc,mga bBYaran etc. An0ng tiket yang mga pinagsSb nio,d aq makarelate!sa baguio kc aq,ms late sa amin. .21 ata,. .hmmm

  11. Lady Mangata says:

    i’m proud…kahit panu my top ang Mindanao State University….:) im hoping we also make 8 dis nov… aja! kaya natin to msuans…

  12. promil kid says:

    Congratulations to all who pass the June 2009 NLE especially to the CALLIDIANS 2009 of BRENT HOSPITAL & COLLEGES INC. -ZAMBOANGA CITY!

    Good Luck to our future plans and to those who didnt make it, dont lose hope, pray always.. these are just trials, God will never leave you.

  13. boy says:

    available na ba sa pna tikets para sa oath taking?

  14. leslie says:

    hay RN na po aq salamat….mwah

  15. 6701! :D Yey!!! Thank you Bro! ^_^

  16. MiLie says:

    CoNGratULati0ns new nuRses!! And to those hu didDnt make it, d0nt lose h0pe guys!kaya nio yan,trials lng yan n GOd!dnt lose faith,pRay always!

  17. RGR says:

    thanks you so much God… i passed the exam… i will be RN na yahooooooooooo!

  18. tey says:

    congrats! XD

  19. anna says:

    bEttEr LuCk nXt tYm sa mga hindi nakapasa..
    God has always a purpose kung bkt di nakapasa ngaun…
    sbi nga nila in his tym…
    God knows everything…

  20. jrc says:

    waahh..thank you lord pasa ko…. no.6963!!! RN na ako

  21. MiLie says:

    Nakuh d0nT be sad guYs,, to those who did nt pass. . .jst c0ntinue wt uV StarteD guYs!

  22. r2 says:

    congrats mga passers

  23. Mark Anthony says:


  24. kaloka says:


  25. arluDin-cnu says:

    walang taga CNU man?

  26. bhabygrace says:

    Congrats to all June 2009 BOARD passers ! ! ! !

  27. em-em says:

    Kakalungk0t,wla aq..huhuhu..;-(

  28. ethylene, RN says:




  29. bOn2. :)) says:

    Kakainggit,buti pa kayo nag exam na. sna gnyan dn mangyare sken pag nag exam nko. pero matagl pa yun. haha. i'm only a first year student.

    Pero,CONGRATULATIONS Registered Nurses. Hope for your success in life! sna mas glingan niu pa. you impressed me.congrats ult! ^^

  30. paul says:

    sa lahat ng hindi nakapasa, dont lose hope… marami pang second chance…
    god is always there to guide u…


  31. kaloka says:

    congrats to all RN’s

  32. GSR says:

    pls link the catanduanes state colleges to its official website – http://www.catanduanesstatecolleges.edu.ph

  33. Miradee says:

    Congrats 2 all new nurses…and i hope i will pass also

  34. paul says:

    Wow.. Ang galing talaga ng UST sa nursing. Keep it up!
    – UP

  35. ivandgreat says:

    anyone has a link of the top performing schools???
    please share it nman…

    congratz ulit sa lahat….

  36. jklim says:

    Thank you Lord, Its such a wonderful gift that u gave me..thank you so much!

  37. Marvin P. Galang R.N. says:

    HAU Angelos Batch 09 Congratiolations and Thank God and those people who never fails to pray for me to have this very memorable and BEST gift for me today as I celebrate my B-day! Wooohhh!!!

  38. tina says:

    Maraming salamat. Pasado ang kapatid ko :)

  39. hazel says:

    grabe ang saya q.Thank you so much Lord..sa wakas RN n q..congrats sa mga taga LOURDES…thanks sa AIm ONE review center ur the best…kung d s inyo I think I will not make it….I LOVE U….

  40. GSR says:

    To the Webmaster:

    Please also make a web link to the Catanduanes State Colleges. The URL is: http://www.catanduanesstatecolleges.edu.ph

    Thanks and more power!

  41. drew says:

    thanks to my GOD, thanks to St. Jude, Mother of perpetual help and Black Nazarene.. Family, friends and classmates who prayed for my success.. Now, i am a Registered Nurse.

  42. Jan Michael Farro says:

    Congratulations to all my RN Collegues (New Nurses of 2009)!! And mostly a big thanks to our LORD GOD!! Yehey… RN nko.. Feel nyo rin ba?? =)

    Flipendemic Mike (RCAP Thank you)..

  43. gelai says:

    mukhang UST n naman ang top performing school ha.. sayang isa lang ang nkapasok sa AUF,,

  44. Jancecil says:

    Congratz to all the board passers…

  45. ZYRK says:


  46. ginger says:

    I want to thank nursingcrib for the preboard exams they have shared. It did help. Thanks!! Thank you Lord.

  47. shota says:


  48. spiderwick says:

    Congratulations U.S.T.! 99% passing out of 450+ takers and the most number of Topnotchers (26 in Top 10 spots)!

    Best of luck to our new RNs! \(^^)/

  49. Oscar says:

    Galing mo Bro…….Salamat sa Iyo….RN na ako……..Congrats to all new nurses like me…..

  50. ashley says:

    san makikita ung percentage ng mga skuls???

  51. Oscar says:

    salamat sa Diyos, I passed d board….RN for life……heheheheheh…D best ka talaga bro……

  52. Ine says:

    Yehey! Pasado! Lav u bro! Sn pwd mkta ratings ng skul?

  53. Ryan says:

    I passed! Thank you Lord. Prayer helps a lot.

  54. HELENA says:


  55. jefferson carrion says:

    congratulations to myself for passing the board exam pls.. congratulate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. fritzie says:

    OMG,,mga taga Velez!

  57. kaye says:

    andrea wla ka pa ka pasar?!nano na man!ka louy cmo

  58. lotha says:

    yes..,GOD is really good.., I pray and pray and He listens to my prayers., Thank you Lord.., love you

  59. EG says:

    Congrats to my friend, Gold Yap for topping the board.. I knew you would make it even if you could only attend the review classes during weekends because of work.. so hapi for you =)

  60. someon says:

    ask ko lang po, is this final? honestly i don’t see my name on the list…pero i’m hoping na this is not yet final…

  61. marchello says:

    peste..wmsu na naman

  62. RGR says:

    i passed yehey.. thank you lord

  63. cha says:


  64. yana says:

    sana makita ko name ko sa lists!! oh my god please im begGing!!

  65. Rio says:

    Yehey! I and Allan passed the board exam! We are now registered nurses… Thank you Lord.

  66. kate says:

    hoooo. sana nga lumabas na kagabe pa ako waiting sa result. Godbless sa ating lahat. congrats sa topnotcher galing mu=p

  67. xed says:

    Taga MERGE review center ang no.1!!!! Congrats Golda!

  68. mariel says:

    san ba mkikita ung list ng passer ano website?pls reply

  69. sis.. says:

    woohhh!.. kahit ano result sanay na! pangatlo na eh.. hahaha..
    patibayan na lang ng loob!,..

  70. yak says:

    basta,tangapin ko nlng kung anu ipagkakaloob sken..

  71. kheisha says:

    have faith kasma tayong papasa! sa top 1, congrats

  72. kaloka says:


  73. joli says:

    kabado na ko.. good luck to all of us future RNs!

  74. juan d.IV says:

    yes i claimed it and i recieved it forevermore thank you GOD i am a REGISTERED NURSE FINALLY!!!

  75. alwin says:

    bro!!! mlpit na..

  76. mica says:

    have faith, God is good we will pass . God bless to all of us , new RN’s

  77. hoping says:

    keep on praying na lang po

  78. mharc says:

    hope we passed the nursing bord exam…tagal ng result..excited naq mging R.N…guldak stin…keep praying for all of us..

  79. AN0NYM0US says:

    bsta l2bs results n0t l8r dn jul 29,kxe ive read n jul 29 availble n oathtaking tikets..which means n tlgang mlpt n..bsta kip on praying future rn’s..

  80. Maan_R.N says:

    godbless sa atin lahat.. we will pass ds exam.think positive.see you all during oathtaking..

  81. MiLie says:

    Ai!wala p result?jeje

  82. nameless says:

    Pasado ako. Jejeje. .i knw

  83. Ujie says:

    Pasado lahat ng nagpost dito!!! wahahaha….
    Good Luck sa atin, mga RN!

  84. taga CMU says:

    go mga TAGA CMU…cla po ang mga pionering……GGGGGOOOO CMU

  85. jelome says:

    IN JESUS NAME and by FAITH, i claimed taht we passed our Board examination by GOd’s grace.

  86. par1 says:

    do dreams come true?? cnu na nagkatotoo dreams d2???
    i dreamed last night that i passed!! GOD sana po maging totoo!

  87. danah says:

    _sana board passer n ko 2nd time around ko na to! ha zana diz is it na.sana pag lumabas yun resut isa na yun name ko lumabas…..hay….im so nervous….

  88. Marinel says:

    …haayy!! sb nla mmya gabi dw sure na dw un! grabe na to…..hav faith!!

  89. crystal says:

    ang tgl tlg…..

  90. ..... says:

    pwd po b ipost nyo nmn ung exct d8 ng release ng result

  91. x_07 says:

    i wish, hope and pray na ill pass the exam.. sana po Lord time ku na ngayon.. i give it all to you.. ikaw na po bahala sa result.. i pray na matanggap ku ng boung puso ang result (whatever it is).. AMEN.

  92. KATRINA@BAGUIO says:



    GO! GO! GO!

  93. dreicute says:

    hello to all readers, i hope u pass the exam… nursing grad din ako 2 years ago kso di ako pumasa twice… maybe bcoz nursing is not for me tlga… di na ako nagdecide magtake ng 3rd ksi nawawalan narin ako ng hope saka nahihiya narin ako sa mga tao especially sa parents ko… sana makapasa kayong lahat, sana di kayo magaya sakin na call center ang bagsak sa huli… goodluck to all… gudluck to all future RN…

  94. Johann says:

    dont worry bhie!! no matter what i’ll be here for you^^ gnun talaga govt exams yun eh

  95. Desiree says:

    gusto ko ngyon na lumabas na result dapat after ng exams lmabas na.. electronic nmn ksi eh!!! wew

  96. Johann says:

    magttop ka desiree dont worry!! ha.. kayang kaya ntin hintayin labas ng results^^

  97. Desiree says:

    wew, ako nga kinakabahan!! grabe d nanaman ako mak2log nito.!!! sana mag top 10 ako!!

  98. MDL says:

    thanks thee t0 G0d.. In his will, I will be a registered nurse as soon as the list of June 2009 Nursing Licensure Exam is released.

  99. ECDJ, R.N. says:

    thank you God!!!R.N na ako…wohooo

  100. rona says:

    GOD please help me!!!!

  101. kay-ar says:

    wat took the prc so long to release the results of the exam.. i cant sleep well… hayyyy… only God knows! im hoping 100% that im one of the new registered nurses thsi is for my family espacially my mom and dad..

  102. zaiyn says:

    may result na poh ba? wat na po latest update? thanx.. ^^

  103. Future RN says:

    Goodluck guys this is it lets face the reality n ngaun daw lalabas ang results God will only knows…
    sana pasado tau lhat tau umaasa sa lalabas n result at kbado,ang iba ndi na mkpghintay,natutulala nkaopen lang ang computer,ang iba nghihintay n may mgtxt sa knila n lumabas ang resulta..alm ni God n we did our best that we can do….Hintayin n lang nten…

  104. pangga says:

    haay… habang tumatagal lalo me knkbhan..
    gudlak pu sa ating lhat.. sana mkapasa tau..
    Godbless us always.

  105. rhea caligan says:

    sa mga kumuha ng nursing board exam… EXCITED? OF COURSE! ako rin akala niyo, kagabi pa ako walang tulog sa kakahintay ng result ng exam ng anak ko. work pa naman ako ngayon pang umaga… please PRC… paki post na ang result ng malaman naman namin…. pasensiya na po ha excited na talaga kami hahahhaa…. IN ADVANCE CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL NEW NURSES…..

  106. jeam says:

    jeezz!so anxious na hir..hope dt d result wil be immediately released.

    em prayin dat ol of us will pass..ep s lhat ng mga tga-ccp..

    go centralians!100 % dpat..hehe

  107. RNso0n2B says:

    Lord please make me pass the June 2009 PNLE.
    I lift up all unto you LORD.
    I love you.

  108. cute_guy says:

    hay.. kelan ba tlga ilalabas un.. sabe nila ngaun daw.. bat wla pa.. gabe ah.. kinakabahan na q..

  109. cee says:

    may result na po ba?

  110. RNso0n2B says:

    waaaahHhH!! grbe, nagda diaph0resis n aq s kaba!! superr anxi0us n aq.. Sana pasado aq… sana tlga. Sana tlga. Wen b tlga ung results?..

  111. MiLie says:

    Thank you GOD 4 letTing me pass dz exam!tnx god!

  112. drew says:

    GOD i trust in you, i believe in you. alam ko po na ibibigay nyo sa akin ang lisensya, alam ko po na malapit ko na itong makuha..

  113. mariel says:

    kelan po ba tlaga ang lbas ng result, meron n po ba?

  114. R.NnaAko says:

    Guys, its tym to shine… declare nyo na pasa tau.. our name will be listed already sa mga passers sa board exam.. Go! Go! Go! Dont think negative thoughts.. be positive.. Our thoughts shapes our action.. Please pray to God and thank him everyday..

  115. Jenn says:


  116. Jenn says:

    He has plan for me plan to prosper me,plan not to harm me but plan to give me hope and a future..Jer.29:11

  117. famous says:

    wag kayong atat sa date kung kelan result..ang importante ung declaration.

  118. zaiyn says:

    wala pa ring results??? haaayyss..

  119. Moi says:

    ?mer0n nb result?

  120. ruby ann says:


    kinakabahan na ako!

    sabi ngaun daw result.

    pero wala pa din.

    papa JESUS help us po.


  121. elimel b. docdocil says:

    Sana Lord e makapasa ako dito sa board examination. Masarap po ang pakiramdam na maging RN. Pero kung hindi man po Lord, thankful pa din ako. dahil kahit hindi ako makapasa, sa mga bagay na ibinigay Ninyo po sa akin, para na din akong nakapasa. Salamat po ng marami.. Mahal na mahal ko po kayo. Sana kasama ko po kayo sa pagtingin ng resulta bukas sa PRC. Pasensya na po kung hindi ako nakasimba na. Bukas nalang po Lord pagkauwi ko. Mwuah….

  122. eeeee says:

    khit s site ng prc wla p..hay..

  123. bungga says:

    kelan ba taLga? jusco pag indi pa bukas grabe nmn s taGAL??bqt ayw niu pa po ipost? sbrang sakit n ng uLo ko kakahintay..god pls sna mkapasa po kmeng Lhat..

  124. jelyn says:

    wla pa ung result…tiningnan q sa philippine daily inquirer wla pa nmn…hay naku..kailan kya lalabas ung result?..

  125. bungga says:

    LAm niu myang 7:09am pa ang result,,

  126. bungga says:

    RN kna? bqt? my result nb??

  127. HELENA says:


  128. MiLie says:

    Oo nga eh,tagal pambitin tlga oh . . .

  129. jushney says:

    please GOD gave this year the best year in my life…
    RN na ako…
    thank you po GOD..

  130. gail11 says:

    kelan ba talaga ang resul t ng board..?? sabi nila ngaun daw?ang gulo naman..
    super prolonging the agony na talaga ito ha.. hai…

  131. m.c says:

    goodluck saten guys….

    • mark RN batch nov 08 says:

      wala pa result mga future rn hehehehehehe,,kakaba ok lng yan naranasan ko din yn dati pero magtiwala lang kayo sa sarili nyo magging ka2lad nyo ko

  132. :) says:

    pag pasado, pasado.. pag bagsak, edi bagsak… how sad…

  133. dhaduz.. says:

    im keeping my faith and fingers crossed.. GODBLESS RN’S!!

  134. karen says:

    oh saan na ung result…..
    nakakakaba lang,,,,,

  135. jefoy says:

    LOrd, sana po pumasa yung girlfriend ko, para po sa future namin, :’-)

  136. miggyboi says:

    kaya natin to guys.

  137. Mark Anthony says:

    Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:24)

  138. MiLie says:

    Guys c0nfirmeD na po. .2nyt by 10pm laLaBas result. . .ump stay Tune!kc ng galing pRC Kakilala ng frnd q,at ng ask cLa.sb ng head dun 2nyt dw by 10pm. .pero ms ok dw ms mblis pg s inq7.net kau punta kc ms mblis dw. .pati un aCTuali n0w,dpa ma0pen. . .ump,, H0pe guyS we passed d exam!god blesS us all!

  139. duday says:

    hi guys!!i know all of us cant wait for the results to be posted…but just like the others..all we have to do is believe, have faith, and claim that our Lord Jesus Christ has granted our heart’s desires already…..which is to be one of the registered nurses…congratulations to all of us… especially to my batch mates!!!go!go!go!god bless!!!

  140. ,,hooo…My new post n2man b0n sa site nla,pakitingnan nyo nalang,,tas may rum0rs n2man mayang 10pm nadaw result,Pray..Pray..Pray..Goodluck 2 ol of us,

  141. chichie says:

    i am nauseated evrytime i think of the results!!grr.,


  142. Godbless each and everyone of us!

    we will pass..keep the faith!

    our Heavenly Father is with us.. :)

    Congratulations future nurses!

  143. eia492 says:

    how true na mayang 10 pm ang labas ng results ng board? muntik ko na maihagis yung celfone ko ng mabasa ko yang mensahe n yan huhu

  144. clark says:

    meang 10pm daw yan pinaguusapan nila ngaun irerelease na?

  145. ever says:

    wah, malapit na!!!… sabi nila ngayon daw ng 10 pm

    weh.. parang di makatotohanan… nakakapanic sila

    pero kahit ano pa man, ang taas na ng anxiety ko!

    let God’s will be done,
    it is by the grace of God we are saved, so we don’t have anything to boast

    Thank God,

    for giving us parents to send us to school
    for the time for our review
    for our state of health during exams
    for the wonderful people who are helping us to reach our dreams

    Thank God, for whatever it is,
    whatever the result may turn out, we will accept it…
    in You alone we trust. Thank you.


    have faith RNs. God Helps… :D

    kabado na ako!!!! :S

  146. clark says:

    wala pang result nilagay lng dedline ng filing for nursing board exam

  147. kaloka says:

    my goodness naopen na ang website ng prc kla my result na pero la pa nman…gud luk guys!

  148. R.NnaAko says:

    saturday or sunday na mala2man ang result.. keep on praying guys!

    FAITH WITHOUT ACTION IS DEAD… so pray talaga tau kay God..

    By tomorow or the next day we will be seeing our names sa mga nakapasa..

  149. maerd says:

    naopen na prc site wala pading announcement.. asar

  150. sandy carreon says:

    ..antagal naman ng result ng board!
    lalo akong kinakabahan eh..

  151. boomer cruz says:

    gud luck guys

    ako din kinakabahan khet d p ko ngtetake ng boards andme ko kcng batchmates nd frends na ngtake ng borad last june..kip the faith guys!!

    think positive po

    go pinoy future RN

  152. Crazy Kat says:

    Go Baguio RN’s! :p

  153. cate says:

    we have worked hard for this…….just remember to hold on to our dreams…..God have a planned this ahead of time……what ever comes out its gods will…

  154. austin says:

    God helps… Always trust Him no matter what. : )

  155. R.NnaAko says:





  156. R.NnaAko says:

    Weee! kinakabahan na ako.. but I know God is doing something for us.. just believe and we will have it..

    Future RN’s kitakits sa oath taking..

    To God be the Glory..

  157. MV says:

    24 naAaAah! DbA sb nio ip0p0st ng PRC result meang hap0n??hihi!

  158. francis says:

    Matthew 9:29 :according to your faith will it be done to you” Come on Guys, GOD put our names already on the list of NURSING LICENSURE EXAM PASSERS, Just claim it. IN JESUS NAME

    • rnnajdko says:

      oh Lord Jesus!!! tawagin lng po natin pangalan nyang makapangyarihan… sa kanya lahat ay walang imposible.

  159. junee says:

    even though there are countless rumors at to when the results will be available, I guess all we have to do is to be ready and face it!
    Godbless to all of us.

  160. Jenn says:

    gudluck sa ating lahat and God bless..lahat ng paghihirap natin ay may magandang kapalit bsta kapit lang tau ky GOD

  161. Tex says:

    God bless to us all…. Sana papasa tayo…….

  162. pasado ako says:

    hay cgurado ba kayo na ang labas ay ngaung 26?
    nako pray lng po cgurado pasado na tau nyan
    ooataking na po tau hahahhahahhaha

  163. pasado ako says:

    nako mga mare nakakakaba nga ehhh\
    sana namn pasado na ako

  164. i wish everyone pass but you know how systems in the country works…
    only half or more than a half of testakers will be successful…
    in anyways… Godbless and congrats to future RNs

  165. jd says:

    hay ang tagal!!!!!!! dapat lumabas na ang result at makapasa ang gf ko

  166. USRN2B says:

    abangan nyo na bukas.. usually kasi friday ung results eh.. nung nov 2008 exam lumabas results friday morning.. around 9 am.. 42-43 percent lang ang papasa sa inyo.. that’s a fact.. goodluck everyone!

    • Crazy Kat says:

      Hala . . . Bat naman 42-43% lang?? You’ve bee doing your homework siguro on studying the trend of the passing rate of the PNLE noh? kaya you’re predicting that number! hehehe . .

  167. jake says:

    GODBLESS TO ALL!! goodluck po saten…


    Sana lahat tayo..kip on praying..si GOD NA BAHALA SA RESULT..

  168. anne says:

    hAay,, kAkainip mAGhintAy..
    sAna mKApasa tAu tLga..
    God iS gOOd..
    Lam ku ipApAsa niA uNg mgA deSErviNg

  169. kamsy says:

    whatever it is, always remember that we have a GREATER and BIGGER GOD… he has the greatest plans for each of us.. :D

    goodluck and GODbless us NLEjune2009examinees… :D ?

    • francis says:


  170. ever says:


    konting tulog na lang ayan na results…. waaa… magfacebook na lang tayo habang naghihintay.. hehe. kakakaba eh…

    go! go! go! fellow RNs

  171. Tex says:

    Good luck sa lahat.. God bless us all…

  172. My baby says:

    Kaya yan!papasa aq!tagal ng result!nakaka excite tlga!!!pwd bng wg na matulog?kaso ayaw mg open ng prc web site eh,,

  173. em-em says:

    FuTure RN’S fr0m BALIUAG UNIVERSITIY..gUdluk p0 sa sating lhat.sna lhat ng papasa dEserving sa license..we’l 0l make it..

  174. MV says:

    Whuat?27 na2Man? Sb 24 or 26.bkt 27 na2Man?ayaw qna ata mg log ouT mgHap0n nq nakatUt0k s update. .god bless po sa ating lahat!papasa tau!

  175. em-em says:

    Hai..Dis is it!sana tlga maraming pumasa at sna isa q sa mga un.i kn0w dat pRayer are very much p0werful dan everythng.watever d result wil be,i’m stilL thankfuk..gudluk po sa lhat..:-)

  176. concern citizen says:

    grabeh!!!kakatense naman kau guyzzzz….sana mapost na yang result na yan para alam na kung anu next step na gagawin…Lets just keep praying!!!!

  177. les says:

    Your WILL be DONE on us Lord.,help us to accept watever the results will be. . pray hard my fellow nurses!=D lets claim the victory of GOD!=D

  178. RGR says:

    omg sana totoo yung 25 or 26 na yan.. im so ready na talaga for the result… excited at the same time anxious huhuhu… but God is there for us…good luck sa laha ng nagtake…

  179. Baby says:

    Goodluck mic! I know you’ll make it!

  180. M.C.V says:

    Grb,dami n tlgang pRem0niti0ns,. . .sana nga. . .wuuUuUuh!

  181. M.C.V says:

    Owkei aAbANgan q reSULT mgp0st dn kau d2 pg my rESULt nah update us! My god,, sna tlga mkapasa kc gus2 qna makahelp s fam. Q. . . .mg aAPply aq ng w0rk agad pR0Mise at hnd aq tatambay lang.kc s0oNer or later mg aAsawa at mgkaka own fam. Dn aq,b4 un gus2 q mapasaya q muna family k0h whaAaAAah! Papasa akuh!i knew it!!! I passeD! Jst waiting 4 d result!thnk p0sSitive,pero h0nestly 99% p0sitive aq,bt dEr s dz small,little part of mine nkakatak0t negative. . .p0sitiv time negative= p0sitiv!sh0x! Kea dapat 10O% P0sitive para ang result P0Sitive!wuh0o0o0o!!! Papasa akuh!!!!

  182. itsV says:

    A good friend of one of the member of the board of nursing told me that the result will definitely be at the end of july and more probably at the 27th.

  183. jodam_s1204 says:

    plz help us god!!!we believe in you GOD!!

    RN lg po GOD!!!

  184. jackeline billones says:

    Good luck saten lahat!!! God is always good… Congratulations fellow RN’s!!!

  185. talyn says:

    haist guys sure po un s 25 s net ang result goodluck to all of us, sana makapasa almost 8months akong nagrevyu,huhuhu di ko kakayanin kung di ako mkakapasa

  186. clark says:

    PAPASA AKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. beauty says:

    Sana pumasa tau ………..

  188. jay says:

    guys lets all be positive.. continue to pray, God is GOOD all the time..

  189. MiLie says:

    1st tym q pamandng nanagÏNip kgb! Nakapasa rw aq haha!ganda ng gcng q,tpos drETso nq cHurch!sarap ng fEeling! Thnx bro=p

  190. jane says:

    ilang tulog nalang.. sana pumasa lahat ng kumuha ng board. pray lang.. lahat ng to planado na ni GOD. gudluck!

  191. Crazy Kat says:

    Hello? Pray to God for what? That he will make you pass? Praying for that should have been done before and during the preparation for and and just before the exams. I’m sure we all prayed for His guidance and that He’d make us strong (mentally, physically, and spiritually) inorder to pass the NLE.

    All we have left to do now is just wait and Pray to God that he would give us the strength and guidance to move on if (take note, I said IF) we don’t pass, or for Him to make us humble if we do pass.

    Above all, what matters most is that we should always remember that no matter what happens (whatever your result and my result may be), its part of God’s plan. =)

    And BTW, one of the BON even mentioned that the results MIGHT already be out by tomrrow (Friday). Hala kinakabahan na sila! hehehe . . (I even subscribed to this website that will e-mail and TEXT me if I pass when the results come out. Parang gusto ko munang itago tong cellphone ko ! hahah . . )

    • MiLie says:

      S0ri ha,, Bt i do beLiv dt i passeD alreaDy,. . .(“, bt i sTiL Kip oN Praying 2 gv me m0rE PatiENCe.and mind u,we riLi pRayeD so hard b4,during aftr and unTiL n0w. . .and nt oNLy n0w. .=}

    • kaloka says:

      pray for wat kamo…. di nman porke tapos n yng board exam eh hanggang dun nrin lng ang pray ntin…. pray 4 evryting wat is good so dat God willl guide us wat ever d result…..

  192. kristel says:

    the agony is prolonged…hay…. lord help us…make it happen

  193. kristel says:

    sana birthday gift sakin to..my birthday kc on the 25th of july e…huhuhu lord , il leave everything to you nlng …goodluck to all june takers

  194. future_RN says:

    “god is good all the time” pray lang tayo lagi mga guys., everything is possible with him., bsta lagi natin isaisip na ang lahat ng ito ay may purpose., para kay GOD sa ating pamilya lalunglalo na sa ating mga taong tutulungan., always think possitive mga guys., PAPASA TAYONG LAHAT., good luck sa lahat., THANKS BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. haiyy kakakaba ung result…lets all pray and aks for HIS guidance…kaya ntn yan..sv s 26 dw result is it true?un ang kumakalat now…s lht ng examiners be patience….soar high!…godblesss guys! aja aja!

  196. who daz says:

    ang tgal naman i post ng prc ung result eh.. huhu want to work na sa specializd area sa hospi.. tsk2.. 100% tau guys.. haha

  197. angel says:

    hay, sna lumabas na reult ng exam, result! result! hehe hope we all pass guys..

  198. LJ says:

    Kung kelan man talaga ang result, Alam ko di tau paba2yaan ni Lord, kung ano man ang maging result yun ang nara2pat at kailangan tanggapin natin. At walang imposibleng mangyari basta Keep on praying…………………..

  199. criz.. says:


    kaya mu yan!!.
    gudluck po sa lahat ng nagtake ng board exam..
    pray lang po..

  200. criz.. says:

    sana mkapasa c mary grace magadia!! pati the kayo para masaya..

  201. …Think
    All we have 2do 4 n0w is just 2 w8 4 d result,,just PRAY AND ALWAYS HAVE FAITH,GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME,,GOD WILL GRANT OUR PRAYERS IN DUE TIME,for sure..Goodluck 2 ol of us,b0ardexaminees,,we can all make it”,

  202. gerald says:

    guyz! palapit na nang palapit yung results ng exam… pataas na nang pataas yung anxiety natin… be patient na lang po siguro sa paghihintay… 70,000+ tayong naghihintay sa result… in the meantime, let’s ask for God’s help… above all, si God lang ang makakatulong sa atin.. siya lang ang makakapawi ng mga anxieties natin at siya lang ang makakatulong sa atin para maginmg isang ganap na registered nurse. just like you, i’m one of those board takers last june 6 & 7 at totoo.. nakakakaba talaga.. kaya nga tuwing naiisip ko na papalapit na nang papalapit yung result ng boards eh nagpapray na lang ako.. i think it is the best way para marelieve yung mga anxieties natin di ba? magtulungan na lang tayo, let’s pray for each other na makapasa tayong lahat coz with God nothing is impossible and believe me He will provide for us.. :)

    • LJ says:

      Tama ka, nothing is impossible si Lord lang ang may kaya nun at alam ko na wala syang ga2win na magi2ng mali para sa ating lahat. Lahat ng ginagawa ni Lord ay para sa kabutihan natin. Kaya continue Praying lng. Sana pumasa tau lahat, Lord pla. Guide And help us………………………..

  203. MiLie says:

    Oh weLL,,. . .anYways lets just wait and keEp pRayiNg. . .f dts true,then . .we oNLy hv fEw days and nyts leFt 2 pRay hard! So guys keEp it up!d msama na mgpRay! RNs na tau, . .result nlng kulang.xur na papasa tau!TAU PAH!nakz tHink p0sitÏVe!

  204. t0l says:

    Haaayyy… super lapit na… kaya natin yan! basta always think positive and syempre pray lang lage. Just have faith ^_^ para ngang ayoko tignan pero pano ko malalaman kung hindi ko titignan. Basta God bless to everyone!!! pati sa sarili ko syempre!

  205. tatz says:

    huhuhu…lapit na results.. let’s cross our fingers..! gudluck sa ating lahat…

  206. dmh1021 says:

    cge tingnan ntn kung totoo ang mga hir say nyo…hhhmmm….
    dun sa nagsabi ng date ng labas ng result nkita m n b if pasado k n? email m ako if nkita mo na at maitanong nga dn sa iyo kung nkapasa dn ako.. Haaaayyyyzzz

  207. Inggrato says:

    hmmm siguro galing un news sa isa sa mga TOP 10 kc mga 2 weeks ata or 1 week before the release of official result tinatawagan un mga TOP 10 nang PRC.. para sila ang mag oath pag oath taking na… nag kakabugan nb mga dibdib nio?

  208. christine says:

    hay nku lapit n 25 or 26 kung labas n tlg result ng board eh,kinakabahan n ko..gudluck nlng s atin guys..bsta always pray for us.

  209. JUn says:

    dami ngang balita na sa 26 na daw labas ng result, pro bka mas maaga p daw bka early morning ng 25 nsa net n tapos sa 26 nsa news paper na daw..22o b yun?

  210. khat says:

    sure na po ba yung 26?

  211. ,kelan b tlga result,tska knino b galing mga news na sa 26 na result?Nakapg interview ba kau one of d b0n members or my kakila2 ba kau sa prc,kc pati aq kinakabhan nrin”,

  212. JUn says:

    kelan ba talaga labas ng result, coz im so nervous n talaga..filing q malapit na..nanginginig na tuhod q

  213. joyce08 says:

    sure na sure po ba na sa friday na labas result ng b.exam???

  214. waiting says:

    by july 25 morning nakapost na yung passers ng june nursing board, by 25 afternoon sa website ng prc available na, by 26 morning nasa newspaper na… sure na to… god help us all RN’s

  215. Kieren says:

    july25 afternoon popost sa website. july 26 newspapers

  216. MiLie says:

    Wt po b pRc site??kc dq xur f prc site ung na0open q. .jeje sb kc d raw ma0pen. . .f u dnt mind po. .ung exaCT pRC site.nkatambAy nq d2 sa net eh,knkbhan n tlga aq.pati s TV,,.hahai. . .g0d blesS us

  217. Querimit says:

    july 27, 2009 12:00am labas ng result ng nursing licensure exam ngayon 2009

  218. chito says:

    nice talagang tonight ung top10. haiz goodluck satin mga future nurses. the agony of waiting.

  219. wendymae says:

    klan labas result?

  220. AUF_lingap08_RN says:

    AUF Sikanan batch GOOD LUCK.. !
    the day you all have been waiting for is approaching so fast & new set of excellent and competent RN’s and TOP notchers will hit the hospitals. haha! 100% for AUF wooH!

    Good Luck & God Bless to all who took the June 2009 NLE!

  221. dinah says:

    gud luk!!!!!!!!! future RN’s….pray 4 us! kaloka mghntay ng result……………

  222. jrc says:

    sa friday ilalabas ang result, hindi sa 26. tonight daw malalaman na kung sino top 10, pero sa friday ang ful list kung cno pasa…sabi lang po..ndi me sure
    sana madami pasa…sana pasa ako!!

  223. vjanice says:

    bat ganon? parang madali lang mag announce ng location and date of oattaking, anyways hope that the result will be release sooner….Goodluck to all of us!

  224. GuRLtHiNg says:

    i thought my result na coz there’s a sched n ng oathtaking… by next week na siguro ang result… goodluck to all

  225. mharc says:

    gudlak stin lha…diz is lapet n ltga lumabz ang result ng boed exam..keep praying na madame pumasa ngyun…GODBLESS….

  226. eniam 15 says:

    mkkpasa tau.. pray hard it works

  227. To kieren:di ka nag i2sa,lang days ko na ding sinusubukang pumsok sa website ng prc kaso ayaw!!Prehas lng tau iniicip,cguro nga bc cla pagpo2st ng mga passers sa june 09 nle,hehe,gudluck 2 ol of us,PRAYER IS THE BEST lang na gwin natin”,

  228. leizle says:

    hey! guys be positive.

    pasado yan. . .

  229. leizle says:

    hope to pass the board exam.

    Guys! be positive hep hep hurray!!!

  230. lorenzUARN09 says:

    sana PUMASA AKO

  231. kelvin says:

    konting tiis nalang,hope all the sacrifices that i made would be all worth it! sandali nlang R.N. na tayo.Goodluck to all of us!

  232. Quincy Linette says:

    1 week nalang pala? sooner than i’ve expected ah? o_O?

  233. dinah says:

    God bless us!!! gud luk future RN’s

  234. dinah says:

    My God busy ang website ng prc cguro ina update na nila ang site..MAYBE myng gabi my result na cguro ang board exam ntin…gud luk nlang stin lahat…kita kits nlang sa oathtaking..think positive…….

  235. austin says:

    yeah.. think positive lang… God helps.. : ) kita-kits na lang sa oath taking!…

  236. jay says:

    wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… good luck sa atin guys, lapit na result.. kinakabahan.. pray hard lang kaya ito..

  237. ever says:

    dehado na ba ang laban??

    think positive…

    walang aayaw.. haha..

    malapit na fellow RNs kaya yan.

  238. Kieren says:

    try checking out the prc site, i dunno kung nirerepair pa ang site, 2 days na ata sila offline. Maybe pinopost na nila yung results??? Paranoid hahaha

  239. bella says:

    26? sna nga. sana bukas na! kaya natin yan.papasa tau.

  240. NOvember taker says:

    Guys!ALAM nyo bA kung panu kinukuha yung board rating?raw score bA?

  241. sweet_me says:

    halu guys,
    goodluck talgaa satin lahat.
    the agony is more intense for the waiting period.
    i hope it be worthy for all of us.
    especially who works hard from the very start.

    goodluck to me..and to all callidians brent09

  242. rJhei says:

    to all my fellow examiners..dont loose hope..I know god always have a good reason for us..wether we make it or not kip on faith.!^_^ just try to listen brian’s mcknight “WIN” for you to be motivated..godbless future RN”s!

  243. roadrunner says:

    i always pray for my frnds to pass this exam para pareho na kami mga RN’s, Godbless sa ino Daryl Paloma, Karen Emotin and Aiza Nitollano, and Pati narin sa GF ko na mg tetake ng NCLEX this august 11 i pray for u to pass hon i love you so much

  244. MiLie says:

    GosH sb 15, eh tapos na 15 aH! WhAaAaAH!! Ngaun 24 or 26!whaAaAaAH! CAnT TakE it! Wuh0o0o0o!

  245. MiLie says:

    Ei tRue b sa 26 Na Tlg rerelease rEsuLt??HmMmM. . . .ilang besEs qna napanaGinipang bAgsak aq whaAah hhuhu!;_;

  246. RGR says:

    i hope that july 26 rumor is tru this time. grabeh nakakakaba talaga waiting for the board result…. i wish all the luck to all who took the exam

  247. Ed Robinson says:

    waiting for the NLE’09 results is one big ride of hope and patience. sana pumasa tayo lahat. God’s with us future RN’s…=]

  248. bhogz04 says:

    elow…, sure na poh ba sa 26 release ng board exam result?

  249. madz says:

    ala..nakakakaba na…huhuhu

  250. haJe says:

    waaHh..grBe knBhan tLaga aq.. mE nagtxt sKin.. naG xxxxxxxxx nku..

    Xure n B s juLy 26 llaBas unG result.. hu sEd?


    GoD bLezz s atin mGa nurses..

  251. je-AN says:

    Sure BA na Sa 26?? ang resuLT>>??
    OPe we Can Make IT..
    GodSPeeD stENg lahaT

  252. je-AN says:

    SA 26 BA TlGa ang resuLT>>

    gudluck Steng laHAt..

    wE can make IT..

    Let”S pray ..

  253. RODZ says:


  254. Ine says:

    Wen ho b oficial n irerelease? Tenseness

  255. ? says:

    whew!kala ko lumabas n. my ngcbe kc skin nkpost n dw! huhu naiyak nako kala ko bgsak nako wla kc bumabti. bsta think positive and keep the faith! God bles sting lhat!:) redi n ntin png oath taking ntin hehehe

  256. charissa says:

    shucks! sobrang nakakakaba… bgla smakit tyan ko nung kta ko date today… kelan kya? update us… thanks

  257. tiger_power says:

    Wuhoo! I myself didn’t take the exam (cos im still an undergrad. haha.) pero just like all of you who took the exam, kinakabahan din ako since last month (malamang last month lang ung exam. lol.) kasi hinihintay ko din kung ilan magto-top from my school at kung ung magto-top 1 e from our school din ulit. XD Goodluck nlng po to all & GODBLESS. =)

  258. sam says:

    helo, wen ba tlaga lalabas ang result? kkpraning tlga..
    supah…. sna papasa tayong lhat. gudluck and god blessed us all…

  259. clark says:

    gudlack satin nararamdaman ko na na magiging RN na tayu

  260. to all says:

    i think around july24th ilalabas, friday.
    based on history june 2008, 1st nilabas ang sked ng oathtaking – aug 19 & 20 sa manila, SMX pa rin. nilabas ang results nila july 25th.
    good luck to everyone!

  261. jeph RN says:

    bsta relax lang kayo guys… lalabas din yan…

    better to attend seminars muna habang naghihintay kayo ng result…

    P.S.: Always pray!

  262. bella says:

    galing ako interview ko kanina sa hospital. sabi ng naginterview sakin eh sabi this week na daw irerelease ang results.sabi ni DR. ** ng DOH. Forgot the name. so shock ako nun sinabi sakin un.hehe! baka may konek xa sa prc. waaaah!! para ako aatakihin sa puso na natatae pa.hehe. gudluck satin!

  263. Myk says:

    Kudos!! Excellent site. good luck nurses sa results.

  264. LhAN says:

    hayy…for sure this month of july n yan tlaga..wwwwaaaahhh..nkakapraning tlga!!!god bless us RNs.

  265. joana says:

    sa UAE daw may kumakalat na, na may june 2009 NLE result na daw,,,kinabahan nman akong bigla..hehe…wala pa pla.

  266. ren says:

    palapit na ng palapit weee anxiety level increasing

  267. yash says:

    saya naman sa site na to..sana labas na result….GODBLESS sating lahat aw!

  268. jamimie says:

    the agony of waiting nga naman…konting patience na lang and we will soon be RNs. kailan kaya talaga 15, 25 or 26? pag ganun ba midnight ilalabas or any time of day

  269. christine says:

    thanks s reply ni lalalala. uu nga my ngtxt din sken n 16,pabago bago nga. pro this july n un malamang i saw the oathtaking schedule here. thanks sa nursingcrib. i’ll hope we passed it RN n sana tau..

  270. ron says:

    Makakapasa tau. . .magdasal lang po tau. .think p0sitive. . .

  271. Mark Anthony says:


  272. niel says:

    tlga..nabalitan ko nga din yan..haizt ..
    gud luck nlng to all..
    god bless..
    magiging RN din tau..

  273. clark says:

    true ba yan july irerelease as far as i know mga mid august pa or 1st wik of september?

  274. notZ says:


    GOodLuck sa lahat ng ngtake…

    excited na’ko…haha

  275. christine says:

    is that true n baka juy 25 n daw ilabas result ng june 2009 NLE?
    my ngforward kc sken message kagabi..balita palang naman daw..

  276. melanie says:

    i just hope we will all pass…. let’s believe in HIM……

  277. MArk says:

    Tapos na daw ang checking, and un nga sabe mababa daw ang nationwide passing rate hehe ever since naman mababa n tlga… keep praying!!!

  278. kitel says:

    hai.. few more days to go, gotta grab my license!… hhhoooow!
    that’s the spirit yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. anna may says:

    haha.. gudluck kay aniceto barrios..

  280. 13 says:

    gudluck poh s Mga Nagtake nGaun.. matagal lng tlga mglbas ng result depende s dme ng ngexam.. Pray lng kau lge at pakabaet..hehe (“,)

  281. jhaycee says:

    last june NLE nilabas ung result july 25 so bka 3rd to 4th of july lalabas ung result

  282. nangandoy says:

    I have heard that this 2nd week of july the result well be posted… but am not sure about it…. i recieved the info by text…

  283. NeLLy says:

    75% of the highest grade in any test will be the passing score…

    Ganyan talaga ka tagal ang resulta.. June 2008 ako ng take tapos August pa lumabas..

  284. brew22 says:

    ang tagal nmn nang result

  285. wendell says:

    tagal naman ng lasy week og august atat n akong mkuha licensya ko

  286. wendell says:

    kabado n ako sa result hay,,, sana pasado ako para d nmn masayang ang pagod ko sa 4 yrs n pag aaral hay nako,,, kaya naten to gogogog

  287. girlee says:

    Grabe super kabado na ako sa magiging results…ei paano po ba nagbibigay ng grade sa Nusing board exam? zero base po ba?? curious lng po… matagal ng question sa utak ko.. alam niyo ba?? enlighten me please…

  288. girlee says:

    ei paano po ba ngbibigay ngrate sa Nusing board exam? zero base po ba?? curious lng po..

  289. Nurse To Be says:

    hi po. may nakausap po ako kagabi may friend xa sa PRC, mga last week of august daw lalabas ang resulta ng nursing board exam nitong june 2009. para po malaman ng lahat.

  290. TopNotcher01 says:

    sana may result na para makita at mag ka alaman na.. hahah Good Luck…. LUssSsersss… weee

  291. r.n na sna tau!!! says:

    mtgal pa yan guys…hopefully pasado lht pray lng po…& think positive…lge!!! hrap lng kc after the result hrap mg apply db? kramihan sa call center nlng…hay…
    money..money..money…gudluck guys!!!!!

  292. congrats sa mga nakapass,if ever.ü at s mga d nakapasa..dnt lose hope..magtiwala lamang.

  293. NO_name says:

    for sure, matatagalan pa ang result ng exam. Expect it to be released on August or Sept. Pero sabi ng friends ko konti lang daw ngtake nung June 6-7 exam compared last year. Hopefully pasado sila lahat..

  294. raine says:

    let us wait patiently nalang guys and pray.. believe me, it’s effective

  295. jaz says:

    my relut nb 2009 board exam?

  296. george says:

    ayy nako… nakakainip naman.. ilabas nyo na.. papasok na ako sa site..

  297. gerald says:

    bakit ganun.. nag hintay na ako sa resulta..
    marami po akong gf na nag take ..

  298. GFBAE says:

    wala pa po ba ang result ng nursing board exam held last june 2009

  299. GFBAE says:

    wala pa rin,., sana nakapasa lahat ng frendsss ko sa idinaos na board exam

  300. jklim says:

    congratulations golda…!

  1. June 3, 2009

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    […] Result Just a shout out to all filipino student nurses of ultimate nurse, we will be posting the June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Result very soon. We encourage you to check this forum once in a while to get updated. __________________ […]

  3. July 26, 2009

    […] this link to view the list: June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Result Posted by Admin on Jul 25th, 2009 and filed under Nursing Board Exam Results, Nursing News […]

  4. July 26, 2009


  5. July 26, 2009

    […] Board of Nursing conducted the test last June 2009 in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, Lucena, Tacloban, […]

  6. July 29, 2009

    […] is the initial registration schedule for June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Passers – Manila Examinees […]

  7. August 3, 2009

    […] From July 2008 to July 2009 alone, the Professional Regulation Commission issued licenses to 99,837 new registered nurses. With the release of the recently concluded NLE, the PRC is expected to issue another 32,617 licenses to June 2009 Nursing Board Exam passers. […]

  8. August 6, 2009

    […] is the initial registration schedule for June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Passers for Lucena […]

  9. August 6, 2009

    […] is the initial registration schedule for June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Passers for Davao […]

  10. August 6, 2009

    […] is the initial registration schedule for June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Passers for Cebu […]

  11. August 19, 2009

    […] Philippines – Almost 8,000 nurses who recently passed the June 2009 Nursing Board Exam took their oath last August 18, 2009 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay […]

  12. September 30, 2009

    […] in Radio. Remember the June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Results? DZMM 630 got the first official statement from BoN (Board of Nursing Philippines) for the much […]

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