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  1. gelo says:

    Searching for how many inches to insert G2P2 catheterization

  2. Bob Phillips says:

    Disgusting advice. My Fathers Urethra has been wrecked because the district nurse used this rubbish method. Every decent website says advance the catheter further than the "urine seen" stage at least 5cm and a lot of nurses say insert up to bifurcation of the catheter, inflate the balloon then gently withdraw. To not advance after urine passes ensures the balloon is inflated in the urethra.

  3. Sarah Hendershot says:

    very helpful information, I would like to forward it to myself so I can print it at another computer (at work). I do not have a functional one at home. I have been an LPN for ten years, but needed a refresher on catheterization techniques. I work in Psychiatric nursing so rarely have occasion to do these things. Great site, I'll check it again for information when I have more time and questions. Thanks!

  4. Sarah Hendershot says:

    "Image verification" failure, I have re-entered the letters several times carefully and it still won't accept it, so my request was futile.

  5. Carly Spreen says:

    I'm trying to get your RSS feed but i'm getting an error. Please let me know when it's ready, I love the site. Thank you! :)

  6. kawther says:

    thank you for your update, i wish i could find update concerning critical care, nursing care of liver/ or kidney transplantation, intraaortic ballon pump, swanganze, …. and tank you in advance

  1. July 16, 2008

    […] Urinary catheterization […]

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