How to Apply for NCLEX Examination

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  1. mahder t/sadike says:

    hello am from Ethiopia how to take NCLEX exam? Thank you.

  2. adet says:

    hi guys…can anyone help? i wanna take the NCLEX examination but i really dont know on how or where to start… im from Philippines…

  3. Mary says:

    How to start CEs evauation I have already an account in CGFNS. I don’t know how to start it… Please help me.

  4. jaymar says:

    im a filipino who wants to take NCLEX. may i ask what are the requirements for taking it, thank you

  5. jose ocasio says:

    How can I get the nclex review and the application form?

  6. Jennifer S says:

    I have lived in US since 1990 & I have been a US citizen sice 2004. I was an oversea RN graduate in 1997. My question is, will I still be able to apply for Calirfonia NCLEX after so many yrs? Here in the state I am a CNA, Medical Assistant & Medication Aide. I went to school here in the state and get certified for all those classess.

  7. sonam says:

    i would like to sit for the NCLEX exam but i dont know how to go about it…..i AM Bsc.nursing graduate from India. Can i do the exam from India? If not, then where is the nearest location?

  8. winna says:

    i'm an RN…and i just would like to ask if what kind of affidavit of graduation should i submit…i found an affidavit of graduation at the BON site…but it was written there "affidavit of graduation in the USA and US territories" that the affidavit im looking for?if not..can you please tell me where could i get the affidavit..thank you..

  9. yamuna says:

    i wanna apply for NCLEX..n i want detailed information about it..can u plz help me wid this?

  10. yamuna says:

    i wanna apply for NCLEX..n i want detailed information about it..can u plz help me wid this?

  11. Esther says:



    I am a local LPN, can i take the nclex exam? I passed my local state board exarm.I need your help please.


  12. lollipop says:

    good day..i am a graduate of nursing.. ma'am/sir can i take the new york nclex even i did not pass the local board exam..?

    hope you can help me….thank you…

    more power

  13. Maricel says:

    Hi.Im glad I found this website.Im an RN fr. Philippines.I would like to retake an NCLEX exam for California.I went to and it was stated there that I need to send them a retake form and a check.But in my situation my sister in the U.S, will be paying my fee thru check and the retake form will be coming here fr. the Philippines.Can you please help me,any idea about this?what will I do?please reply to my e-mail, [email protected].

  14. rhea says:

    "gerald says:

    July 28, 2009 at 9:27 am

    hi! can u pls help me on how to apply nclex at new mexico. Ive tried logging at bon of new mexico,so confusing for me..pls help"

    if i were u gerald instead of applying online or looking for a form online..why wont you apply to NEAC(i dont know if youre familiar with that center)google is your friend ( processed my application there..hassle free.nyahah but seriously its true…im an nclex passer now and right now they're doing my visa screen…=)

  15. gerald says:

    hi! can u pls help me on how to apply nclex at new mexico. Ive tried logging at bon of new mexico,so confusing for me..pls help

  16. unys says:


    Ill be petitioned -fiancee visa. if i get married there to an american, will i still need to pass the phil. local board exam before taking the NCLEX?


  17. henniemae says:

    i already have my ATT bt i havent scheduled yet, i registered for Hongkong but i have decided to take the exam here in the US. i tried to schedule through Pearson Vue bt i can’t seem to change my details as to the country i registered which is Hongkong…do you have any idea on what i can possibly do? thanks!

  18. jay says:

    is there a big difference if i apply when i’m in the states or here? or is there a difference if i send my application thru a friend already in the states or here?

  19. cris says:

    you need to send your school credentials in separate mail. you can send both your application and school credentials together but in different envelopes. the payment should be attached with your application. you can use either credit card (easier) or through bank check or money order, if you have any relative from the states, you can ask them to send the application for you. in that way you can pay through money order (that;s what i did) and my eligibility came just within three weeks after my application.

  20. jhecka santos says:

    i already completed all the requirements in pocket A and B i also got the requirements that they need in the school and i am the one who is oblige to send it to them they just told mo to send it separately and i must mail it in the same place where my school is. the only problem i worried is how to pay it. what kind of bank card do i need to use in paying the appropriate fee for application only? not in the pearson vue, coz i think they are seperately paid, you only need to pay and register at pearson vue if you recieve your eligibility. pls help me with this i really don know…

  21. graziela says:

    hello. im a graduating student and im already an immigrant in US. what do i have to do first?

    my father tells me that i should take the nclex exam and not the local boards.

    was the rumor true about the us states requiring license from your origin country even when your an immigrant?

    you could reply on my email

    [email protected]

    please anyone could help me so that as early as now i know what to do

    im really having a hard time deciding whether to decide for my self or follow my father.

  22. kang says:

    hi ma’am/sir, im a graduate nurse. can u pls help me how to apply for my nclex…wat are the requirements… pls help me

  23. Spence says:

    Hey! If you are not in the USA don’t follow those instructions! You have to get Eligibility first before you register with pearson vue for authorization to test otherwise your ATT will expiry before you can take the exam it really is a big difference if you are not in the states already or an american.

    Best idea is to use the application center in Manila.. they are in St. Thomas Square nearby PRC and make it very easy. They do this money back thing too so if they can’t get your eligibility then they give everything back.

    the website for them is and they can be phoned at 734-1426

    I used it and really liked the service so I suggest all filipino nurses go there too

  24. valerie manahan says:

    how can i get fingerprint cards 4 california??

  25. The only comprehensive resource in the Philippines for nurses to apply for NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, CGFNS and IELTS. We also provide assistance with CES, CVS and Visa Screening.
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  26. lili says:

    how can i apply as a california RN?

  27. mary jane says:

    i got already my fingerprint cards but i dont know how will i send the fee for it..please help.godbless…

  28. paola r.n. says:

    hey guys, try to find a trustworty agency that can help you for your concerns.

  29. kisnel says:

    ask what is the next step after forwarding form 1 to new york sed. when will i pay 200 aside from paying 135 ti nysed. how about fingerprint?

  30. jjyoti says:

    dear sir
    i have to downlad nclex form please tell me website adderess
    and eligibility conditions

  31. jenelyn n. abyado says:

    i took my exam last march 10, 2008, but until now i did’nt received any result from Board of nursing, northern mariana island, commonwealth. please help me to follow up the result.thanks

  32. rosalinda says:

    i registered as a nclex rn but they send me email i registered as nclex pn.i cant change it because the i cant open my username.i didnt apply yet in board of nursing.pls help me to apply in nclex exam.thanks.

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