How to Apply for NCLEX Examination

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  1. mahder t/sadike says:

    hello am from Ethiopia how to take NCLEX exam? Thank you.

  2. adet says:

    hi guys…can anyone help? i wanna take the NCLEX examination but i really dont know on how or where to start… im from Philippines…

  3. Mary says:

    How to start CEs evauation I have already an account in CGFNS. I don’t know how to start it… Please help me.

  4. jaymar says:

    im a filipino who wants to take NCLEX. may i ask what are the requirements for taking it, thank you

  5. jose ocasio says:

    How can I get the nclex review and the application form?

  6. Jennifer S says:

    I have lived in US since 1990 & I have been a US citizen sice 2004. I was an oversea RN graduate in 1997. My question is, will I still be able to apply for Calirfonia NCLEX after so many yrs? Here in the state I am a CNA, Medical Assistant & Medication Aide. I went to school here in the state and get certified for all those classess.

  7. sonam says:

    i would like to sit for the NCLEX exam but i dont know how to go about it…..i AM Bsc.nursing graduate from India. Can i do the exam from India? If not, then where is the nearest location?

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