Jobs for Nurses in Rural Areas

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  1. tin says:

    meron pa po ba ngayon ang nars program as of november 2011?:)

  2. avi says:

    ask ko lng po kun kelan,kung saan at kung paano mka apply sa progarn n ito..tnx..pki inform n lng po ako.

  3. frevian says:

    oo nga still ongoing pa ba ung NARS program for Batch 2010 graduates???/

  4. zhel says:

    may 3rd batch pa po b ang NARS program??? at kung meron po.. kelan po pedeng mag paregister via online??? tnx a lot… kindly email ur answer to may Eadd.. tnx…. hoping for ur reply.. godbless

  5. james says:

    may 3rd batch pa nga b?

  6. cherel says:

    meron pa po bang 3rd batch ang NARS program??

  7. xielo says:

    hi po. . meron nah po bang 3rd batch ng NASR program?? thanks po

  8. Shane says:

    Yes, I'm also curious if there is a third batch of the NARS. Please inform me if there is any.

  9. hello,

    is there a third batch of nars in rural ares?


  10. Caduceus says:

    meron pa bang 3rd batch ng NARS program? tnx

  11. marge says:

    may thisrd batch pa po ba ang NARS PROGRAM?

  12. enkar says:

    sang website na po ung pwdeng puntahan pra makag fill up sa program nyan?tnx!

  13. muan says:

    ahm wat na po un website na pu2ntahan 2fil-up? tnx

  14. cams says:

    pwede pba mag apply and what are the requirements?

  15. fx says:

    Ok pa po bang mag apply? late ko na po nabasa.

  16. sybil says:

    pwd pa
    po bang ma.apply?

  17. sExy Cat says:

    is it okay if i will be applying dun sa gusto kong province kahit na indi naman ako taga dun..??

  18. rhea says:

    how about those hindi sakop ng municipality na binigay nila? wala na bang ibang place bukod sa pangasinan? how about in baguio? is there such a program applied here?

  19. abet says:

    Mag aaral ng 4 years bachelor degree pa and board passer after nun tatambay lang pala. .

  20. axle23 says:

    to all nurses who are interested in applying to this program of Pres. Arroyo should apply at their local health officer or city/municipal mayor or provincial governor. just submit your application letter and resume… our province alone, the local officials have not come to that agenda or new program of the govt. but they are encouraging to do so to help the constitutents..anyway, it’s for their own good naman kc malapit na ang election jejeje.

  21. maria cecilia hidlao says:

    gusto ko sana magapply..what are the requirements needed to apply?tanks..please pakiemail sakin..

  22. maria cecilia hidlao says:

    saan po tayo pwede mag apply nito?

  23. Grimjoww says:

    Saan po pwede maka apply dito?

  1. August 3, 2009

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    […] year some 5,000 to 6,000 nurses were hired by the government for a period of six months under the NARS program. This time the RN Heals project will employ 10,000 nurses for a period of 1 year.Qualifications for […]

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