Family Nursing Care Plan Part 2

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  1. HANNIA ARYAN says:

    please be more specific, wat is diz really an FNCP or individualised

  2. KATH CHUA says:


  3. kent says:

    more on NCP than FNCP!!

  4. alths says:

    ay te, proud ka sa grade mo?? mukang hindi ka deserving sa ganyang grade aaah.. :)) peace!!

  5. cielo says:

    hi there. i know the client was classified as a single adult… but is this how an FNCP should look like? i mean, we’ve got references too and this is different from what is shown in those references.

    by the way, about the grade, is it really necessary? well, ummh, because a lot of nursing students did (and can do) better than that. seriously. it didn’t help either, since negative comments still surfaced.

    confidentiality…ring a bell?

    peace, though…. goodluck to us all…

  6. pau b says:

    this is an individual assessment. a FNCP should start with a family IDB.

    question (I hope you wouldn’t mind my question, I really am curious) – what reference do you use for the formulation of your FNCP?

  7. tine says:

    uu nga ate.,..dpt pu FNCP. hehe

  8. cam says:

    hmm, isn’t it supposed to be a plan for the family (since you call it an FNCP) and not addressed to an individual alone?
    be careful of using indicators and other words such as “sometimes”, “good”, “normal”. its meaning may vary from person to person. i mean how often is “often” for her. get what i mean? just be specific.
    balance the assessment with equal amounts of subjective and objective cues.
    cues were somewhat insufficient and inapt as paulo and kenj mentioned.
    ang STERN KO, no? haha :) peace in the middle east! :)

  9. kenj says:

    i think the three day diet recall is insufficient. include the servings of foods.

    this entry violated the rule of confidentiality. :) hehe.

  10. Paulo Lopez says:

    confidentiality of the patient must be observed.
    is it a plan?? or is it just gordons assessment?? (hehe!!)
    grammar should be observed well since it is an assessment,
    proper usage of the assessment toll should i believe a vital part of a nursing students career..
    some inputs were not appropriate for the subcategory.

    well, those were my observations.

    one more thing, is it important to state the school and the grade??
    thanx!! =)

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