Pneumonia Case Study

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  1. khays says:

    Thanks for helping :)

  2. hilda says:

    Very helgful…..:)

  3. Rose says:

    thnx….it really helps alot

  4. rajesh says:

    it helps us to do things easy

  5. justify says:

    the pathophysiology is not what it is meant to be.. it just stated the causes of pneumonia not the REAL pathophy of it…. LOL

  6. hadush gere says:


  7. rench says:

    thanks so much for having this website. .heheheh. .

  8. diane says:

    i cant help but to have comment on this. its true. internet just serves as a guide. after all. patients got their individualized needs.

  9. ALVIN says:

    hehehe Case study sample ra wwwww..

    salamat crib..


  10. aryan says:


    8 help me a lot……

  11. mj says:

    thanks soo much!!

  12. kramer says:

    tnx it helped me in my case study tnx more power..

  13. francois says:

    how about a case study on dementia?

  14. kat08 says:

    it help me a lot!

  15. meriah says:

    pwede po ba pgawa pathophysiology ng alveolar pneumonia.tnx po

  16. to all concerned nursing students:

    please don’t always rely from the informations or examples from the nursing crib or internet. how could you learn from your lecture and clinical exposures if you will always “copy and paste” all your NCPs and Case strudies from the internet? do you think the exact case of your patient is just the same as what is stated in the internet? come on.. make your own studies and assessment.. avoid copying and pasting.. let the internet be just your guide, not a solution to your problem.. remember, we are dealing with thousands of lives.. be aware..

  17. l0ckheart says:

    hi.. panu po b ung discharge planning ng NSD?

  18. lhing says:

    pwede po pagawa me ng case study ng neonatal pneumonia?pls po.tnx a lot.

  19. Lovely says:

    Thank you po………

  20. aiza says:

    helu poh’ gandang araw…pls poh gawa nyo ko case presentation bout sepsis neonatorum..tnx pod and more power….GBU

  21. kisha says:

    hi po bago lng aku dito…pde po pa help about colostomy…patho nya po

  22. JEFF says:

    pagawa naman po ng pthophysiology ng PTB

  23. zhai says:

    pagawa nmn po ako nmn case study nang pneumonia kahit example example lang basta completo salamat ty po more power satin^_^

  24. ella says:

    thanks… ;)

  25. LANIKAI says:

    tnx poh sa guideline

  26. ciel says:

    pagawa naman po nang case study about community acquired pneumonia thnaks

  27. dodi says:

    pls. po gawa nyo ako case study sa acute bronchitis alone. thanks po and more power

  28. marlon says:

    can you help to do a case study for acute gastroenteritis,pls help me

  29. hello im so much happy nd very thankful to have ths can help a lot to all the nursing student…tnx u….

  30. maelay says:


  31. xindi says:

    thanks for gonna use this for my thesis in helps a lot..

  32. sheena says:

    hi! can you help me to do a case study about ectopic pregnancy…

  33. sonia says:

    hi,wil u pls send 2 my email the statistics or incidence of pneumonia both local and international..pls pls, tnx

  34. lorlie dianopra says:

    hi! do you have mood dis order case study related to hopelessness. i kinda need it.. pls send it to my email..pls…….pls…..tnx u so much.

  35. thank you its a very helpfull for me to have this kind of website i wish im going to pass my board this time . really thank you sooooo much .and more power .hope you send me a lot of cases in my email thank you in advance.ditas loba at makati city.

  36. xylocane says:

    pa help naman poh sa CAP- 78 poh age nya ito kc bnigay para sa akin ehh huhuhu
    >diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart diseases, stroke, kidney diseases, cardiac arrest, arthritis and anemia poh ang ibah nyang Dx.

  37. zhur23 says:

    wat about bronchopneumonia??

  38. jaqi says:

    ..this is a big help..thankz..

  39. venus says:

    hi po, thank you po it really help me a lot. kailan pa po kayo magpopost ng iba pa pong case studies include po sana mga pathophysio ..thanks po ulit

  40. april says:

    sana pati ischematic diagram pathophysiology meron hehehe
    anyweis salamat!

  41. val says:

    wla po bang case study na sepsis??tnx

  42. shereen says:

    pwd poh pkisend??? pls…

  43. annn says:

    pksend nmn po sakin case study ng pneumonia..pls..tnx

  44. mona says:

    tnx poh!dz really help me a lot n making my case study,.tnx poh ulit

  45. rachelle says:

    please help me for the objective of bronchopneumonia

  46. mck says:

    i really love this site. this has helped me so much. thank you to the creators of this site.

  47. elyk ytnas says:

    please help us in our case,,, it is about hyperthyroidism

  48. jeffrey says:

    hi there!!! i find this site so helpful for those nursing student like me. the content was complete nothing culd as for. thanks for making this site!

  49. arshel says:

    hi.. can i ask favor? could i have a copy of this case study.. pls .. I relly need this immediately .. ThnX

  50. arshel says:

    this case study is very helpful. Coul I have a copy of this? Pls.. I really need it immediately .. thanks alot ..

  51. Issac says:

    the case study is very help for me.
    could I have a copy?
    many thanks.

  52. krizel says:

    wow astig to..sobrang malaking tulong smen hehe..thnx

  53. erica says:

    hi!.. can you pls help me about the objectives on case presentation about pneumonia?..thanks..

  54. ghanda says:

    tnx s helps a lot

  55. joan says:

    super tenkyou u helped me a lot on my 1st ncp ever!!!god bless!!!

  56. jenjen says:

    hello po..kakatuwa tlga tong website nyo..sobrang helpful tlga!
    anyways..huhuhuhu…sana po me case study kayo bout intracerebral hemorrhage…
    sana meron..huhuhuhu
    pag meron po pasend nman po sa akin..para sa case press lang..hehehe

  57. tine. says:

    this case study helps a lot, can i have a copy of it?

  58. chang says:

    hi! can u pls post a case study on acute pancreatitis..thanks!

  59. meide15 says:

    di ko tlaga makita yung email this post..
    to the admin: pwede paki send nlang sa email ko?

  60. jerman martinez says:

    tnx for giving me lot of information about pneumonia this will help me and my groupmates doing our case presentation. i hope this website will help more nursing student.

  61. lala says:

    di ko naman makita yung email this post eh

  62. Admin says:

    hi anne! picture will be included in the e-mail. I just tried it and it work fine. :)

  63. anne says:

    i would like to get the picture? but it wasn’t included in the email? is it possible to include it? thanks! by the way, this site is very helpful.. Thanks so much!

  64. jonna says:

    i need copy of some case study sana po makakuha kmi ng mga copya nito

  65. jamieson says: whom this may concern..could you please send this case study of pneumonia to my email address? my own case study sucks so i badly need a guide..thanks..

  66. kristal says:

    pls send the ncp for pbeumonia to my yahoomail,pls!thnx!

  67. xie says:

    pls send this to my eadd thankz

  68. kristal says:

    this is the first time ive viewed your site and i find it very reliable! thank you guys for workin’ on it! more power! nursing rules!

  69. lurbshee says:

    thanks for having this NCP.. could u please post a NCP for acute and chronic pain? i gotta need to study those.. lol.. :P thanks again..

  70. ellebeam says:

    sir/madame, kindly send me a case study and ncp of community acquired pneumonia (CAP)..
    pls,pls,pls.. thank you very much..

  71. janepearl says:

    i really appreciate this… hmmm… do you have eclampsia case study? i kinda need it… nweiz, thanks for the info… it’s a big help!

  72. evot says:

    pls help mo with my case study and ncp on Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, pre op and post op pt.

    thank you

  73. mitch says:

    You’re welcome jon. We will post more case studies soon. :)

  74. jon says:

    thanks this helped me a lot…

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