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  1. MARTIN SIANI says:

    Hi am a nursing student in south sudan , i have just found this website and it z so enjoyable and motivated. I wish i could be member of this web.

  2. dwasi says:

    Hi people i am a nursing student from Tanzania your procedure is nice I like it, but your forgot reason and purpose of taking vital sign

  3. oGaG says:

    Im a student nurse from the philippines and sarching for the right procedure of vital signs and i came up to the right website..

  4. irene says:

    can i have a copy of this. thanx

  5. Admin says:

    hello thangham!

    we are glad to be of help! We hope to see you more often here ;)

  6. thangam says:

    Dear writter,
    am nurse in india ,i had come across your website recently & i subscribe, truly tell it a wonderful service you are doing to nursing community,it is not only for students, it is useful for all the nurses who wish to update their knwoledge.i wish &pray God to strenthen you all to continue this service,God Bless u all.Thank you.

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