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  1. please send me the copy of oro and nasa catheterization female and male staing and indwelling.

  2. lucia torres says:

    anu b ung typees ng suctionimg/// txbk

  3. nestley resuma says:

    pls gve me d video of oro and naso..plssss..or the procedure..thanks

  4. SAERAH(: says:

    what is the safe negative pressure to apply while suctioning for ADULT, CHILDREN and INFANT?

    please send me the answer at myy email address. (:

  5. Darvz says:

    Please send me a copy of the procedures being posted here, eventhough I copied them here in my notebook, I still wanted to have an original copy from the nursing crib.

  6. an says:

    can you send me a copy of the Naso and oropharyngeal suctioning concept and procedure? plssss… thanks! :)

  7. jo says:

    pls send me copy administering oxygen by cannula , suctioning oro and naso, catheterization female and male straight and indwelling

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