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  1. glaiza says:

    pahelp naman pls..ano po ba pwdeng anatomy and physiology ng hypertensive urgency…thanks po need some idea pls.

  2. amyy says:

    oh.. tnx so mch

  3. ara says:

    nice one .. i love nursing crib..sooooo much!ü

  4. cara says:

    sobrang helpful talaga! woohoo! i love itt! :P

  5. khenzing says:

    pa help nmn kailangan ko nang case study of CVD

  6. zara says:

    ahhhh..thank you, rock on!

  7. yoj says:

    pa help poh..i need an ncp poh for anxiety..i’ll be hoping 4 yr response…thnk u..

  8. mae says:

    hmm this site is really good those nursing students who are into reading thing.. thsi site really gave me in ideas my research works

  9. ken says:

    tnx so much
    Ive learned a lot from this site

  10. karen says:

    pls send me case os ckd 2ndry to hpn… tnx so mch

  11. yuri says:

    much thanks…Godspeed!*-*

  12. Joh Rui says:

    Thnx for this. It helped a lot. Keep it up!

  13. bae says:

    thank you very much.God bless you always.

  14. angelo says:

    those who have renal failure, it is because of impaired renin-angiotensin system. one of the major function of the kidneys is the autoregulation of BP, therefore if the renal system is impaired, there is an abnormal rise in BP.

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