How to insert a catheter video (Male)

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  1. Ken Ptak says:

    I feel that it should not be done at all. Catheters cause 85% of the bladder infection in the hospital. Had a bad experience last year. I went to the hospital was not in to good shape. They took 5 tubes of blood. I was scared to death of being in the hospital and when the doctor came in and told me that I could have died if I would have waited. My white blood cell count was over 25.000. He told me I had sepsis. Was on IV’s. He then told me he needed a urine sample. I peed at home 2 hours before I got there. I told him that I did not need to go and I don’t pee on demand. My doctors know that. One time I was at a lab and had to give a urine sample was there 6 hours. After he left within 10 minutes I had a male nurse and a female nurse come into my room tell my son to leave. I ask what was going on. No one answered me I was alert had 103 fever and the shake. The only thing this guy said was to the other nurse was take his pants off. Before I could get the whole sentence out again I felt the tube go in to me It hurt. He pulled that one out and forced another one in and was pushing it back and forth and yelling at me do I have a prostate problem. They try 3 times and was never able to get it in the bladder. I don’t know if he was having a bad day or what. I peed on my own a hour later. After I got of the hospital to see way that was. Found out I have a stricture and the nurse would have never been able to get it in. The doctor said that the nurse could have hurt be worse Had blood on the one catheter and blood coming out off my penis.. When I came out of the hospital I looked up the procedures for a catheter. Well first of all your to introduce your self to the patient tell them what you have to do and way. Get oral permission. and work the patient through it. Then you open the kit. I never heard anything no lube betadine That will never happen again to me. That has messed up my life. Ken

  2. joe says:

    you can do it yourself after a while i do this 4/5 times a day and wears a leg bag at night

  3. john says:

    i am a police officer and was involved in a car accident after a vehicle pursuit. i was taken to the local hospital on a backboard. i know everyone there because i am at the emergency room so often with work related issues. my clothes were removed, every inch of my body was checked and proded and because i had stomach pain from hitting the steering wheel, the doctor told me that they needed to check my urine for blood and since my neck wasnt xrayed for damage that a nurse would need to insert a foley catheter. well 3 nurses came back in, i knew them all… they told me what they were doing like the nurse in the video but like i said i knew all three of them. i began to get an erection until the tube went in.. it hurt but when it went past the sphincter into my bladder, i felt like i was going to have an orgasm. the tube going in def hurt a little, but they used lidicane jelly to numb the urethra but i thought for sure that i was going to ejaculate before the tube went into my bladder. long story short, i was fine… a little embarassed but everyone was professional except me when i said i think im gonna cum… lol

  4. Eddie says:

    Why is there not SOMETHING that can be given to the patient? Such as a pain medication, or perhaps some type of numbing liquid, similiar to that used by an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor…….Does Removal hurt even more? Thanks!

  5. jeff says:

    This is a good example of how not to insert a catheter. It's obviously been a while since the "nurse" has been in school–the technique is dated. Current literature suggests a very different insertion procedure. At any rate, if your patient is in this much pain, STOP. I can't imagine ignoring my patient in the same manner.

  6. Al - RN BSN says:

    This was OK, but there's a few tricks I use. First, I don't hook the catheter up to the drain tube/bag before inserting the catheter. If done carefully (and she was pretty careful), the catheter can drain directly in to the plastic container the whole kit came in. This does a number of things. First it allows more freedom in movement of the catheter while it's being inserted making it somewhat more comfortable for the patient. It also allow for easier manipulation by the nurse. One more thing is that this frees up both hands after the catheter is inserted past the sphincter at the neck of the bladder, allowing for easier filling of the balloon.

    And holy smokes!, Only a female nurse would tape a man's flaccid penis anywhere but slightly on the inside of one of his thighs! (please, put it where it would hang naturally). Just be sure to give the foley enough slack for freedom of movement when he's walking, sitting, lying down. I liked the way she used the tape. I do this, too, and never tape any kind of tubing flat onto skin.

    Also there is sterile, gelled freezing available for this procedure that is injected directly in to the urethra a few minutes prior to the procedure. It does help.

    • sara collins says:

      why did he have to have this done anyway?my friend is a nurse and she tells me sometimes out of convenience.they have the hand held urinals that male patients can use.she would never do it to make her job easier….he didnt seem like he was unable to go on his old was he?

      • adam says:

        I just got out of hospital for knee and leg surgury and was told i need one put in because i could not walk to the bath room,I had an argument with the nurse one because it wasnt done while i was under in the operation and two because i could use a bottle,after 20min i won because my girlfriend said to her that if she cant get me a bottle to pee in then she would,and my god that poor guy had his penis taped to his belly you would think a nurse would know how a penis hangs

      • Joe says:

        He seemed very young. Maybe fifteen years old. Sometimes after surgery it is hard to pee. This is done for a day or so to get the urine flowing again. If the urine builds up in your bladder it may cause a urinary infection. As soon as this is put in, the built up urine leaves the body and the patient feels better right away. If you are having surgery, catheters are put in if you are under anesthetics so that you won't pee uncontrollably during the procedure. After surgery it will be removed when not needed. Removing the catheter only hurts very little for only a couple of seconds.

    • Anthem says:

      It's not so wrong, many protocols indicate to fix the foley in the abdomen, sometimes they leave the choice, abdomen or thigh. But I'm keen to thing I'd want my penis taped up flat to my abdomen, cause looks like it's much more safe and firm than the thigh, i mean, the thigh move. Think about the foley as a cannula on your forearm, you would ask them to tape it on the forearm itself not on the upper arm, which moves.

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