Drug Study (Paracetamol)

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  1. erick says:

    facts about paracetamol is very nice to know but i want to know more about brief molecular mechanism of action where such adverse effects will be attributed to "this " certain mechanism of paracetamol?… it would be very helpful….:D

  2. alain says:

    Related studies pa nga!!

  3. irish says:

    uy, same lang ang acetaminophen and paracetamol right?

  4. Resanhel says:

    more information about paracetamol and ampicillin sodium pls… t.y.

  5. Resanhel says:

    thankz…. help me a lot….

  6. win says:

    more info paracetamol

  7. louie says:

    what is the drug action of paracetamol?

  8. mhae.. says:

    ur a great..but i need more info about drugs and NCP’s.. and 2day,i need the info about KCl and Na bicarbonate..i need it now!!!plz,,help!!!

  9. KaeLRahMANN says:

    a big help indeed!

    jah mahn!!

  10. rena says:

    thnx thnx! helped me a lot!

  11. jin says:

    big elhp!. really

  12. mac_gyver says:

    really a big help!! thanx thanx

  13. rhea says:

    nursingcrib is one big help!!!


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